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Here Is the Workout Adele Used to Tone Up As She Lost 100 Lbs – The Beet

Posted: May 17, 2020 at 10:42 pm

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Adele nearly broke the internet earlier this month when she revealed her jaw-droppingtransformation photo to her fans on the occasion of her 32nd birthday. What was so remarkable was not only that the Grammy Award-winning singer had lost 100 pounds, but also that she emerged as a toned, sleek and strong looking body, with the legs of a Pilates instructor. We all collectively wondered: How did she do that?

The Beet published the exact diet called the sirtfood diet,that Adele reportedly followed to shed the 100 pounds since last year, including three green juices a day and a diet that included plenty of healthy plant-based foods like kale, Brussel sprouts, and matcha. The good news is that the sirtfood diet also allows antioxidant-rich treats like dark chocolate and red wine. For the exact diet to follow, and how to do it, click on The Beet's story here.

Now The Beet has the goods on howAdelegot that toned body, including a video that shows the star pushing it to the limit on a Pilates Reformer.Losing weight is one thing, but showing off lean, toned muscles and astrong body takes some hard work, and some sweat. In an October post on IG, Adele said, "I used to cry but now I sweat." It worked for her and it will work for you too. The Beethas the secrets toAdele's success, from her former personal trainer and her Pilates instructor. Here is exactly what you need to know to tone up now. The best news? You can get it done at home.

"Getting skinny was never the goal", says Pete Geracimo, Adele's former personal trainer who moved from London to Ontario.Geracimorevealed toAccess Hollywood that Adele's body transformation was not for attention, press purposes, or album sales, it was simply for herself.

"This metamorphosis is not for album sales, publicity or to be a role model. She is doing it for herself and her son Angelo," he explained. He added weight loss can be "massively empowering: and "a truly personal thing."

Geracimo says that it is always so rewarding when he "sees his clients blossom during their fitness journeys," according toUS Magazine, and he is always their biggest cheerleader." He alsoexplained that the best motivation is one that comes from within and that Adele was facing hardships after her divorce, and she wanted to be healthier for herself and for her seven-year son, Angelo. Geracimo saysthe singer was committed to her fitness and is "sweating" to achieve her personal health goals, which makes uscuriousas to what kinds of moves she has beenusing togetthere.

Pilates appears to be Adele's go-to workout of choice. Her pilates instructor, Camila Goodisappeared on a videoonAccess Hollywood congratulating Adele for achieving her health goals. What was most shocking was that Goodissays for a moment she didn't recognize Adele after the initial weight loss, when the star walked into the studio for class one day. (Adele joins a small group workout, which many people find more effective than one-on-one training.)

In theshort video clip,Adeleis shown on the pilates reformer exercising and working hard. If you don't want to watch the entire clip you can fast forward to 2 minutes and 9 seconds to see the star putting in her reps. Pilates is a great toner for abs, legs, abs, and all-around strengthening, and this type of low-impact exercise is effective for toning up as you lose weight. Adele and others use Pilates t build lean muscle, improve posture by target core strength-- all of which lets you wear your clothes better, perfect as shorts season is upon us.Adele seems to be a big fan of Pilates but from what the media can see, at least, she only needs to hit the studio a few times a week to get these impressive results.

Camila Goodis even admits,I dont think she is a huge fan of exercise like Robbie [Williams] and Ayda [Field, his wife who are Adele's workout friends], who exercise five or six days a week,"according toThe Sun, Ayda is credited as the one who brought Adele to Pilates in the first place. She introduced the star to the workout after her divorce to help her feel better, The Sun story reports.

"One day I was attheir house [meaning the Williams'] in Los Angeles and Ayda asked me if I would train one of her best friends who was visiting," Goodis told The Sun. "So the exercise had to be very gentle. Pilates was perfect for her. She said she had done Pilates before in London, and she was very appreciative. The funny thing was I hadn't caught her name and I didn't recognize her at the time. She wasn't wearing makeup or her eyelashes and was wearing sweatpants and a loose top. After she left I mentioned to Ayda that she looked a little bit like Adele and Ayda gave me this look ... and thought it was hilarious." When Adele returned to LA she did more sessions and the weight started dropping off.

Adele'sphysical exercise program also incorporates weight training with dumbells, as you can see from Geracimo's post, whichhelps to stimulate muscle growth, increase metabolism, and burn even more calories while at rest. Perhaps what is most shocking to cardio devotes is that there is no evidence that Adele is doing much in the way of cardio. But strength training helps burn fat even after you stop working out, according to exercise research.

"Metabolism may stay elevated for longer afterweightsthan cardio," according to severalweight-loss studies published by Healthline.The research suggests that "weightlifting is better for building muscle." Another thing that we can learn from Adele is you don't need massively heavyweights to feel the burn, as the photo below posted by Geracimo indicates. As long as you work muscles to exhaustion you can get toned withsmall handhelddumbells. This is great to keep in mind now that everyone is working out at home and may not have access to weight training machines.

Pete Geracimo is now hosting free Instagram Live classes so you can literally workout like Adele for free! Sign up at his Instagram account.And get your set of hand weights delivered today. We love this set because it hasdifferent sizes and you can work up to the heavier ones.

In a press release, Pete Germacio mentioned, "It's disheartening to read the negative commentary and fatphobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss." The talented celeb received harshcomments about her weight loss, whichsome criticscalled "unhealthy."Meanwhile, other fans commented with support for Adele such as "you've worked so hard to look like this and I'm so glad you've got your purpose, but I want to tell you that for me you were always a spectacular, beautiful and sexy woman."

The Beet agrees that being healthy and happy is the goal, and the only thing that really matters here is if Adele herself feelshappy and healthy.

