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Cannabis Startup, Flowhub, Gets $23M Funding Led By Kraft Heinz – International Business Times

Posted: October 28, 2019 at 10:46 pm

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Kraft Heinz, through Evolv Ventures, led a $23 million investment in a cannabis retail platform, FlowHub. Other investors that joined in the largest Series A funding round for a cannabis-related tech are, 9Yards Capital, and Poseidon Asset Management.

Founded in 2015, Flowhub helps dispensaries make some of their processes simpler by offering a highly customizable platform that will allow them to manage supply chain data, transactions, reporting, inventory, point of sale, and business intelligence.

The platform integrates with other technologies likeDutchie, an order management and pickup tracking website; Stash, an inventory management app; Leafly, a site for finding marijuana strains, dispensaries, and news; and LeafBuyer, a website for finding weed deals.

"What we are experiencing right now is an end to cannabis prohibition and Flowhub is on the front lines of this movement," said Kyle Sherman, founderand CEO of Flowhub.

"Every legal transaction completed with the Flowhub retail platform is a positive step forward, and we are committed to helping our customers build thriving cannabis businesses."

"With this investment, we will continue to automate the cannabis supply chain, retail and reporting processes and bring to market technology solutions that are not only shaping the cannabis retail business, but also driving forward the future of legalization and de-stigmatization."

The Denver-based startup aims to be the go-to for cannabis retailers in scaling operations, and their business is growing at a rapid pace with a 200 percent increase in revenue. Their software is used by more than 700 retailers in the U.S., which is why it attracted a venture fund like Evolv Ventures.

The fund

Evolv is a $100 million fund backed by Kraft Heinz, the companies it is investing in are primarily food-related. Some of the other companies in its portfolio are GrubMarket, an organic food delivery service, and New Culture, maker of animal-free dairy cheese.

Kraft Troubles

Earlier in the year, Heinz lost about $5.3 billion in market value due to its $15.4 billion writedown and $29.8 billion long-term debt. There's also SEC investigation on its accounting policies and internal controls.

According to Kraft CEO, Miguel Patricio, the goal of the company is to pursue growth and perhaps Evolv's investment objective targeting disruptors coincides with Kraft's overall renewed strategy.

Albanian police destroy a field of cannabis plants in a remote mountainous area Photo: AFP / GENT SHKULLAKU

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Cannabis Startup, Flowhub, Gets $23M Funding Led By Kraft Heinz - International Business Times

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19 processed foods nutritionists swear by – NBC News

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Many processed foods earn high marks for convenience but poor marks for health. But the truth is, the term processed spans a wide range of foods, from healthful pre-washed salad greens (some form of processing occurs to wash and bag the greens) to less healthful processed meats. When it comes to processed foods, the magic is in the minimal minimally processed, that is. Minimally processed foods can simplify prepping and cooking so you can enjoy nourishing and filling meals without spending too time in the kitchen. Its still a good idea to limit the overly processed stuff, but in the name of convenience, I rounded up the 19 processed foods nutritionists cant live without. Here are the items that deserve a spot in your kitchen.

Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to select healthful, minimally processed foods that save time and enable you to eat well. Whole grain brown rice is a stellar example. It can take up to 45 minutes to make brown rice on the stovetop, but the pre-cooked, frozen brown rice is ready in just 3-4 minutes, says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, author of "The Superfood Swap". She recommends adding it to burrito bowls and stir fries.

If youre cooking dried beans from scratch, the Instant Pot shaves some time. But the canned variety saves even more! I love the convenience of canned black beans versus cooking them from scratch, says Keri Gans, RDN, author of "The Small Change Diet" and creator of The Keri Report. Theyre a good source of fiber and plant-based protein and they make a healthy addition to my pasta Bolognese sauce, baked potato, or a bowl of sauted veggies and barley.

When youre using canned beans, be sure to buy no- or low-sodium varieties and if they contain any sodium, give them a good rinse under running water, which reduces the salt count considerably.

