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Comment by hellomynameisIt has been proposed on forums that this buff will be more beneficial at higher levels, since then 50% would give more xp. But when you think about it, you will get xp 50% faster for 1 hour no matter what level you are. You will basicly save 30 minutes of leveling no matter what level you are.

We can messure it in XP, or levels gained, or time saved. If you want to gain as much xp as possible from the buff, save it for higher levels. If you want to gain as many levels as possible while this buff is active, then do the quest at lvl20. If you want to save time, then it really doesn't matter what level you use it at, you will save 30 minutes of the average time it takes level at that level for 1.5 hour, therefore going through the content in 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours.

Now, if you want to make good use of the buff, have 10-15 quests lined up within one quest hub and deliver them all when you get this buff.

We can messure it in XP, or levels gained, or time saved. If you want to gain as much xp as possible from the buff, save it for higher levels. If you want to gain as many levels as possible while this buff is active, then do the quest at lvl20. If you want to save time, then it really doesn't matter what level you use it at, you will save 30 minutes of the average time it takes level at that level for 1.5 hour, therefore going through the content in 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours.

Now, if you want to make good use of the buff, have 10-15 quests lined up within one quest hub and deliver them all when you get this buff.

What's NOT obvious is that the duration stacks - that is, if you complete the "every 10 levels version" and then a daily back to back, the durations will add together, so two of them will give you two hours worth of Enlightenment, etc.

Not sure if there's a cap yet.

EDIT: A few more quirks of this spell.

Comment by crankyslapThis only gives +20% from level 86 and up. I only needed 3 of these to get my monk from 81 to 85 (I saved up all quests that provide this buff until then) so I suggest you spend some before you hit cata content...

Comment by mahe4While in a Dungeon, this Buff doesn't run out, until you finished the dungeon.

Comment by HallwackerThis buff is bugged, I noticed that it will stay on 0 seconds sometimes, and doesn't disappear. As one of the comments said, it doesn't get removed during dungeon, it might have something to do with this. However, I'm questing and getting a whole 40k experience per quest in northrend (borean tundra) with a 0 second duration Enlightenment.

Comment by Skyl3lazerNote that this buff doesn't fall off if you die normally, only if you have 0 minutes remaining in a dungeon and are ressed.

PS: Don't join a battleground or log out when it's stuck on 0 seconds, or it will be removed.

Comment by MickMaster01Currently bugged, it stays on 0 seconds for a VERY long time before it finally disappears (about 30-60 minutes or so).

Edit: That's 7% free mastery for anyone crunching numbers.

Comment by WiltleafAs of 10.07.2012 during "Rolling Restarts" this buff has been nerfed to 50% down from 100%. Not sure yet about the master buff as my monk is lvl 88.

The reason for this is that the buff does not run out when the timer reaches 0 (bug), it seems to last another ~30 minutes. This easily enough time to squeeze out another level. Extending the duration will only grant one "hidden" post 0 bonus, as opposed to two by doing them separately. E.g. 60m+30m, 60m+30m > 120m+30.

Another trick to squeeze out faster levels is to fill up your quest log with "completes" before you log out for the night, assuming your buff has run out. When you re-up the buff the next morning, go and turn in all of your quests for a bonus 50% on each one of them.


tl;dr - always let the buff run out, do not append quests. Save up completed quests before logging for the night for the daily turn in on the next day.

The down side is that bug will eventually be fixed. Even if it isn't, doing it my way still yields more time. For example, going by three sets of grabbing the quest. You go and get the quest, have it for 60, then 30 due to the bug. Repeat. So it looks something like this:60+30+60+30+60+30 = 270mins.

Now, you do it my way of going to 20mins, then refreshing it. So, you get it, go from 60 - 20 so that's 40mins. Then you add 100mins by refreshing it so late. So, after 2sets you've gained 140mins. If you always refresh it from 20mins, then you'll always get 100mins.

In the end, going from 2hours down to 20mins over and over will yield the most time, and will be reliable since the first method is only able through a bug at this time.

Comment by greystokerThis DOES persist thru death. If you have the 0s duration thing blinking (glitch?) if you die it WILL drop. DONT DIE if it says 0s.

Too bad.