Bottom Line: You don't have to be a world-famous superstar to transform your body or reach your personal wellbeing goals. Adele's workout regime consists of personal training sessions with Pete Germacio, which now you can do on IG Live thanks to his daily classes.

As for the Pilates classes, Goodis has a video you can try in your own living room. And someday we will all be allowed back into the workout studio, but until then floor exercises can provide plenty of core strength and toning so the key is finding the discipline to do it on your own.

Way to go, Adele, we applaud all your hard work to reach your goal. You are an inspiration.

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Here Is the Workout Adele Used to Tone Up As She Lost 100 Lbs - The Beet

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May 17th, 2020 at 10:42 pm

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How The Undertaker’s unique relationship with Vince McMahon, surgical success led to his WWE return – CBS Sports

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Three years ago, The Undertaker was done. For good. At least, he was supposed to be.

At WrestleMania 33 in April 2017, the man legally known as Mark Calaway -- who by that point had been wrestling for the better part of three decades -- had every intention of leaving his in-ring career behind and continuing with the rest of his life.

After falling to Roman Reigns in the main event of WWE's biggest show of the year and suffering just the second loss on his pristine WrestleMania record, The Undertaker left his robe, hat and gloves in the middle of the ring. That was supposed to be the final time he would lace up the boots and battle it out for WWE.

"That was 100% real and me saying goodbye," Calaway claims during his acclaimed limited documentary series "Undertaker: The Last Ride," the second episode of which will debut Sunday at 10 a.m. ET on the WWE Network.

But even in that moment, as Calaway literally left his on-screen persona in the ring, his performance in that match gnawed at his mind. Calaway was slow, immobile and lacking the explosion that made him such a legendary superstar, largely due to the fact that he was putting off a needed surgery on his right hip.

The climax of the match, in which Reigns was supposed to reverse a Tombstone Piledriver -- The Undertaker's signature finishing maneuver -- was clearly botched as Calaway was unable to do his part and spring his body up into the air. He fell -- twice and the end of the match was exceedingly lackluster because of it.

"There's the utter disappointment of the performance that I just gave, there's the searing pain that's running down my leg coupled with the fact that this is the last time that I'm going to come and be on this stage in this manner. I don't think there's anything any more real than me putting the gloves and the hat and the coat down," Calaway said.

In the episode, Calaway is clearly disgusted with himself as he watches the match back for the first time nine months later in January 2018. Sunday's show covers his long, unexpected return to the ring, which was not as clear a path as fans may have believed.

"It reaffirmed 10 fold everything that I thought. I looked old. I looked slow. I was overweight. I couldn't move. It just wasn't Undertaker-esque, I guess, in any sense, really. I had one match too many," he said watching the match. " So that's when the wheels started turning that I need redemption."

In that nine-month span, which included the right hip procedure four weeks after 'Mania -- his 16th career surgery following one on his left hip, rotator cuff, bicep, pectoral, both eye sockets and others on his knees, fingers and other areas of his body -- Calaway claimed he had no intention of gearing back up to get in the ring at WrestleMania 34.

Except, he had every intention.

Awake in his hospital bed following his surgery, during which he went under anesthesia to his own Undertaker entrance music, Calaway was already talking to wife Michelle McCool, perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek, about performing in New Orleans just 11 months later.

There were a couple things standing in Calaway's way. Primarily, his health and wellness. Not wanting to be a parody of himself, he understood how poorly he performed against Reigns despite not yet watching the match back. It hurt him not only professionally but personally as a long-time locker room leader who aimed to put over the WWE's biggest star on his way out the door.

"I feel bad for Roman. You dream about that match -- to be in that match tearing the house down. I wasn't able to give him that. That bothers me. I can make excuses all day long. Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one," Calaway said the following January. "[Watching the match] It's like I don't even know where I'm supposed to be. I haven't spoken to him about it. He's probably looking at me right now, thinking, 'What was that guy all about?' Really disappointing. I'm sure he [thought that] when it watched it back. I feel like I need some redemption for that performance."

Vince McMahon, WWE's famed chairman and CEO, was more than aware that Calaway was a shell of his former self that night. Reigns, who in 2017 was just over six years into his career but had been positioned as WWE's signature superstar since 2015, knew it, too.

"It's like heartbreaking. It affected me. It made me emotional. it made me want to cry," he said, knowing what The Undertaker wanted to do but was unable to provide for him in that match. "I don't regret anything. Was it perfect? No. We were in the moment and, as live television performers, anything can happen.

"To be able to do [as much as he did], it's just all coming back on his character. It's all coming back to the responsibility that he holds and that he succeeds at. If there's something that has to be done and there's a goal at hand, the man gets it done, plain and simple. I think that it couldn't have been easy. I couldn't imagine that decision or being at that point in my career or my life to where this is the last one. It's still hard to fathom."

Three months after his right hip surgery, as outlined in the second episode of "The Last Ride," Calaway traveled to WWE's corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, to meet with McMahon in August 2017. While his WWE contract had expired and it was a bit of a formality that Calaway would agree to remain with the company in some manner, there was no commitment that The Undertaker would return to the ring.

Calaway admitted that his tank was empty, but he also struggled to completely eliminate the idea of performing again. And considering he was about to enter negotiations with McMahon, with whom he has an incredibly close personal relationship, Calaway knew ahead of time that the meeting may take an unexpected turn.

McMahon, despite his reputation for being a demanding boss, has a legendary soft spot for those most loyal to him. And perhaps no one has been more loyal over a longer period of time than Calaway, who stuck by WWE in the mid-1990s when many of McMahon's other top stars bolted for far more money and far less work with competitor WCW.

"Undertaker, Mark Calaway is the most loyal performer I've ever dealt with. He is the kind of man you would want -- literally and figuratively -- in the foxhole with you," McMahon said.