While were on the subject of beans, heres another healthy processed food to add to your cart. Roasted garbanzo beans are loaded with plant-protein and fiber so theyre an incredibly satisfying snack, says Jackson Blatner. You can make your own in the oven, but it takes about 30 minutes (and truthfully I can never get them the perfect texture). The pre-made ones come in lots of delish sweet and savory flavors. I love traveling with these in my purse and they also taste great on salads.

A typical bowl of pasta is high in carbs and low in fiber and protein. Since these two substances make meals filling, you may find yourself downing multiple portions to satisfy your appetite. You can balance out your pasta and boost the fiber and protein by tossing in foods like veggies and shrimp, but you could also swap it with some bean-based pasta to get a head start. When I don't have anything prepared for dinner and Im short on time, lentil or chickpea pasta is my go-to, says Angie Asche, RD, of Eleat Sports Nutrition. She points out that they're much higher in protein and fiber than traditional wheat pasta. One serving typically provides at least 20 grams of protein and the only ingredient in the product I use is organic chickpea flour or green lentil flour. Since pasta is always dressed up in sauce, its a nutritious upgrade thats hardly noticeable.

Vegetarians swear by this plant-based protein so whether youre a meat-eater or not, take note. As a vegetarian, I always have a block of tempeh in my fridge to add quick protein to my meals. Technically, tempeh is considered a processed form of soy because its made by fermenting cooked soybeans and then molding them into a dense block with some grains (typically rice). With that, it has a dense and chewy texture that I really like, as well as a nutty flavor, explains NYC-based registered dietitian, Natalie Rizzo.

For all you protein seekers, Rizzo also notes that a half block of tempeh has about 20 grams of protein and just 240 calories. Another bonus: The fermentation process creates beneficial probiotics, she says. If you arent sure how to make it, Rizzo offers this pro tip that doesnt require any skill: Just throw it in a pan with a marinade for a few minutes and add to a rice bowl.

Stocking up on frozen produce makes a ton of sense! A recent study found that people who eat these frozen gems consume more produce than people who dont keep their freezers stocked. The frozen fruit and veggie eaters also had higher intakes of fiber, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D nutrients that many Americans fall short on.

Im a big smoothie lover, so my freezer is always stocked with frozen fruits and veggies. And what I love about frozen produce is that its flash frozen at the peak of freshness, locking in great taste and nutrients, so you can eat it out of season, says Rizzo. Not only can you enjoy fresh fruit and veggies year-round, but buying frozen also makes organic produce more affordable.

Its a common misconception that canned fruit is loaded with added sugar and while it can be canned in heavy syrup, its often canned in juice. While I love fresh pineapple chunks, its challenging to get a sweet, affordable, fresh pineapple in the dead of winter in New England. Thats why I head to the canned fruit aisle for the canned variety packed in juice. A cup of canned chunks provides about 100 calories, over 2 grams of fiber, and almost 30 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C for the bargain price of about a buck, says Joan Salge Blake, RD, a nutrition professor at Boston University and the host of the hit nutrition and wellness podcast, "SpotOn!".

Canned pineapple chunks are a great way to sweeten stir fries without added sugar or you can try serving the drained chunks with some lower-sugar granola, chopped nuts, and a spoonful of creamy Greek yogurt for a delicious snack or dessert.

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Notice a theme here? When fresh tomatoes are no longer in season, I rely heavily on canned tomato products, like canned diced tomatoes and tomato puree, says Jackie Newgent, RDN, culinary nutritionist, author of "The Clean & Simple Diabetes Cookbook", and advisor to Lunch Unpacked. In other words, when you want the best out-of-season produce, frozen or canned may be the way to go. Nutritional speaking, tomatoes are canned at their peak of ripeness, nutritional value, flavor and color, says Newgent who also shares that they pack a nutritional advantage. Theyre loaded with lycopene, a health-promoting plant nutrient, which is actually enhanced by the processing.

