These money and investing tips can help you navigate financial markets as economies reopen – MarketWatch

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Dont miss these top money and investing features:

These money and investing stories, popular with MarketWatch readers this past week, offer ideas about how to manage your financial portfolio and invest strategically as pandemic restrictions ease and markets adjust to the reopening of the U.S. and global economies.

Too much flexibility is dangerous, Jack Bogle warned. Your 401(k) wont be enough for retirement

If you want a 95% probability of stocks outperforming bonds, you better plan on 20 years, writes Mark Hulbert. Dont even think of owning stocks unless youre willing to buy and hold for at least 10 years

Value stocks are out of favor, but not among successful investment pros. These 4 stocks are investment pros favorites and not one is a FAANG stock

These established, well-known technology leaders boast staying power in all markets. Forget bonds here are 5 safe tech stocks offering dividends and growth

Traditionally defensive sectors have performed surprisingly poorly during the ongoing coronavirus recession while typically cyclical sectors, most especially information technology, have remained a bulwark for investors. How the coronavirus recession has rewritten the traditional bear-market playbook

Stronger consumer spending and more pessimism from market timers could set up a gold rally.. Gold prices could move higher if these 2 things happen with the economy and market timers

Are municipal bonds now more attractive than comparable corporates or Treasurys in your retirement portfolio? Making sense of the turmoil in the muni market

Newly minted advisers get creative to stay afloat. The financial advice business was attracting young professionals. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit

Fraud prevention starts with you being skeptical of texts and emails that promise youll make money. Scammers are also first responders to the coronavirus pandemic. Heres how to unmask them

The scion of a family firm founded on commodities mutual funds reflects on its rotation into exchange-traded funds, how to offer investors access to the asset class safely, and much more. Its no fun to be a small fund manager most of the time, Jan van Eck says but right now is an exception

Among big asset managers, Vanguard came in fourth in April in terms of net new fund flows, but is still on top over the past 12 months and in a class by itself in terms of AUM. Vanguard is still on top of fund flows, even after a not-so-hot April

Golden oldies are offering locked down music lovers social connectedness in lockdown and paying dividends as a result A surge in streaming for golden oldies has benefited one savvy investor

What you need to know about new themes in emerging-market investing, centered around tech and the emerging Asian consumer. A guide to investing in Asia in the post-pandemic world

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These money and investing tips can help you navigate financial markets as economies reopen - MarketWatch

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