The Undertaker never left WWE, and neither Calaway nor McMahon has forgotten that.

So while Calaway had no intention of getting in the ring again, and he asserted that McMahon "is going to want what's best for me physically [and] mentally," he had been in enough meetings with the man to know that he must expect the unexpected.

"I gave up on strategizing meetings with Vince a long time ago. I've been so dead set in what I was going to do and say in a meeting. Walk out, the door shuts behind me and then [I] realize, 'I got absolutely nothing that I meant to say out,'" Calaway said.

McMahon holds a special place in Calaway's heart. He named his son, Gunner Vincent, after his boss. Other than his father, Calaway claims no one has been more influential in his life. "He'd be the first one to pat you on the back but also the first one to kick you in the ass when you needed it," he said.

Calaway later added: "I love Vince to death. I would take a bullet for the man. Honestly, I would. Yes, he's my boss, my friend. He's been like a dad. He's been like a brother. He's been it all to me."

McMahon, asked by "The Last Ride" producers to share his personal thoughts about Calaway, immediately teared up. He then cut off the question, motioning his hand across his neck. "Can't do that," he said.

As history bore out, Calaway re-signed with WWE, but it is revealed in the documentary that he only told McMahon he would be available in an emergency situation for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. Calaway had not tested his surgically-repaired hip, nor did he feel the rush of momentum to redeem himself from his performance the year prior in Orlando, Florida, despite knowing deep down that he needed to.

That January, backstage at the annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view watching his wife compete in the women's signature match, the wheels began turning for Calaway. He even commented on a match being wrestled by AJ Styles, his eventual opponent two years later at WrestleMania 36, noting that he wished he got to work with him before hanging up his boots because he reminded him of Shawn Michaels.

McMahon called Calaway after the show, suggesting a match with John Cena if he felt The Undertaker could go. That led to Calaway watching his match with Reigns and knowing he had to give it another shot -- if his body was up to it.

The WWE storyline leading into the Taker-Cena match mimicked real life. Cena spent weeks calling out Taker on television, claiming if he did not fight him at 'Mania, he would only attend the event as a fan. In actuality, McMahon gave Calaway four weeks to make a decision, saying he needed to know by the conclusion of the Elimination Chamber PPV in February.

In the meantime, McMahon sent an entire WWE ring down to a warehouse in Texas so Calaway could train. Once his cardio had picked up, Calaway knew he would be able to perform at a level that not would far exceed his 2017 form. So he sent a text message to McMahon during the Elimination Chamber show to commit to WrestleMania.

"F--- yeah!" McMahon supposedly replied.

WrestleMania 34 was a healing experience for Calaway in mind, body and soul. He entered the event the best he had felt in a decade again with the intention of it being his swan song.

"After last year's performance, I think there was a lot of reason to doubt. That's not how I want to be remembered," he said. "Yeah, it's for the fans, but a lot of it is for myself and my pride and the legacy that I want to leave in this business."

Taker's short match with Cena repaired his image in front of fans and gave him confidence to go again, but Calaway sought out a receptive and forgiving Reigns afterward to repair his conscience.

"I feel so bad about last year. I just want you to know that bothers me," he told Reigns backstage. "I didn't have it. You know that."

Calaway then met up with McMahon, and the two had a loving embrace that has become almost an annual ritual.

"None of this happens without him. He gave me an opportunity a long time ago. Obviously, he changed my life," Calaway said. "It's something I do every year: give him a hug, tell him, 'thank you.'"

The well-received performance against Cena gave both The Undertaker and Calaway himself new life. Moments after his match, Calaway told McCool he was ready for the following year's show.

As "The Last Ride" will play out, this unexpected yet successful final wave of The Undertaker's career is met with more peaks and valleys, more successes and utter disappointments.

It feels as if it is headed for a crescendo, the announcement or intimation of one final match at an upcoming show, perhaps SummerSlam, Survivor Series (where The Undertaker made his WWE debut) or WrestleMania 37, scheduled for Los Angeles in 2021.

But as we have learned, when it comes to Calaway and The Undertaker, the end of the road always seems to be a bit further than we expect.

The second episode of "Undertaker: The Last Ride," a five-part limited documentary series about one of the most private superstars in WWE history, will be released on Sunday at 10 a.m. ET on WWE Network.

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How The Undertaker's unique relationship with Vince McMahon, surgical success led to his WWE return - CBS Sports

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9 free online courses you can sign up for right now to improve your professional skills and career prospects – Business Insider

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caption Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX offer a range of free online courses that can help you advance your career. source GaudiLab/Shutterstock

The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of Americans with more time on their hands.

Some workers have faced layoffs, furlough, reduced hours, or are working remotely. This means now could be a good time to invest in your long-term career growth. If you want to work on landing your next job, or simply want to think more about your career during this time, now is a great time to take a free online course on those topics.

Business Insider went through some of the most well-known online education platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy, and found several courses you can take, from how to write a resume to boosting your negotiation skills and creative thinking. All thats required is an email to sign up.

