These money and investing tips offer a common sense response to the coronavirus crisis – MarketWatch

Posted: May 1, 2020 at 7:47 pm

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Dont miss these top money and investing features:

These money and investing stories, popular with MarketWatch readers this past week, offer ways to manage your financial portfolio and to invest strategically during the coronavirus pandemic and afterwards.

The U.S. stock market is itself a forward-looking instrument. This is the one leading economic indicator stock investors should follow

Value Line survey sees 8% annualized returns between now and April 2024, writes Mark Hulbert. This respected market-timing model just flashed a bullish four-year outlook for stocks

Value strategy continues to lag in a market where earnings growth is scarce, writes Mark Hulbert. These beaten-down stocks should be big gainers, but investors arent in a bargain-hunting mood

Taking another look at Fixed Index Annuities How to turn the S&P 500 into a bond

Ohio Rep. Ryan: Emergency Money for the People Act covers what the CARES Act missed. One $1,200 stimulus check wont cut it. Give Americans $2,000 a month tax-free to fire up the economy

Insolvent pension plans could drag some cities into bankruptcy Coronavirus will make Americas cities feel the pressure of pension debt

Expand the purchase of Main Street loans; limit the purchase of government loans. The Fed should not be bailing out the underfunded pensions of cities and states

A new offering from Fidelity Investments inhabits a gray areas amid the market shift, and suggests that theres more life left in the mutual fund space than ETF-watchers might realize. A loyalty program for mutual funds? Fidelity tries something new

ETF industry veterans expect to see mutual funds convert their structure to what they consider a superior wrapper for asset management. Will mutual funds get a second wind... as ETFs?

Tal Cohen, head of North American markets at the Nasdaq, discusses the resiliency of major tech companies amid a volatile earnings season. Nasdaq says tech companies will soar this earnings season

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These money and investing tips offer a common sense response to the coronavirus crisis - MarketWatch

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