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Posted: April 13, 2020 at 8:49 pm

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Cosmic techno group, Pleasurekraft, is hitting 2020 with their new album titled Love In The Age Of Machines. We see its release on their own Kraftek Records label. It contains 12 heart rate inducing tracks, ready to blow your mind.

This follows their huge remix track of Adam Beyers Space Date last year. They showcase their forward-thinking grooves rippled with interstellar melodies and scintillating synths. Their music is an auditory and physical journey to be experienced.

Last Sapien portrays gritty dystopian societies, perfect for the albums theme. Nostalgic for the Future is dark, rainy, and casts urban-lit textures down your spine while listening. If you sense impending doom reading the titles, youll feel a sense of wonder at how the music carries you through it all.

Panopticon ft. Thomas Gandoy is a more intense track, like a voyage through the galaxy and back. I Sing Body Electric and Main Sequence carry their cosmic techno vibes youve been looking for. The build-up in your body releases with Novacene. At The Mountains of Madness and Primordial have krafty titles and they elicit pounding heartbeats the more you listen to them. End with Requiem For The American Dream and youve got just the right amount of techno leading you adrift forever.

Hush, The Occupant, and Corpse Revive Number 3 add enlightenment to the other pessimistic tracks of the album. Combined with their abstract ideas for love, justice, liberty, art, and scientific beauty, this makes the perfect dystopian, sci-fi soundtrack.

As the title states, humanity in the age of machines can lose their way. Machines can surely take over our fragile bodies. What do we do?

You listen to the album below. Award yourself the experience of listening to a unique, endless sea of dance music. Think about your place among the stars.

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Pleasurekraft Love In The Age Of Machines - EDMTunes

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