These money and investing tips can help you keep politics separate from your portfolio – MarketWatch

Posted: November 3, 2020 at 4:54 pm

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Election Day in the U.S. is almost here. These money and investing stories, popular with MarketWatch readers over the past week, offer advice and suggestions that can help you stay focused on your investments regardless of what happens in politics.

Americas in a betting mood ahead of the big event. The moment of truth for stock-market investors? Election Day looms and the most crucial stretch of 2020 awaits

Its not fixed income, but safer than equities and yielding close to 5% The asset class you probably havent even considered

More gambling goes on in the stock market than in all the worlds casinos combined. People are spending over three times more money gambling on hot stocks than at casinos and on lottery tickets and sports betting

Widespread investor pessimism is a contrarian indicator, writes Mark Hulbert. Most investors now expect the U.S. stock market to crash like it did in October 1987 why thats good news

Heres an introduction to how S&P 500 funds work, and whether one might be a good fit for your portfolio. What is the S&P 500 and how do I invest in it?

It's best to hold your own bonds managed by a professional. The high yields on municipal bonds are tempting, but you need to be mindful of these hidden risks

Look at cyclical stocks that pay dividends, not classic defensive picks. These are the 3 best dividend yield investments for 2021

For income investors, dividend reductions have been the unkindest cut of all. These dividend stocks have the potential to give you more money over time

High-quality shareholders and savvy CEOs have the same priority: effective capital allocation. Why companies that spend their capital wisely are smart places for your money

5G marketing is ubiquitous and the potential is huge. But when will consumers feel the impact? Whats ahead and when with Jeff McElfresh, the CEO of AT&T Communications. The potential for 5G Is huge, but when will consumers feel the impact?

James McDonald, CEO & CIO of Hercules Investments, delivers an ominous warning for investors about the health of U.S. equity markets. Dow 15,000?

U.S. stock market sectors from financials to energy will be affected by the election result - heres which ones could see the biggest changes. Which market sectors could be most affected by the election result

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These money and investing tips can help you keep politics separate from your portfolio - MarketWatch

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