Platform: Coursera

Provider: Yale University

What students learn: In this course, students learn tricks to rewire the way they think in order to have a more positive outlook on life. Its Yale Universitys most popular course.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Udemy

Provider: Rebecca Brizi, a business and entrepreneur consultant

What students learn: Want to know how to be as productive at home as you were in the office? This short video course will give helpful tips.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: edX

Provider: Imperial College London

What students learn: This course teaches people how to better solve problems, come up with ideas, and excel in your chosen career.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Coursera

Provider: University of Michigan

What students learn: Learners will learn about growth mindset, self-limiting beliefs, and other research into what makes people successful in life, regardless of your job.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Coursera

Provider: University of Virginia

What students learn: Users will learn how to build a brand, set themselves up on different social media platforms, and create a personal mission statement.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: edX

Provider: Catalyst

What students learn: This class teaches participants how to bolster key leadership skills to succeed in the modern, diverse workplace like empowering others, humility, and empathy.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Coursera

Provider: The State University of New York

What students learn: This course is designed mainly for college students who are writing their first rsum or for young professionals looking to give an old rsum a fresh professional look.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Coursera

Provider: McMaster University

What students learn: Users learn a variety of great career tips, including how to seek out career mentors, how to get out of a career rut, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Sign up for the course here>>

Platform: Coursera

Provider: University of Michigan

What students learn: In this course, students watch videos on how to prepare for a negotiation, as well as tips on how to succeed to get your desired outcome.

Sign up for the course here>>

9 free online courses you can sign up for right now to improve your professional skills and career prospects - Business Insider

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Energy Tradings First Female CEO Insists On Business As Usual – Forbes

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In late April, Denmark, one of the first countries in Europe to shut down due to the spread of COVID-19, gradually began reopening its economy and society. Twenty-five percent of Danske Commodities employees were back in the office after working from home since March 12th. Another 25 percent will be allowed back on May 18th under strict guidelines.

In less than 10 years, Helle . Kristiansen rose from employee #35 to become CEO of Danske ... [+] Commodities.

From Day 1, I insisted on business as usual, says CEO Helle stergaard Kristiansen of working from home. It was a rather unceremonious and unsentimental way of observing the one-year anniversary of her appointment as the first female CEO in energy trading, but these areunique times. Calling the digital capabilities at DC (as the company is known) our special superpower, Kristiansen says employees were working from home within two days.

We quickly established trading desks in the homes of our traders to ensure the safety of our people while doing our part to keep the energy supply balanced and stable.

To monitor the level of activity, which actually increased, she asked for data on how many trades were done each day. I didnt want to accept that we couldnt do tomorrow what we did yesterday.

Kristiansen, who says she takes her job very seriously but not myself because then you become too constrained in life knows about achieving results. Hired in 2010, she drew on her banking background tostart the companys risk and compliance department and later its treasury department. Within four years, she had become DCs chief financial officer, and in 2018 founder and then-CEOHenrik Lind asked her to handle the sale of the company.

I had never sold a company before! she says laughing. After 12 months of constant travel, investor presentations, and due diligence, the company was sold to Equinor for $400 million euros. While Lind, whom she considers a mentor, had confidence that she ultimately would be successful, Kristiansen says, Starting as employee #35 and taking a rather small company to one of the biggest players in energy trading in Europe, and now Australia, and also entering the U.S., Ive also done a lot of things in developing myself. I took an executive management program with INSEAD and joined a couple professional boards, especially in IT, to bring some knowledge into DC.

Helle stergaard Kristiansen on top of Danske Commodities headquarters in Aarhus, the second ... [+] largest city in Denmark.

Since assuming the role of CEO,Kristiansen has had a clear vision of how she wanted to implement her leadership style. I changed the name from senior management group to senior leadership. It was not [just] a matter of wording. Its because I want leaders; I dont want managers. We have a lot of young talent and they dont want to be micro-managed. I wanted leaders that could inspire them, develop them, give them responsibilities, and support them in their professional but also their personal lives.

That philosophy is part of DCs culture. When Kristiansen, a mother of three, says that it is possible not only to have children and a family, as well as a career, she emphasizes, This is not a womens discussion; its a discussion around talent. Acknowledging the low numbers of women in the energy sector, she says, If we dont tap into 50 percent of the talent pool, do we get the right [people] and the best competencies? Im concerned about our competitiveness as a company and as a sector, if we dont improve the rate [of womens participation].

Under her leadership, DC has undertaken a number of initiatives to achieve that goal from rather small changes in employer branding changing the wording of job ads where 95 percent of the words were considered masculine and photos featuring young men in blue shirts looking at computer screens to promoting from within.

Its a challenge, but its important to have women in the company and then grow it from there. Were trying to get more female talent in the company, not with forced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but by making sure we offer a working environment and a culture that welcome diversity and thrive upon it.

The company offers a graduate program, as well as a pre-managerial program, where participants are assigned a mentor, and Kristiansen,who holds a masters in business administration and auditing (cand. merc. aud.),runs a mentoring program for young women in finance and technology at university to show we exist in those areas and women have a place in our sector.

DC offers not just an attractive maternity package, but also four months paid paternity leave. In a company with an average age of 33 and a workforce that is 75 percent male, Kristiansen points out, This is not cheap, but when my directors or VPs have a man and a woman in front of them, I dont want them to hire the man because theyre afraid the woman will go on maternity leave.

Kristiansen mentions two female employees who recently were promoted during their pregnancies, despite the fact that the company had to find interim solutions while the women were on maternity leave.

It wasnt a hard choice because they were the right ones for the position. We have to look long-term [at an employees career] to find long-term solutions, a decision she says sends a signal to other women in the company that it is possible to have children and a career in DC.

Helle . Kristiansen presenting Danske Commodities quarterly financial performance. In 2019, the ... [+] trading company produced a revenue of USD 11.2 billion.

Creating the strongest possible workforce is important in giving a competitive edge to a company with ambitious plans for the future. In the U.S., energy trading is very much based on data and quantitative models and thats exactly where we come from. Its actually deeply rooted in our DNA to expand our business model to new markets. Equinor has ambitions in the U.S., where DC could support those ambitions within green energy and the transition [to] renewables, where we are very strong in Europe. We can use the experience we have here and take that to the U.S. while the market matures in that direction.