Heres a fresh, pre-prepped veggie mix that will instantly boost the healthfulness of your next Taco Tuesday. Jackson Blatner points out that cabbage is a superfood thats in the same veggie family as kale and broccoli. Getting it pre-shredded is a major time saver. Plus, to make it from scratch, you need two heads of cabbage (green and red) which is waaaay too much to eat before it goes bad, she explains. The packed mix will minimize food waste. In addition to tacos, Jackson Blatner says she loves it in lunch bowls and stir fries.

Need something to go with that chickpea or lentil pasta? Jarred marinara sauce to the rescue! I have 3 kids and one of them doesnt eat meat, so we eat a fair amount of regular and chickpea pasta. While I love the idea of making marinara from scratch, its time-consuming and I usually only have 20-30 minutes to get dinner on the table," says Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, author of "Eating in Color" and creator of the FLR VIP program. She recommends choosing a marina sauce with no added sugars and a reasonable amount of sodium to make this convenience item a very healthy option. Jarred marinara sauce also offers the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to improving eye, skin and bone health and may help reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer, she says.

Herbs and seasonings are one way to boost the flavor of wholesome foods, but hot sauce is another. When creating healthful cuisine, I love sneaking in ingredients to assure flavors are as good or better than not-so-healthful options. I find that adding a few drops of hot sauce to select dishes, especially soups and stews, provides that bonus oomph to create extra enjoyment, says Newgent. Hot sauces are vegetable-based usually with peppers making them versatile in cooking. Newgent recommends using one without sodium bisulfite or other preservatives.

Kudos to anyone whos making broth from scratch, but if youve got better things to do with your time (like binge watching two seasons of Killing Eve), theres no shame in taking this shortcut. While I'd love to make my own homemade broth from scratch, it's just not realistic with my work schedule. I always have a few containers of organic vegetable broth in my pantry to use in several last-minute dishes, soups, curries, or even just to boil quinoa and rice for additional flavor, says Asche.

Most Americans arent hitting the recommended two servings of seafood per week, yet its a simple (and tasty) habit that can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. To help you hit your goal, consider canned seafood. Hands down, one of the easiest ways to get more omega-3 packed fish into your diet is with canned tuna, says Largeman-Roth. You can find it in easy to open cans, pouches and more these days, she explains. Largeman-Roth says that three ounces of chunk light tuna packs 16 grams of protein and about 140 milligrams of DHA and EPA omega 3s per each 70-calorie serving. Its a great choice whether youre trying to boost your omega-3 intake or just looking for a lean source of protein, she says.

Maya Feller, RD, author of "The Southern Comfort Food Diabetes Cookbook" is another fan of canned and pouched seafood. There are times when we don't have access to wild or sustainably sourced salmon and wild salmon in a pouch is an economical as well as a convenient way to get your recommended two servings per week, she says. Sardines are also tops on her list of healthy processed foods. Theyre a delicious small fish, rich in protein, heart-healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D. Theres some compelling research around brain health and fatty fish consumption, says Feller.

Yes, you can make your own pesto (like you can make your own broth and stock), but you dont have to go the extra mile. Making pesto can take time that many people don't have, says Feller. Pesto in a jar is generally extra virgin olive oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, basil, which is rich in phytonutrients, garlic, which has been researched in relation to blood pressure regulation, and pine nuts, which are a good source of heart-healthy fats, she explains. According to Feller, the combination makes for a nourishing topping that can be used in a number of meals, such as a seasoning for baked fish or a dressing (when thinned with extra EVOO or warm water) for greens. Amy Gorin, RDN, says its also a great base for pizza if youre looking for something other than traditional tomato sauce.

Nut and seed butters check a lot of boxes: Theyre super healthy, really delicious, and offer a lot of versatility. Almond butter is a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and the antioxidant vitamin E, which may help protect our body from damage caused by free radicals, explains Gans. Its a go-to for me in my morning bowl of oatmeal or on a slice of 100 percent whole grain bread for added protein and fiber to start my day.

