3 VCs discuss the state of SaaS investing in 2020 – TechCrunch

Posted: September 20, 2020 at 10:50 pm

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Yesterday during Disrupt 2020 I sat down with three investors who know the SaaS startup market very well, hoping to get my head around how hot things are today. Coming on the heels of the epic Snowflake IPO (more to come on that in this weekends newsletter), it was a great time for a chat.

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Ive boiled our 40-minute discussion down to my favorite parts, getting you the goods in quick fashion.

What follows are notes on:

There are more things to pull out later, like the investors thoughts regarding diversity in their part of the venture world and SaaS startups, but I want to give that topic its own space.

So, into todays SaaS market with an eye on the future, guided by commentary from Canaans Maha Ibrahim, Andreessen Horowitzs David Ulevitchand Bessemers Mary DOnofrio.

To help us get through a good bit of the written word without slowing down, Ill introduce an idea, share a quote and provide a little commentary. This should be good fun.

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3 VCs discuss the state of SaaS investing in 2020 - TechCrunch

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