How to confront the ghosts of investments past plus other top investing tips – MarketWatch

Posted: December 25, 2019 at 4:45 pm

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The eve of a new year is a time to take stock. In the case of your investment portfolio, its a time to take away stocks, along with other holdings that no longer work if they ever did.

Assess your assets, and make sure your portfolio reflects your current views and goals. Read about how to get your portfolio in order by clearing out the ghosts of investments past, plus several stories on current and expected stock market trends, and what happened when one investment manager took Tesla stock for a test-drive. And check out video reports on managing investment risk and how to save on 2019 taxes.

Jonathan Burton

The only stock-market rally that deserves the name Santa Claus doesnt arrive until Christmas just like the man himself. The real Santa Claus rally is yet to come

Many of us have a hodge-podge of investments that we no longer want. 5 steps to unwinding the ghosts of your investment mistakes

Trump is widely expected to be acquitted by Senate after House votes to impeach him. Why stock investors arent rattled by Trumps historic impeachment and what it would take for that to change

Market timers are as bullish now as they were bearish a year ago, writes Mark Hulbert. If you believe stock market bulls have the bears locked out, this will rattle your cage

This past decade has delivered some of the best stock market returns in history, which unfortunately is a bad sign for the next 10 years, Mark Hulbert reports. Brace yourself for mediocre stock market returns in the next decade

U.S. economic growth, not interest rates, is the biggest concern impacting markets, writes Mark Hulbert. Stock investors No. 1 worry now is not what youre probably thinking

Managers of fixed-income funds may be able to add more value than many stock-pickers do - or at least that may be the perception of investors. Fixed-income strategies dominate actively managed ETFs

Risk parity involves choosing asset classes and including them in a portfolio in a manner that equalizes the riskiness of each. A hedge-fund strategy inside an ETF: Good idea? Bad idea?

Unemployment matched a 50-year low of 3.5% in November, but a New York Federal Reserve Bank survey released on Monday shows more U.S. borrowers this year getting rejected for car loans. More borrowers are getting rejected for auto loans

Google, Twitter and provide useful information for homeowners and property investors. Want clues about home and real estate trends in 2020? Check out these simple internet tools

The Index of Leading Economic Indicators is now below its six-month moving average Why retirees should care about the downturn in the Index of Leading Economic Indicators

Carmakers fanatical bulls, raging bears, and unproven business model creates a lions den for investors, writes Vitaliy Katsenelson. This money manager drives a Tesla but wont buy the stock

Chris Hyzy, Bank of America Private Bank & Merrill CIO, explains how investors can effectively maneuver risks and find opportunities in 2020. Managing investment risk in 2020

Here are three ways to reduce this years tax bill even if you got a late start. Dont worry, its not too late to save on this years taxes

Suresh Iyengar, Vice President at Invesco-owned digital advice platform Jemstep, dispels the three most common myths about robo-advisors. 3 myths about robo-advisors that investors need to know

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How to confront the ghosts of investments past plus other top investing tips - MarketWatch

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