Largeman-Roth uses peanut butter for after school snacks and for adding a quick and delicious hit of plant-protein (7 grams per 2 tablespoons) at breakfast. We schmear it on frozen waffles (another great convenience item!), apple slices, muffins and more. Besides being totally delicious, I love that its economical and also shelf-stable, she says.

For those who are allergic to nuts (or those who want to branch out), sunflower seed butter is a great alternative. Its become a huge mainstay in my family's kitchen, says Lindsey Janeiro, RDN of Nutrition to Fit. I've had lifelong severe tree nut allergies, but my baby was recently diagnosed with peanut allergies, too. Thats why she uses sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter and other nut butters. Its full of healthy fats and also contains fiber and protein, making it a great addition to homemade sauces and baked goods. It can also be added to a basic apple or crackers for a more macronutrient balanced snack, she adds.

Though its a fan favorite in the fall, pumpkin puree is a processed food RDs love year-round. The puree adds a boost of immune-boosting beta-carotene to breakfast staples like pancakes, smoothies and waffles, says Largeman-Roth. You can certainly make your own pumpkin puree, especially at this time of year, but the fact that all the strings have been removed makes the canned variety so much easier! she says. I think we can all agree on that.

Canned fish scores high on the convenience meter, but dont rule out frozen seafood, which has the same good-for you omega-3 fish fats, DHA and EPA. Much of the fish you buy has been pre-frozen so buying it already frozen is almost like buying it at the fish counter. To make a quick, easy meal for either dinner or even lunch when Im working from home, I keep ready-to-cook salmon filets in the freezer. All I have to do is stick them in the oven! says Gorin.

Gorin suggests using the mercury wallet card from the Natural Resources Defense Council as a guide to choosing fish with less mercury and to see which choices are most sustainable. Spotting the MSC blue fish label is another way to identify sustainable seafood.

Plain yogurt and cottage cheese both fall in the camp of healthier processed foods. This often overlooked gem is one of my daily staples. Not only is it fabulous with fruit, on whole grain toast, waffles, oatmeal or salads, but the super high protein content helps to keep you full in between meals, Lauren Harris-Pincus, RDN, author of "The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club". "There are so many culinary uses for cottage cheese! Its the secret to creamy smoothies as its much less tangy than Greek yogurt. Mix it into eggs before scrambling for a cheesy, creamy texture, or use as a protein boost in pancake batter. Mix with goat cheese for a tasty base for a flatbread. The possibilities are endless, and you will benefit from about 13 grams of satisfying protein per 1/2 cup serving, she says.

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19 processed foods nutritionists swear by - NBC News

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20 of the best vegan and vegetarian hotels and B&Bs in Europe – The Guardian

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VEGANCasa Albets, Catalonia, Spain

Cashew fondue and gnocchi with shiitake and coconut sauce are among the dishes on the seasonal menu of the organic, vegan restaurant attached to this gorgeous rural hotel in the green hills of Lladurs, between Barcelona and Andorra. The restored 18th-century farmhouse includes rooms with handmade oak furniture and eco-friendly furnishings from local producers. It also offers massage and yoga, and has bikes for rent to explore the Catalonian countryside. Doubles from 88,

In a valley in the foothills of the Sierra de Almijara, this vegan B&B and restaurant serves a mix of homemade food, such as vegan sushi, meze, crispy fried cauliflower wings with sweet chilli, and burgers with beefy patties and vegan cheese. The restored 18th-century building is less than 30 minutes drive from the coast, and nearby walking and cycling routes pass the River Turvilla and old flour mills. Or there is the Mudejar Route, which heads through a series of Moorish whitewashed villages and small towns. Doubles from 60 B&B,