Comment by BuckmoneyHow to win at Enlightenment:1. Rest until the weekend2. Do the Daily every day3. On the weekend, do dungs and/or quest4. Don't waste time

Comment by SaltychipTime doesn't diminish while you're logged out so if you need to go somewhere or do something you can log out and save the timer.

It appears as though that glitch has been fixed.

Let's suppose that a level 30 character (we'll call him Character A) wants to use the Enlightenment buff. The character would have the +50% bonus experience for one hour. After 1 hour of work, the character will have gained as much experience as he would have gained with 1.5 hours of leveling at the same pace without the buff. If the character stacked buff and earned the 2 hour bonus, he will have gained 3 hours worth of experience in just 2 hours. If he levels up at least 10 levels per day, the character will have 4 hours worth of the Enlightenment buff per day. If he logs off before the buff expires and continues questing the next day, he can keep up his 4 hour Enlightenment buff all the way until he can no longer level up 10 times within 4 hours, which would usually happen around level 50 or 60.

Now let's suppose that a level 30 character (we'll call him Character B) decided to collect his daily Enlightenment buffs and use them, but instead of turning in the quest he earns every 10 levels, he saves them all up for when he is level 80. After one hour of work without the 10-level buff, the character will have gained an hour worth of experience. After two hours of work, he will have gained only two hours of experience.

Why won't Character B gain as much experience? It's simple. He never benefited from stacking buffs at lower levels. Unless he is able to perfectly stack his 10-level buffs from levels 80 to 85, he will lose time and experience overall.

I'm sorry if that wasn't clear to you, but just take my word for it.

EDIT:As of 5.1, you can no longer stack Enlightenment buffs. All quests which grant a player with Enlightenment now only give 1h of experience -- no more, no less. Therefore, the best way to gain experience using the buff is by simply buffing it whenever you can (assuming that you don't already have the buff). As a note, you might find it slightly strategic to complete the objectives of many quests but not turn the quests in, use Zen Pilgrimage, collect your Enlightenment buff, and then turn in those former quests. It saves you a few minutes worth of leveling.

Comment by orcsmashTo make the most out of this buff complete 24 quests get the buff and hand them all in with a 50% bonus.

Back to back daily buffs WILL stack up to two hours as well.

As in, do the daily one day and log out with ~5 minutes on the buff*, log in the next day and complete the daily first thing and the buff time will extend to 2 hours, not 1 hour and whatever time was remaining. So the "free time" effect is not just a perk of doing the 10's quest + the daily. If you can only play your monk ~2hrs a day, you can perpetually keep them buffed just with the daily quest.

*Alternately, an earlier comment indicates the buff will extend to 2hrs even when it's stuck at 0s. So if that's true, you just need to cast Zen Pilgrimage before you hit 0s so you don't lose the buff on the loading screen. You'll gain a few more minutes of buff time in this case.

Comment by VersipellisoJust a little note, when you get to 85, the buff decreases to 20% extra experience per hour, it says on the rewards from the quest that its 50%, but if you hover over the buff, it's only 20%.

It was very nice for blizz to add this to monks, anything to make that 1-90 grind easier.

This is how I used the buff and it helped speed up leveling a lot:

Wait until you have a huge line of a quests to turn in like (like 5-6 of those kill 10 of this and that) and then do the daily to get the buff. Return, turn the quests in and you get mega xp. And go from there.

At first I just used it for grinding dungeons as healing (as I usually do when leveling a new healer) but felt I wasn't getting enough XP.

And yes of course if you stack it to the 2 hours, even better.

Though the post-85 buff did give more duration, but aparantly it just added an hour, rather than renewing to full 2 hours. Dunno if this a new change or just a post-85 thing. Couldn't find any "hotfix notices" to explain it, though i guess they do tend to group those up and release them at later times.

Comment by bfree380Very odd, but my wife and I (both 86) did the daily on Thursday, logged out, did the daily on Friday, logged out, then today (Saturday) when we logged on, we both had 2 hours of the buff. My wife logged out while I took a quick shower and stupidly forgot to log off. When I got out I logged out for a minute, and when I came back on, I only had 20 minutes left :/ Not sure what happened, but it was REALLY annoying.

Comment by Piranha42481Did the quest today on my monk and got NO buff. >.>

Tonight I logged in before bed just to do the daily...did it and it went up to 3 hours...I also hit level 50 upon completing it and was immediately given the new quest. Did that one and now my buff says 4 HOURS. I wonder what the new max is?