As Kristiansen looks back on her first year as CEO, she says frankly, Youre always concerned when you get acquired by a big company like [Equinor], but we have managed to put ourselves in a situation where our employees honestly believe that being part of Equinor is a benefit for DC as a company. We have been able to explore the synergies between our two companies, and still have agility and independence at the same time, so were actually in a much stronger position than we were a year ago. Im really proud of finding that balance.

This acquisition has been a success.

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Energy Tradings First Female CEO Insists On Business As Usual - Forbes

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Avoiding discord: Should you give your kids an equal inheritance? – Las Vegas Sun

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Your estate plan may be your last words to those you leave behind. If youre a parent, you should think carefully about the message youll be sending.

Parents who leave their children unequal inheritances risk fueling family feuds. But strictly equal bequests also can cause resentment if the heirs dont see the distribution as fair.

Money can cause family discord, and you want to make sure that you are thinking through this and keeping sibling relationships intact, says Colleen Carcone, co-author of Principles of Estate Planning and a wealth planning specialist at TIAA.


Carcone recommends her clients first think about how they define fair. For some people, fair means an equal dollar amount. Others may want to adjust the distribution to deduct financial help theyve already given, for example, or to leave more to heirs with greater need. Parents commonly want to leave more to children who run the family business or who help care for the parents in their later years, says Marianela Collado, a certified financial planner with Tobias Financial Advisors in Plantation, Florida.

Each approach has its merits and problems. With an equal-dollar distribution, heirs may resent their wealthier siblings for getting money they dont need. Similarly, children who received less financial help during the parents life may resent those who got more if the estate distribution doesnt reflect that imbalance.

Unequal distributions can cause hard feelings, as well. The person getting less than others may view it as a punishment, especially if the amount was docked to reflect past financial help or to account for personal wealth. (One inheritor I know refers to this as the success tax.)

What matters is how your decision is likely to play out given your familys dynamics, and that may be differently than you expect.


Carcone once had clients whose son was much wealthier than his siblings or his parents, for that matter. She encouraged the clients to discuss their estate plan with their son, and they discovered he didnt want what they thought.

They had been thinking, Were just going to divide everything into thirds because we have three kids and we love our three kids equally, Carcone says. But he said, I would rather have the money go to my siblings, but what Id really like is that watch collection that Grandpa left you.

In other families, anything thats not a strictly equal distribution will cause discord. Leaving one child more than another would ignite those Mom (or Dad) always liked you best rivalries that can destroy sibling relationships.

Its your money, obviously, so you can do what you like. But discussing yourestate planand intentions with your children could give you unexpected insights and may help stave off future problems. If youre reluctant, ask yourself why, says CFP Hui-chin Chen of Pavlov Financial Planning in Arlington, Virginia.

If they dont feel comfortable making (their estate plans) known when they are alive, that might be an indication that they are just sowing seeds of discord for when they are gone, Chen says.


A stumbling block for many parents is what to do with the family home or a much-loved vacation property. Some children may be more attached to the real estate, while others would prefer to have the money from its sale. If you want your children to share ownership, think about how that would work.

Whos going to be responsible for maintenance and upkeep and expenses? Do all of the kids have that desire? Do all of the kids have that ability? Carcone says.

Your kids may have ideas on how they can successfully share the ownership and the costs, or you may get a little preview of the dissent the property can cause. Either way, that can inform your decision.


Carcone encourages talking to your children about how youve divided your estate and also leaving behind a detailed letter explaining the thinking behind your decisions. Such letters can head off disagreements about what you said and what you meant. (As any parent knows, what we say to our children and what they hear can be quite different.)

Make sure that they understand why you did what you did, Carcone says. Nobody wants to leave a legacy of family disharmony.

This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet, a certified financial planner and author of Your CreditScore.

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Avoiding discord: Should you give your kids an equal inheritance? - Las Vegas Sun

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Richard Knight: ‘It’s been great to see the sales companies work together’ – Racing Post

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Bloodstock agent Richard Knighttells us about how he is managing both personally and professionally with the Europe-wide lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus

How is life ticking over for you at the moment?

Lockdown life has clearly been very different to normal but in many ways we're enjoying this time and embracing it as a family.

We're very fortunate to be based near Malmesbury in the south-west of the UK and we're surrounded by fields and woodland which gives great scope for dog walking, running and cycling without seeing another soul.

Outside of work we've really enjoyed the good weather days and the garden has certainly appreciated the extra care and attention all being well the early new potatoes will be ready for the start of Royal Ascot!

With no racing or sales in Europe at present, your scope to do business must be limited.What have you been doing instead?

As racing manager to Hussain Alabbas Lootah and to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Malek Al-Sabah, work has largely continued as normal.

I manage 40 horses in training on their behalf and Mr Lootah has eight broodmares and their followers, so there's been plenty to keep me busy between checking invoices, liaising with trainers, stud farms, vets, stallion farms and so on.

Never has there been a more important time for progress notes and updates and thankfully all the trainers and studs have been great with WhatsApp and email photo/video messages.

Outside of this there have been late mating plans and nomination bookings, and I've also taken the time to speak with a few breeze-up consignors to discuss their consignments and I'm in the process of putting together a list of which horses make the most appeal based on pedigrees, photos, video and vendor opinions.

What's your view on online sales, if they had to happen in Europe this year?

I think it would depend on the type of sale and what additional information can be supplied by vendors and sales companies.

For example, I would be happier to purchase a horse-in-training online, with form in the book and a detailed vet report, than I would a foal or yearling. For me, seeing those foals and yearlings is absolutely critical so that I can make a judgement on conformation, athleticism and temperament.

If the online yearling sales do have to happen then it will be hugely important to get around as many studs as possible in the weeks leading up to the sales that will inevitably leave gaps and wont be an ideal scenario, but we will have to work with the hand we're dealt.