Villa Veganas hilltop location, close to the town of Selva, has views through the orchards to the nearby Tramuntana mountains. Lemon, orange, almond and olive trees surround the hotel. Being vegan, even the furnishings, cleaning products and toiletries are cruelty-free. The plant-based hotel restaurant which has published its own cookbook serves a menu of ethnic dishes and comfort food, from a different region of the world each day. Breakfast includes Spanish coca (flatbread) and homemade croissants, and dinners feature Mallorcan aubergine tumbet and tacos with vegan chorizo. The hotel also has an outdoor pool. Doubles from 120 B&B,

An early 20th-century townhouse with futuristic interiors, AM/PM is in Smedenpoort in the historic centre of Bruges, a 15-minute walk from the station, market square and basilica. The vegan breakfast includes breads, spreads, cereals and a vegetable and fruit slowjuice shot. For later in the day, owners Kevin and Tiny recommend nearby restaurants De Brugsche Tafel and Royal Frituur & Eetboetiek for vegan food. Doubles from 80 B&B,

This restaurant-with-rooms is on the Nieuwe Merwede canal in Biesbosch national park, a 45-minute train ride from Rotterdam. In the evenings, it serves a vegan tasting menu (four to seven courses, 45 to 66) that includes dishes such as asparagus panna cotta, leaf broccoli with smoked leeks, and beetroot sorbet with citrus crumble, and can be paired with natural and organic wines. Next door is Huiskamercafe Fluitekruid (living room cafe), which serves light veggie meals and snacks. There are boat tours, plus cycling and walking routes throughout the park. Doubles from 89 B&B,

Vegotel now has four locations in the far north of the Netherlands (in Blije, Heegermeer, Wyns and Schoonoord), each offering different styles of accommodation and activities all serving 100% vegan food. Vegotel Blije is on the Zeedijk, close to the Wadden Sea, in a farmhouse dating to 1885, offering either B&B or full-board. Vegotel Heegermeer has several cottages for two to six people and is close to beaches and watersports. And the cottages at Vegotel Wyns, in the meadows near Leeuwarden, and Vegotel Schoonoord, in the inland province of Drenthe, are good for walkers and cyclists. There are bicycles (both manual and electric) for rent at all properties and electric cars at Blije. All rooms and cottages come with a breakfast of plant-based cheeses, sliced meats, vegan pt, organic bread and jams. Doubles from 87.50 B&B, cottages from 350 B&B for three nights,

There are quiet reading spots among the strawberry beds and wildflower banks at this rural, vegan eco-hotel in the village of Artalens-Souin. Ingredients grown in the permaculture garden are used for breakfasts, picnic lunches, dinners and homemade cakes in between. The hotel has three double rooms (a dorm house is due to open soon), and is low-chemical, zero-waste and uses solar power and composting toilets. From the garden there are views of the Valle des Gaves and often snow-capped peaks. Doubles from 57 B&B,

Close to the ancient stone-terraced vineyards of the Wachau wine region, this vegan hotel serves homemade food and organic wine. The medieval property has been renovated and modernised to offer bedrooms in the former farm buildings, which are set around a courtyard garden. Its accessible by train from Vienna and close to the River Danube, Gttweig Abbey and the ruins of Drnstein Castle. There are thousands of apricot trees in the region, in full rosy-white bloom in mid-April and harvested in July for use in Austrian deserts such as sweet dumplings and strudel. Doubles from 96 B&B (minimum two-night stay),

Jerusalem artichokes with truffle cream and homemade vegetable charcoal tagliatelle with extra virgin olive oil (produced onsite) are among dishes on the seasonal menu at Coroncina, in Marche, in eastern Italy. The farmstay is in woodland close to the town of Belforte del Chienti, between the Sibillini mountains and the Adriatic coast (both around 30 minutes by car). There are three bedrooms in the main house and a small cabin made from old barrels. Outside, olive groves and orchards are home to roe deer and wild boar (along with the resident cats and dogs). Theres also an outdoor pool and an indoor wellness space with a sauna, herbal steam bath and hot tub. Doubles from 120 B&B,