Is this a bug? anyone else have problems with this

make sure to cancel WoW's 8th Anniversary before finishing the quest for Enlightenment.

edit why downrate, it is true T__T

apply WoW's 8th Anniversary then Enlightenment = not working only WoW's 8th Anniversary stays up

apply Enlightenment then WoW's 8th Anniversary = working

Comment by MuriloNZDoesn't seem to be stacking to 2 hours anymore; the last 2 days I've gotten my daily refresh with 2-4 minutes left on current buff, and it only went up to 1 hour.

Comment by mrespmanAs of 5.1, this buff no longer persists at 0 seconds. It ends when it reaches zero, no matter if you're in a dungeon or not.

Comment by Philk913well i havent been playing my monk much but each day i have logged in to do this daily and then just log back out im currently sitting at 6hrs dont know know how high it stacks but loving it i will update if i get to a cap

It's possible this works like flasks where if you complete it with < 15 minutes remaining, it will boost you up to 1:15. It certainly does not boost you up to 1:59.

Comment by FurydeathLook's like it's been nerfed again I have it saying 20% down from 50%.

As of 5.1 the buff also does not glitch anymore and won't last infinitely. It will, however, stack infinitely. If you are not planning on playing your monk one day, you should still at least log in to do the quest really quickly to get an extra hour banked up for when you do play him.

Comment by enkidu23I have been doing the daily since level 11 or so, every day, and nothing else, and parking my monk in the temple while I work on other toons. As a result, my monk currently has an enlightenment buff of 2 DAYS. It stacks, alright, lol....

Comment by MinatauranI knew that I would not be leveling my monk for a while, so I did dailies for 12 straight days. I can confirm that yes you can get to at least 12 hours of enlightenment. And while some people have posted that it up ticks to an extra hour, this is not true. If you have a addon that shows the exact time you will see that it only grants 1 hour. I tested this from 20 to 85.

I leveled to 84.8ish and then did the enlightenment quest 6 days in a row. On the 6th day (today) I completed the quest and the xp from completing the quest leveled me to 85.

I should have thought about this a little more, but completing the quest replaced my 5H remaining buff of +50% experience gained with 6H remaining of +20% exp...

I'm not sure if leveling to 85 automagically replaces the % you gain from 50% to 20%, or if it was the fact that completing the quest and having it be what dinged me to 85 did me in. Either way, I'm pretty ticked off that I got boned.

Comment by hjp426Did this get hotfixed? Yesterday I had two hours stacked, I log in to do the daily today, finish it, and now I only have an hour. Hadn't logged in at all in between. ?

Comment by AzshantaI've been stacking the buff up on my monk alt when I'm unable to play her, and she's currently up to 9 hours on the buff, so it appears that the limit is NOT 2 hours like a few people have said before, but in fact something much higher.

Get Buff @ Level 45 = 20%Level with Buff from 45 to 47 = 20%

Get Buff @ Level 47 = 50%

O_o dunno why

Comment by menoblackIt seems that if you have this buff and rested experience at the same time this gives you a 100% buff (without using any rested xp). This works all the way till level 90.

Comment by ZauroxI receive no bonus xp from Enlightenment even though it says that I get 20% bonus xp, and my quest log show the bonus xp but when I turn in the quests I just receive normal xp... Been like this ever since 86+

Comment by fang620A cap of 24 hours has now been added to this buff (patch 5.2)My monk had 3 days of this buff saved up pre-patch. When I logged on after the patch, it was down to 24h and doing the monk class dailies just refreshes this buff back up to 24 hours.

Comment by Odinraneon my monk, currently level 29, i have 9 enlightenment stacks on. still not sure if there is a cap. haven't seen any yet.

Comment by SalculdEffect #5: You will neurotically obsess about optimizing your leveling time while this buff is active. Alt-tabbing out? Log off to maximize its uptime. PVP server on the minority faction? Log off to maximize its uptime. Have to poop? Log off to maximize its uptime.

Comment by TauhrakThe trick i've found with this is to save up as many stacks as you can before it becomes 20%, then nuke through levels 80-90 using this buff, not sure of maximum stack, but i had 17hours on mine, i just did daily for about 3 weeks to get to that stage, then hit 79 off of daily quest xp, and rushed up, spamming dungeons and questing until 90, had a good amount of buff remaining, too, about 5 hours i believe.

