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Posted: April 26, 2020 at 4:41 am

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'Savings are the income of future', and there is no better time than our current situations to realize and address the above fact. With businesses being halted, and cash flow slowing down; having a source of income which helps you maintain a significant savings amount for unseen circumstances in future is becoming an essential resource to possess.

People with well-to do regular incomes are constantly in search for promising grounds of investment. There is no better investment opportunity than the one that comes with myriad choices of long term returns. One such option is industrial plots. These are lands spanning across a vast area with some of the distinct characteristics like location, price value and infrastructure that help the businesses and industries achieve a growth in manifolds. Here is a list of five top reasons that make investment in industrial plots a smart choice for a secure future-

Industrial plots come with the added advantage of a resourceful and an organised infrastructure that leads to the development of businesses located on it. An industrial plot will be equipped with ramps, parking lots, elevators and transportation facilities for easy movement of goods and workers around the entire campus.

The developers purchasing these mass pieces of land, specially look into this aspect due to multiple reasons, major one being deciding of the market value for plot allotments. An industrial plot/park is generally located centrally in the city or at a location, with easy and accessible connectivity of public and private transport, which makes it an attractive avenue for investors, end-buyers and incorporations.

Every industry/business depends on its human resource. An industrial plot is worth investing when it holds the capacity to attract all kinds of working force- skilled or unskilled. As requirement of both is crucial for all type of industries to sustain and expand.

Since such a varied range of small, medium big scale industries are located in the vicinity, when you invest in an industrial plot; the exposure to new sources of raw materials and alternative supply chain arrangements are possibilities. You also get a comparing ground when you are near to so many players, and a fair idea about the working of different sectors.

An industrial plot works as an amalgamating ground for different types of industries to come together under one location, utilize the same resources, work under same property guidelines. This is a profitting position to be- as client acquisitions and exploring more business opportunities becomes comparably easier.

With so many characteristic features being taken care of by the developers who are in the business of building industrial plots. A smart working professional will be more than ready to invest there, as it could be rented/leased out to a budding industry/business. This will not only guarantee him an extra source of income in present, but will also act as a fundamental future asset.

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Tejpreet Singh Gill, Executive Director, Gillco Group.

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