Le Carrubes menu changes daily, with vegetarian takes on Puglian and other Italian classics such as homemade orecchiette, aubergine parmesan, warm mushroom and chicory salad, and lavender panna cotta with honey and toasted almonds. The farmhouse renovation project has restored the vaulted ceilings, cavernous fireplaces and a paved courtyard and transformed the former sheep pens into two swimming pools. Close by is the citt bianca (white city) of Ostuni, less than 15 minutes by car, and the sandy beaches of the east coast, including Costa Merlata, Lido Morelli and Quarto di Monte, all around a 20-minute drive away. Doubles from 126 B&B,

Homemade pasta, risotto and local cheeses are the order of the day at this agriturismo in the Sabine hills, 90 minutes drive north-east of Rome. On a hillside overlooking the countryside, there are valley and river views from the outdoor pool and terrace where dinner is served. Each of the five bedrooms greets the sunrise and some come with a small balcony, or a bath facing out of a large window. This rural location is also home to the ruins of a Roman villa and its ancient olive groves. Doubles from 110 B&B,

This hostel makes for an affordable stay in an expensive city. It offers weekly family-style dinners and cooking classes: pasta-making on Thursdays, hand-making tagliatelle(25); and pizza-making on Tuesdays, with tips on cooking them in a domestic oven (20). Its a five-minute walk from Romes central station and 20 minutes to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Theres also a paved garden with a banyan tree and local wine served in the evenings. Dorm beds from 25, doubles from 60 (shared bathroom),

This former farmhouse an hours drive south of the city of Lugo is named after one of its previous residents, Tia Cabaza (Auntie Pumpkin), nicknamed for her wide, traditional petticoats. Breakfasts feature homemade sourdough bread and organic jams, and the hosts can arrange a meat-free picnic basket of local produce for lunch. Theres also an optional three-course vegetarian dinner or tapas, which is served on the terrace (groups of 4+). There are bikes for rent or horse-riding available to explore further into the Courel mountains and the Os Ancares bioreserve. Doubles from 75 B&B,

This eco-retreat in Odixere, close to the coast and 7km from Lagos, encourages guests to reconnect with nature. There are floor-to-ceiling windows looking over large gardens with a saltwater pool and firepit, and terraces with hammocks. Breakfast is a Mediterranean-style buffet with ingredients from the gardens, olive, almond, carob, orange and banana trees, and superfood plant moringa also used for meals and products sold in the farm shop. It runs yoga and cooking classes, and has opportunities to get involved with regenerative farming projects and harvesting, including picking herbs for tea infusions. Doubles from 90 B&B,

In the hills of Sintra national park, this small country house has sea views, an outdoor pool and does veggie breakfast, including chocolate salami, homemade apple cake and warm baked apricots. Nearby Sintra town Lord Byrons glorious Eden and a Unesco heritage site has fairytale castles, palaces and botanical gardens to explore. The hotel offers free bus passes to Sintra or Cascais (both around 30 minutes) and a shuttle to Almoageme village and Adraga beach (under 10 minutes). Doubles from 99 B&B,

Close to the medieval port of Zadar, this small, family-run guesthouse is surrounded by gardens of flowers, organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. Breakfast, which includes smoothies, homemade cakes and herby cheese, is served outside at a large table, where guests can also join the hosts most evenings for a veggie feast. The sea is less than five minutes walk away, and its around 10 minutes to the old town. There are five bedrooms in the modern building, free bikes to use and a patio with loungers. Guided excursions with the hosts are available to Paklenica, Krka and Plitvice Lakes national parks, and the Kornati Islands for sailing or kayaking on the Zrmanja river. Doubles from 73 B&B,

