These money and investing tips can help you respond better to the financial challenges the coronavirus brings – MarketWatch

Posted: April 16, 2020 at 8:51 pm

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These money and investing stories about how to pilot your financial portfolio through the coronavirus pandemic, and how to invest strategically during this crisis, were popular with MarketWatch readers over the past week.

Government intervention should be enough to keep your money market fund safe, writes Robert C. Pozen. What to know about how the coronavirus crisis will impact your money market fund

U.S. market history points to a final bottom in August, writes Mark Hulbert. Stocks will revisit their coronavirus crash low, and heres when to expect it

Dont fight the Fed. 16 million people just got laid off but U.S. stocks had their best week in 45 years

A portfolio manager at one of Londons leading hedge funds has warned of a future haunted by a more Soviet outcome for countries defending their economies from coronavirus. Postpandemic future: Reduced dividends, softer growth and an economy haunted by zombie companies

Says analyst: We borrowed from the future, and there is not enough economy to pay it down. Why gold may soon soar to a record $2,000

The long-term impact of a bear market is not what you think Why this bear market isnt all bad news

Low-volatility strategy is geared to weather volatile markets. These low-risk stocks have high potential in this volatile market

Howard Marks isnt waiting for a bottom as the stock market attempts to recover from a brutal, coronavirus-inspired selloff. Waiting for a stock-market bottom is folly, says billionaire Howard Marks: If somethings cheapyou should buy

The current shock originated in the consumer sector, which accounts for 70% of GDP. Coronavirus-induced vicious spiral will be more than twice as bad as the financial crisis, says J.P. Morgan

The elevated cost of lending funds between banks despite the Federal Reserves unprecedented measures to restore functioning in financial markets is keeping investors on edge. A closely watched benchmark interest rate is flashing a warning for marketsheres how the Fed can fix it

What you need to know about investing in health-care and biotech during the coronavirus pandemic. Why trying to pick virus stocks is a bad biotech-investing strategy

Will Rhind, CEO of ETF provider GraniteShares, talks to MarketWatch about how monetary stimulus and logistical disruptions in gold supply during the Coronavirus pandemic could affect the yellow metals performance. Whats next for gold prices amid continuing market volatility

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These money and investing tips can help you respond better to the financial challenges the coronavirus brings - MarketWatch

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