Swan Global Investments and the Investments & Wealth Institute Establish Partnership to Educate Financial Advisors on Options-Based Strategies -…

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DURANGO, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Swan Global Investments (Swan), a specialized asset management firm with a 20-year track record at the forefront of hedged equity solutions, today announced a new educational content partnership with the Investments & Wealth Institute (the Institute). The two organizations have partnered to launch an education series for financial advisors: All Options on the Table: Holistic Investment Strategies for a Volatile, Low-Yield World. Member and non-member registration for the first-of-its-kind course can be found here.

All Options on the Table is a 10-part series led by Swans Client Portfolio Manager, Marc Odo. The curriculum will help advisors gain practical insights regarding options and options-based strategies, including due diligence and portfolio implementation. Swan and the Institute developed this resource to provide advisors with an edge as they help clients see around corners and build portfolios that are aligned to changing marketplace realities.

Swan believes advisors must understand that a conventional portfolio comprised of 60% stocks and 40% bonds exposes clients to undefined and unnecessary risk. Increasingly, bonds are no longer able to serve the dual-mandate of delivering downside protection and offering attractive returns. As a result, advisors need to be searching for other solutions including options-based strategies to mitigate risk and produce positive returns for their clients, especially those nearing or navigating retirement.

As the traditional 60/40 portfolio becomes increasingly ineffective, advisors need to identify alternative solutions and strategies, such as options, that will offer their clients both downside protection and the potential for enticing returns, Odo said. Through our partnership with the Institute, Swan seeks to equip advisors with the knowledge they need to implement options-based strategies, which will ultimately put their clients in the position to retain and grow precious capital on the road to wealth and retirement.

With the investing environment undergoing swift change, we saw this partnership with Swan as an opportunity to educate advisors on how to implement options-based strategies to balance risk and reward in clients portfolios, said Sean R. Walters, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Investments & Wealth Institute.

The course will cover several timely topics, including:

About Swan

Founded in 1997, Swan Global Investments is a leading asset management firm that offers time-tested investment solutions built with a goal of producing consistent returns over time, by protecting irreplaceable capital from catastrophic loss.

About The Investments & Wealth Institute

The Investments & Wealth Institute is a professional association, advanced education provider, and standards body for financial advisors, investment consultants, financial planners and wealth managers who embrace excellence and ethics. Through its events, continuing education courses, and acclaimed certificationsCertified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA), Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA), and Retirement Management Advisor (RMA)it delivers rigorous, highly practical education.

Important Risk Information

Swan Global Investments is an SEC registered Investment Advisor that specializes in managing money using the proprietary Defined Risk Strategy (DRS). Please note that registration of the Advisor does not imply a certain level of skill or training. All investments involve the risk of potential investment losses as well as the potential for investment gains. Prior performance is no guarantee of future results. This communication is informational only and is not a solicitation or investment advice. Further information may be obtained by contacting the company directly at 970-382-8901 or http://www.swanglobalinvestments.com. 470-SGI-121919

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Swan Global Investments and the Investments & Wealth Institute Establish Partnership to Educate Financial Advisors on Options-Based Strategies -...

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