The North American Jockey Club livened up lockdown by announcing the 140-mare stallion cap would you welcome a similar move in Europe?

I was very interested to read what bothAdrian OBrien andTony Fry said on this question and I dont disagree with either.

There are pros and cons, and if I owned or managed this years 2,000 Guineas and St Jamess Palace Stakes winner then I would be saying no but then the other side of me says that 140 is a large book of mares and setting a limit will not only be good for the breed but also give other stallions more of a chance of success.

From my experience many stallions self-limit due to a lack of demand and many self-limit due to their inability to cover large books of mares perhaps overall I'm swaying to leaving it as it is, especially in the current business climate.

Ultimately, if you dont like how many mares a stallion is covering then dont use them and instead find another stallion that you believe in.

Richard Knight is looking forward to the Goffs and Arqana Breeze-Up Sale at Goffs

Peter Moody

What's your best guess on what will happen to the market this year, and how long it will take to recover?

Clearly the market will be down but I still expect the fastest breezers to sell well, the top stores to sell well and the best yearlings, foals and mares to follow suit.

Personally, I've been pleasantly surprised over the last couple of months by the number of phone calls and emails from new clients looking for all types of bloodstock, from National Hunt stores to pinhooking Flat foals, and that has to be good for us all.

Do you think there will be any positives to come out of the crisis eventually?

It's been great to see the sales companies working together and I'm very much looking forward to the joint Goffs UK and Arqana breeze-up sale.

My family and I have also thoroughly enjoyed Racing Welfare's Furlong Factor competition congratulations to Lara Telfer and all thosewho took part.

The use of online meeting platforms like Zoom are another success and will mean less travelling and a better environmental footprint for many who travel to business meetings that on occasions could be done from home.

I hope that thekey positive for the future is that with everyone missing racing as much as we have, that we will all appreciate our core product more and work together to both protect and improve the industry.

Any film, TV or book recommendations to share to get through home confinement?

It's been mostly about light-hearted entertainment in our household to balance the daily coronavirus news and we've enjoyed Modern Family on Amazon and Gordon, Gino and Fred on ITV.

What are you most looking forward to when racing returns?

There's so much to look forward to and these first few weeks are going to be very exciting. To potentially have Guineas weekend, Royal Ascot plus plenty of two-year-old races all within 21 days is great and will hopefully give everyone a boost.

From a personal perspective I enjoyed a great 2019 on the track with six black-type winners (five of the six cost less than 55,000) and five of those six remain in training for 2020.

Both Mr Lootah and Sheikh Abdullah have some really exciting prospects and I also cant wait to see the winners roll out of Rathmoy Stables in Newmarket where my brother William is now training from.

On the National Hunt side of the industry I'm excited to see my first foal purchase sell a Flemensfirth gelding out of Muance owned and prepared by Park Wood Stud near Tetbury. He has grown into a big, strong, quality gelding with a great walk and a super temperament.

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Matt Hall: 'Films are a waste of timeI watch festival replays instead'

Tom Goff: 'I've painted two garden seats. God, I sound so middle-aged!'

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Richard Kent: 'Stud fees and sales house charges will have to come down'

Philippa Mains: 'The industry is a family and we help each other out'

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Tom Blain: 'Trade will be down but all we can do is roll with the punches'

Ted Voute: 'We'll need to strengthen the way we showcase young stock'

Simon Kerins: 'We'll embrace any format that will help get horses sold'

Barry Lynch: 'The industry has often bounced back as quickly as it dipped'

Tim Lane: 'Working with horses does you the world of good in these times'

Jerry Horan: 'My sister butchered my haircut. I think it was payback'

Violet Hesketh and Mimi Wadham: 'Social distancing isn't hard - just lonely!'

Henry Beeby: 'Nick Nugent and I have entered a beard growing competition'

Charles O'Neill: 'ITM will be ready to go when the markets open up again'

Freddy Powell: 'We're improving our online sale platform in case it's needed'

Bumble Mitchell: 'Online sales could be tricky for outlying studs like mine'

David Stack: 'I had to give a garda a lesson about the birds and the bees'

Colm Sharkey: 'I've been torturing myself trying to sort out my golf swing'

Rachael Gowland: 'I didn't realise how much I loved racing until I couldn't go'

Sam Hoskins: 'I've been listening to endless Cold War podcasts on my tractor'

Niamh Spiller: 'Video calls are very important to keep everyone motivated'

Jamie Lloyd:'Staff have had all their own gear labelled, even wheelbarrows'

Michel Orlandi: 'The stallions are flying and that gives me great hope'

Richard Venn: 'The French are in a good position to get back racing sooner'

Tim Kent: 'It's difficult to plan when we don't know when racing will resume'

Russell Ferris: 'Weatherbys had contingency plans that we activated at once'

Grant and Tom Pritchard-Gordon: 'Inglis Easter has kept us busy since January'

Peter Hockenhull: 'The social side of meeting and chatting to breeders is gone'

Polly Bonnor: 'We've fulfilled every feed order, including all our exports'

Richard Lancaster: 'We're fortunate that some Shadwell staff live on site'

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Richard Knight: 'It's been great to see the sales companies work together' - Racing Post

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Independent Justin Amash abandons US third party presidential run – The Straits Times

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WASHINGTON (AFP) - US congressman Justin Amash abandoned his third-party run for president on Saturday(May 16), blaming the impossibility of campaigning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The former Republican, who left the party amid frustrations over the leadership of US President Donald Trump, had announced he was preparing to run less than three weeks ago, on April 28.

"After much reflection, I've concluded that circumstances don't lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate," he tweeted.

