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Posted: August 16, 2020 at 9:54 am

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The 'woke' will lead us to enlightenment

Won't it be swell when Sleepy Joe takes over. The rioters will lay down their weapons. The media will be giddy with hope and change. The Black Lives Matter movement will be ecstatic that an old, doddering, white man has weakly grasped the helm while cruising full speed toward the shoals.

The woke will choose the appropriate statuary and sports team names. All will cheerfully sing the proper gender pronouns. Marriage and gender will be transformed. All unrest will cease; the masked sociopaths will halt their destruction.

The systemic racism of the privileged white class will gloriously evaporate like a cloud of steam. All will hold woke opinions as all other opinions are blatantly false. White people will genuflect to all other races, cause, well, we got it coming. Everyone will achieve equally as the field is now level for all. Forget about ability and striving for achievement. That sounds awake, certainly not woke.

The sanctimonious, imperious, authoritarian, censorious woke will lead us to enlightenment. It appears the only police the left desires is the thought police.

Jim Howard

We must reaffirm American principles

We are being assaulted by the cancel culture movement and by the protests of Black Lives Matter. Opposing voices on college campuses have been shouted down; editors or reporters who question the movement are silenced; even corporate executives are bowing before the mandates to repudiate the America of the past 250 years.

Most Americans are shaking their heads at this effort to destroy our history and values. Yet we remain separated and silent. I am sure there are millions of Americans, liberal and conservative, who still believe the nation was founded on principles of individual liberty and the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These Americans believe the family unit is fundamental. They have served together on boards and commissions and debated their differences while acknowledging their agreements. They are in business, think tanks, politics, church and our universities. We need them to step forward and find common ground. We need to reaffirm our fundamental American principles.

There are millions who have been called "the silent majority," but we need to remain silent no more. Future generations depend on us. Now is the time to act as proud Americans.

George Davenport, Signal Mountain

What did we learn from Dr. M.L. King?

We have witnessed burning, looting and destroying statues representing our history and culture. Our Constitution allows peaceful demonstrations, but it has turned out to be lawlessness beyond what any civilization should allow. So far, I've not been able to figure out what is wrong with these people and their cause.

Most religions theoretically prescribe noble teachings. But in reality these lofty standards are often far removed from those religions' actual thought and practice. Do Christians, for example, really live up to the teachings of Jesus?

Position in our society is believed to be fixed on the merits one has earned in a past life. Our society needs to be re-educated to a point of responsibility our forefathers have handed down to us. Martin Luther King, Jr. had to visit India to learn about a nonviolent society. Has his teaching made any difference in our society?

Amos Taj, Ooltewah

Forget Trump, Biden; vote Jo Jorgensen

Nothing has changed. We still have a horrible president and a horrible Democrat running against him. If you want to change people, you have to vote differently.

Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian Party's candidate for president. Look her up. Not only intelligent, but very well spoken and honest. Jo Jorgensen is everything Trump and Biden are not.

Once again, to effect change, vote differently.

Mark Tyson

Bennett cartoon was 'gallows humor'

I cannot believe the TFP allowed Clay Bennett to publish a "gallows humor" cartoon at the expense of our children last week.

It was an image of a funeral home with a sign that said, "Back to school sale." Isn't this supposed to be a family newspaper?

Bennett's cartoons are never encouraging, never positive and especially never funny.

Rev. Betty Latham

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