Comment by UnrageI can confirm this buff stacks up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Comment by TCG503I can confirm this stacks at least up to 4 hours and persists from day to day. I've done the daily quests 4 days in a row.

Did a quest that gave 42k exp with the buff. I did exact same quest without the buff and it gave 37k exp.

Comment by piraka810I can confirm at least 5 hours of stacking. As I have been logging on every day and stacking it.

Comment by fxkill2006The buff can be canceled by right clicking on it. Learned it by the hard way. :S

Comment by spamplzThis does also increase experience gained from pet battles.

Comment by sivlayou can actually time to have 3 hours of enlightment. wait until reach a round number 20/30/40 etc then go do the level up quest at the peak, after doing the peak quest, grab the daily..do that, you now have 2 hours...if you time it so you manage to get the quest, the daily, and the next day's daily you get a huge 3 hours..which if wearing heirlooms, in a level 8+ guild and know all the quests, and the best ones to take that don't take you from end of a zone to the next, you could easily get 15/20+ levels from level 20/40 at least..and probably 10/15 level post level 40 >55 or even 58..but you need to really time stuff, so you make the absolute most out of the buff..you can also use enlightment with the 300% xp buff too...which is needless to say, huge amount of levels in almost no time at all

Comment by FurukiBlizz should make this a universal daily. It's plenty hard enough to get to the Peak of Serenity as a level 20 non-monk anyway. Why not reward those of us who do it for our effort?

Comment by kelthozadAs of now, the current max hours on this buff is 6 hours. I just tested it and I had a starting 6 hours when i entered the meditation, then i left with 6 hours after completing the daily quest.

Comment by glaiveninjaNote that this buff will dissapear when entering a skirmish.

Comment by AisenfaireIn WOD: Note that for level 90 above, this buff no longer gives you bonus experience. Instead, it gives you some mastery that scales with your level (at level 92 I get 207 mastery).

Comment by gtademThis buff rocks. In full heirlooms, I was able to go from 80-83 in a single hour in Mount Hyjal.

Comment by goodpoltergeistI had a 14 hour buff saved up, and it just disappeared. Didn't notice till I went to the peak of serenity to get the buff for dinging 80, and realized it was gone. Don't know how or why. I had just completed a dungeon (Utgarde Pinnacle) in which we had died several times, and I dinged 80 during the instance. I thought the buff persisted through death, but maybe it doesn't like it when you die too much. Anyway, now I just have a measly 2 hour buff ;_;

You will lose this buff when you change specs.

A word of advice: Do not stack it. Wait for an invasion wave to begin, and go to the first one you intend to do. Pilgrimage to the Summit and do your quest, then go back, and fight every invasion in the wave.

You'll probably be able to do this 2-3 times in a day because you can pretty easily blow through 11+ levels like this in 2 waves of invasions.

Comment by DidikillyouAs today (2016 08 23) it was nerfed down from 50% +xp to 20% +xp.

It didn't. It still read as 22 hours and I know that it wasn't so close that the duration had dipped to 21 hours before I did the daily.

Based on how frequently I do the daily, I'd estimate that either the buff became bugged a couple days ago prior to this post -- or Blizzard did a stealth hotfix. Could others please confirm that this is happening?

Edit: It appears to be a problem for others as well.

Comment by Rudy199So, basically this is a ''hero class'' perk for monk? Like DK starts from level 55 and DH from 98?

Talk to Zidormi to see the Peak of Serenity before the Legion attacked. Then you can do the daily quest, but for some reason you may not receive the buff, just the experience, if you are over level 100.

Comment by NeszJust a quick tip, don't relog if you reach level 85 while still having this buff, it will keep on giving you +50% exp gain. Once you relog it goes down to 20%.

Edit: Can confirm this still stacks as of 7.3.5

Comment by ShahafAs of 8.0.1 now only grants Mastery.

Comment by JacevandeverCan you not get this buff on allied races any more? I did the initial quest at 20 and got it for an hour, then came back and did the daily. But when I came back at level 40, there are no more quests, despite being given the level 40 breadcrumb quest to go back to the Peak of Serenity. I thought you got a quest to get the buff every 10 levels?

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