Social distancing, political polarisation and the impact of the economic crisis on fundraising were among the reasons he cited for calling off his run.

"I continue to believe that a candidate from outside the old parties, offering a vision of government grounded in liberty and equality, can break through in the right environment. But this environment presents extraordinary challenges," he said.

Amash, 40, left the Republican Party in the summer of 2019.

As an independent in Congress, he voted to impeach Trump.

In April, he announced he had formed an exploratory committee in preparation for a run as the nominee of the Libertarian party, which promotes civil liberties and limited government.

"Let's do this," the Michigan lawmaker said at the time.

He had presented himself as an alternative to Trump and the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

In the 2016 presidential election, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received nearly 4.5 million votes, or just over three per cent of ballots cast.

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Independent Justin Amash abandons US third party presidential run - The Straits Times

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Fate Of Luxury Depends On China, But Continued Success There Is Not Guaranteed – Forbes

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WUHAN, CHINA - MARCH 30 2020: Masked staff pose for a photo in a shop of luxury goods in a high-end ... [+] shopping center in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province Monday, March 30, 2020, after nearly ten weeks of Covid-19 break.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Feature China / Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing (Photo credit should read Feature China/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Since the 2008/2009 recession, China has effectively become the tail that wags the dog of the global luxury market.

Thats because China was largely unaffected by the economic downturn that battered the market throughout the rest of the world. Not only that, Chinese consumers, with their growing economic power, expressed a heady appetite for luxury brands that signaled status in a culture where that really mattered.

Now after the beating luxury brands have taken due to the coronavirus pandemic, which Bain and Company predicts will strike off 20% to 35% of the personal luxury goods market in 2020 and McKinsey is on record for sales to shrink as much as 35% to 39%, all eyes are on the Chinese to restore luxury brands fortunes.

In analyzing prospects for the luxury markets recovery, Bains latest report takes a glass-half-full view of the industrys future. It predicts the industry will recover by end of 2022 or early 2023 to 2019 sales levels of 281 billion ($304 billion).

And to do that, China is the industrys only hope, says Claudia DAprizio, Bain partner and leader of its luxury goods practice.

The economy in China will be the one that will be least impacted by the long tail of this planetary crisis, DAprizio told me. For the luxury market, we think the recovery will be stronger and faster in China than in the U.S. and Europe.

Already Bain reports the best-performing brands are registering year-over-year sales increases in China for the first four months of 2020. While store traffic remains down, consumers who visit are reportedly more inclined to buy and their level of spending has increased.

Having grown dependent on the Chinese market for growth or more correctly addicted luxury brands are going to have to keep the pressure on to reach that ambitious 2022/2023 recovery schedule.

In 2019 Chinese consumers alone accounted for 90% of the growth in the personal luxury goods market or some 19 billion ($21 billion) in sales. They also generated 35% of global luxury spending.

By comparison, American consumers generated only 22% of the industrys sales and Europeans 17%, and their share of the market has declined from 27% and 30% respectively since 2000, while Chinas share has grown from 2%.

Further, Bain expects that Chinese consumers will make more than half of luxury goods purchases by 2025 when global sales are expected to reach 320-330 billion ($346-357 billion). That means they would have to gain some 15% more market share in only five years, a pretty aggressive expectation.

DAprizio admits predicting the future for luxury coming out of this crisis is particularly problematic since it impacted not just consumers financial wellbeing, but their health and emotions. Its probably going to have more than double the impact that the industry had from 2007 to 2009, she says.

What can get luxury brands off course in the post-coronavirus world, even if China rebounds as strongly as Bain expects? Plenty.

First, nobodys going anywhere, as the travel industry will be the very last to recover.

About 40% of overall [global] sales are made when people are traveling, so that is something that will be slow to recover, DAprizio shares, as she predicts repatrization of purchases in China will offset losses due to reduced travelling as the government is pushing for more local consumption.

On-the-go Chinese consumers have been big luxury shoppers. Luxury sales in mainland China made up only 11% of global sales in 2019, compared to Chinese consumers 35% total market share.

Second, luxury brands are counting on Chinese consumers to have not just the same appetite for their pricey goods, but also the same spending power. That is to be determined.

The Chinese economy contracted 6.8% in the first quarter 2020, with industrial production down 1.1% and imports/exports off 6.4%.

Since Chinas factories feed the rest of the worlds markets and the coronavirus shutdowns and resulting canceled orders didnt happen until the second quarter elsewhere, it may be a long shot to achieve the expected 1.3% year-over-year growth in the second quarter.

Complicating matters further is rising Chinese unemployment. CNN Business reports that as many as 80 million Chinese workers are out of a job, while the official figure from government sources are far lower.

Calling data from Beijing notoriously opaque, CNN quotes economists at Socit Gnrale reporting that nearly 10% of people in China are jobless.

Rising unemployment may hit luxury brand performance in China harder than in Western markets. A lot of the luxury market depends on the aspirational drives of middle-income Chinese consumers. But if they lose that income, the luxury market will lose those customers, Luxury Dailys Mickey Alam Kahn shares.

Consider also that the U.S. has four-times more truly wealthy consumers than China, 18.8 million millionaires compared with 4.4 million in China.

Third, what DAprizio calls the selling ceremony, which is so important to Chinese consumers, will be disrupted by social distancing measures required in the post-coronavirus world.

There is an element of cautiousness and fear linked to the possibility of contagion which will reduce store traffic. The sanitary control measures required are not the best setting for luxury shopping which has a huge emotional element, she says.

She also foresees fewer luxury store openings which will put more emphasis on e-commerce, as well as the need for greater marketing efforts.

Luxury brands will have to pull all the marketing levers and make investments in the most efficient way, which will likely result in a hit to brands profitability down the road.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, the coronavirus is going to heighten cultural sensitivities in the luxury market.