This 300-year-old family manor, comprised of several restored stone houses, is now home to a vegetarian hotel, with a chef, Tea uki, referred to as an alchemist, who turns plants into gold. The regional menu is served at communal tables in the kitchen or in the leafy courtyard including a breakfast of seasonal fruit, yoghurt, local cheese and freshly baked bread. The terrace also hosts live music, art workshops, wine tastings and other events. In the surrounding Vinodol valley, there are hiking routes through karst mountains and woodland. The Adriatic coast with opportunities to paraglide and sail is only 7km away. Doubles from 88,

Between Rennes-le-Chteau village and the hot springs of Rennes-les-Bains, Lavaldieu is a partially restored former hamlet surrounded by organic vegetable gardens and orchards. The B&B serves homemade vegetarian breakfasts and communal alfresco dinners. Theres also an apartment and a campsite in the garden woodland, set beside meadows of wild flowers, which is home to more than 80 species of butterfly. The region surrounding Lavaldieu is said to have mystical powers being close to the inverted peak of Pic de Bugarach in the Corbires massif, megalithic stone slabs and the Devils Armchair monument. Doubles from 52 B&B,

A seaside stay close to the Baltic, the Carpe Diem hotel is certified organic as is the wine, coffee and wholemeal sourdough that is baked onsite for breakfast. Accommodation is available in double rooms and apartments. The wellness area includes a gym, steam room, sauna and Kusatsu pool bath, and alternative therapies on request. A 1km-long white sand beach is a 25-minute walk away, and nearby Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft national park has extensive hiking and biking routes through wild coastal landscapes. Doubles from 140 B&B,

A rooftop spa, central Friedrichshain location and organic vegan as well as veggie options make this a great choice for a city-break stay. Bedrooms are stripped-back in style and come with mats and enough space to practise yoga. The bistro serves breakfast and brunch, including vegan bratwurst, scrambled tofu and homemade bread, along with Mediterranean food throughout the day. The Friedrichshain district is a vegan haven, including cafes such as Emma Pea and Vner, hand-rolled ice-cream at Delabuu, and vegan fashion at Loveco. Doubles from 98,

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Complete Shift to Organic Farming Could Intensify Global Warming: Study – The Weather Channel

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Harvest at the Kerala Secretariat as part of the governments organic farming initiative titled Onathinu Oru Muram Pachakkari.

A wave of organic farming swept the globe in the late 20th century. Numerous environmentalists and agricultural experts have been promoting a shift to organic farming owing to multiple health and environmental benefits. However, in a new study, a group of scientists from the United Kingdom have proved some unexpected, undesirable outcomes of a drastic shift to organic farming.

The study says that 100% adaptation of organic food production can lead to a nett increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 1.7 times the current levels.

Guy Kirk from the Cranfield University and three other scientists conducted an assessment of changes in greenhouse gas emissions if England and Wales transformed its agriculture to 100% organic. The study was published in the reputed journal Nature Communications on Tuesday. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are known to trap heat resulting in a net warming effect on the planet, worsening ongoing climate crisis.

The results of the study do confirm that the direct GHGs emissions would be reduced with a shift to organic farming. However, when the increased land-use is factored in to compensate for the loss of food production, net emissions would be much higher. The researchers also warn that most of the land needed to make up for the shortfall of agricultural products will be outside the UK. They estimate that the area of overseas land required to compensate for the decreased production would be nearly five times the present.

Direct GHG emissions are reduced with organic farming, but when increased overseas land use to compensate for shortfalls in domestic supply are factored in, net emissions are greater. Enhanced soil carbon sequestration could offset only a small part of the higher overseas emissions, says the study.

The study found that the GHGs emissions would fall by 20% from crops and 4% from livestock if a complete shift to organic farming takes place. However, compared to conventional farming, the drop in agricultural production could be as high as 40%. The researchers argue that instead of organic farming, a shift to reduced meat consumption could be more beneficial in terms of reduced GHGs emissions.

Ultimately it is unlikely that there exists any single optimal approach to achieving environmentally sustainable food production, concludes the study.

The Weather Companys primary journalistic mission is to report on breaking weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.

