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Posted: May 6, 2020 at 7:50 pm

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Events dont create enlightenment; people do

I read the April 26 letter of Dennis Taylor (Potential for enlightenment has never been greater) several times in an effort to determine exactly what point he was trying to make. I could not determine if he was writing about individuals or our nation when he mentioned the hoax of independence and self-reliance.

Only a person who is blind to his surroundings could believe that we are independent as a nation or as individuals. I have been preaching for years that, at least as a nation, we should once again become independent as we were 80 years ago.

Reliance upon other nations for critical material is folly. Global harmony would be great, but it will never happen as long as humans are running things. Too many people believe their way is the only way and want to make everyone conform to their standard.

What defines the worth, character or essentiality of an individual? I agree that money, possessions, education and title are not in themselves the measure of a person, but they are an indication of the qualities necessary to achieve these things. Some of these qualities would be honesty, willingness to work and accepting responsibility.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work, and they should be paid a living wage. We need available jobs to accomplish this. It would also be nice to provide everyone with the opportunity for a quality education, quality medical care and quality social services.

How do you propose to pay for this? We are already $24 trillion in debt, because our government programs were instituted to get votes, and that will never change as long as we keep electing career politicians.

I totally disagree with the third paragraph (to be or not to be). I dont believe in the whatever it takes philosophy. There is no such thing as absolute safety in any endeavor. So what is the proposal for accomplishing this whatever it takes? I dont know anyone who likes to parade around in public with an assault rifle hanging off his chest, and I spent 20 years in the military during the cold war.

On Aug. 26, 2016, I wrote, When all of our people have a decent home; when all of our people have nourishing food; when all of our sick have the best medical care available; when all of our children get a quality education; when none of our children are afraid; when we provide a rewarding and meaningful life for our elderly and our people with disabilities; when our people respect all others; when our well-off people help those in need; when our country is out of debt; when our government takes care of its citizens rather than itself; when we have eliminated crime, poverty, abuse, bigotry and strife; when we do what is right even when no one is looking; when we are a country that other countries respect rather than hate; and when we are strong enough to prevent war rather than foster it; then we will be great.

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