There is a lot of tension around inequalities, especially among the lower-income tiers of the population, DAprizio shares. And its not just tension between the haves and the have-nots but also the tension between the East and West.

As Western luxury brands have focused on the Chinese consumers for growth, they have committed any number of mistakes reflecting gross cultural insensitivity, like the notorious Dolce & Gabanna campaign featuring a model eating pizza with chopsticks.

While DAprizio lauds the luxury industry as the melting pot of creativity everywhere, she also foresees the danger of strongly increasing local sensitivites, arising from the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China and already is a point of sensitivity for the Chinese people.

Brands really need to pay attention to elements of the monocultural reality and try to be relevant with authenticity around local cultures and local sensitivities, she says.

It is important to note her emphasis on local cultures and sensitivities because both China and Hong Kong are important markets for luxury brands, yet they have cultural differences, challenging a one-size-fits-all-China approach to these markets.

Coronavirus is going to accelerate a trend that Bain defines as cultural relevance and local tribes.

There has been a social strengthening of localism and nationalism, she shares. In particular the younger Chinese consumers are developing a stronger demand for Chinese products, local brands and local enterprises. This will probably accelerate and be a threat for European brands.

To meet this shift, DAprizio calls on luxury brands to develop a global framework that is large enough to accommodate all these differences and all the differing cultural needs, she says, and continues, Luxury brands will need to make room for more collaborations with local designers, artists, and creatives to gain relevance around this trend toward strong localization.

In closing, DAprizio sees hope, and challenges, on the horizon not just in China but around the world coming from the next generational shift in the luxury market, from Baby Boomers and GenX consumers to Millennials and GenZ.

These are both the luxury consumers of today and tomorrow. They are a wave shaping and creating luxury brands evolution in terms of messaging and purpose, she concludes. I see these consumers as a very positive underlying driver for success, as long as brands stay in tune with the next generations.

As long as is an important qualifier in that statement and many brands have tripped up staying in tune with consumers aspirations and drives when generations shift.

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Fate Of Luxury Depends On China, But Continued Success There Is Not Guaranteed - Forbes

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Boulder Startup Week: what 28 startup leaders think will succeed in a post-COVID world – Boulder Daily Camera

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BOULDER A cross-section of interviews with dozens of startup leaders by Boulder-based Rebel Consultants LLC broadly point to personal relationship-building and innovation in the face of crisis as key to success once the world is able to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebel Consultants CEO Brian Baker recapped the series of interviews with 28 business leaders from early-stage startups to companies in the Fortune 500 during a Tuesday session of Boulder Startup Week.

Baker described the current climate as the largest economic shutdown in the history of mankind, and the federal governments spending to keep commerce afloat as the biggest governmental action in history.

But many of the respondents, including from both sides of the political spectrum, were angry with the federal response being either too financially weak from the view of liberals or too imposing on the free flow of commerce in the view of conservatives.

Theres a huge identity with tribe in the United States. Its not like this is new, but it is being strengthened by COVID-19 and there is a huge level of impatience with anyone whos on the other side, he said.

Yet the leaders in the survey all said businesses will not return to pre-COVID normals because personal behaviors will shift.

That new paradigm will force executives to re-examine every part of their company, from outside vendors to their employees. Baker believes that businesses need to begin preparing to show their clients their value, and employees should be ready to show why they offer more value compared with someone else who is currently among the countrys unemployed.

All roles and vendors will be reviewed for (return on investment), and thats something every worker should be prepared for, he said. In fact, I would go ahead and type up why youre important to the organization, and I would do that all the way to the executive level right now.

Baker said the landscape for calling workers back is a virtual unknown right now for the survey respondents, who arent sure if they would be legally liable if an employee were to contract COVID on the job.

Theyre looking to strike some kind of balance between legal and human capital, he said.

About a quarter of the survey respondents said they were in personal contact with their customers during the past few months, which he derided as a horrible figure. He argues that while marketing remains important, offering generic platitudes in a mass email is less effective than building personal relationships in a time of social distancing.

Stay safe is not something professionals want to see in an email signature, it seems a little trite at the moment, he said.

Baker also suggested companies dont look at dropping prices for their services as a way to increase sales volume, arguing that customers will be willing to pay full price down the road when incomes have stabilized.

All of the survey respondents said they were looking for new market opportunities in a post-COVID world as they try to model other major companies that struck it big in the aftermath of a major historical event.

Baker noted that Facebook and Pinterest launched in the years after 9/11 as people looked to find more communities, while tech startups Venmo, Airbnb and the whitepaper underpinning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies debuted in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis.

So its not like we cant do well after a big crisis. In fact, we usually do pretty well. And after the 2008 crisis, we got a lot of stuff, he said.

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Boulder Startup Week: what 28 startup leaders think will succeed in a post-COVID world - Boulder Daily Camera

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Head of World Trade Organization to step down early – Minneapolis Star Tribune

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GENEVA The head of the World Trade Organization said Thursday that he will leave his post a year early, a personal decision that sets the stage for a succession contest at the trade body amid lingering U.S.-China tensions and a coronavirus pandemic that has doused the global economy.

Roberto Azevedo, a 62-year-old Brazilian, said he will step down Aug. 31 as WTO director-general, ending a seven-year tenure marked in recent years by intense pressure from President Donald Trump, who repeatedly accused the Geneva-based trade body of unfair treatment of the United States and launched a trade war with China in defiance of the WTO system.

This is a decision that I do not take lightly, Azevedo told a special meeting of WTO delegations. It is a personal decision - a family decision and I am convinced that this decision serves the best interests of this organization.

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Head of World Trade Organization to step down early - Minneapolis Star Tribune

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