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Complete Shift to Organic Farming Could Intensify Global Warming: Study - The Weather Channel

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Global Organic Food and Beverages Market Insights, New Project Investment and Potential Growth Scope – Columnist 360

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Organic Food and Beverages Market Outlook provides thoughtful analysis of current issues facing the industry, along with current facts and statistics about the production and application in Organic Food and Beverages Market.. A comprehensive research report created through extensive primary research (inputs from industry experts, companies, stakeholders) and secondary research, the report aims to present the analysis of Organic Food and Beverages Market.

Analyst projects that the Organic Food and Beverages market size will grow from XX Million USD in 2018 to XX Million USD by 2024, at an estimated CAGR of XX%. The base year considered for the study is 2018, and the market size is projected from 2019 to 2024.

Read Report Details at

List of key players profiled in the report:

Starbucks Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Kraft Foods Group Inc., Kellogg Company, Nestle SA, Amys Kitchen Inc., Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, Eden Foods, PepsiCo Inc., Groupe Danone SA, Dean Foods Co., The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.,

By Organic Food ProductOrganic Fruits & Vegetables, Organic Meat, Fish & Poultry Products, Organic Dairy Products, Organic Frozen & Processed Food, Others

By Organic Beverages ProductOrganic Non dairy Beverages, Organic Coffee & Tea, Organic Beer & Wine, Others,





Request for Sample Report at

The report analyses the Organic Food and Beverages Market By Type and By Country for the historical period of 2017-2018 and the forecast period of 2019-2024.

Region Segmentation of Organic Food and Beverages Market

North America Country (United States, Canada)

South America

Asia Country (China, Japan, India, Korea)

Europe Country (Germany, UK, France, Italy)

Other Country (Middle East, Africa, GCC)

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The report has covered and analyzed the potential of Organic Food and Beverages market and provides statistics and information on market size, shares and growth factors. The report intends to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment evaluation. Besides, the Organic Food and Beverages market report also identifies and analyses the emerging trends along with major drivers, challenges and opportunities. Additionally, the report also highlights market entry strategies for various companies.

Scope of the Organic Food and Beverages Market Report

Organic Food and Beverages Market (Actual Period: 2017-2018, Forecast Period: 2019-2024)Organic Food and Beverages Market Size, Growth, ForecastAnalysis By Type:

Regional Analysis Actual Period: 2017-2018, Forecast Period: 2019-2024Organic Food and Beverages Market Size, Growth, ForecastOrganic Food and Beverages Market Analysis By Type

Report HighlightsCompetitive Landscape: Company Share AnalysisMarket Dynamics Drivers and Restraints.Market TrendsPorter Five Forces Analysis.SWOT Analysis.Company Analysis

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Global Organic Food and Beverages Market Insights, New Project Investment and Potential Growth Scope - Columnist 360

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Comprehensive Study on Organic Seeds Market 2019 | Trends, Drivers, Strategies, Applications and Competitive Landscape Forecast to 2024 – The Sentient…

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The Organic Seeds Market research report 2019 has been estimated considering the application and regional segments, market share, and size, while the forecast for each product type and application segment has been provided for the global and regional markets. Organic Seeds report offers detailed profiles of the key players to bring out a clear view of the competitive landscape of the Organic Seeds outlook. It also comprehends market new product analysis, financial overview, strategies and marketing trends.

The Research Document Will Answer Following Questions Such as:

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Key Market Trends:

Rising Health Consciousness and Environmental Awareness

According to the studies conducted by Iko-kai Org, the higher adoption of agricultural chemicals has not only led to the reduction of harmful insects but also beneficial insects. Harmful insects have the highest resistance to chemicals when compared to useful insects. Higher dosages of agricultural chemicals at various frequencies are used to eliminate harmful insects across many parts of the world. This has resulted in the entry of agricultural chemicals into the human body system, resulting in adverse impacts on human health, affecting the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, sense organs, and other human body parts. Consumers have become highly vulnerable to the high chemical residue content in the foods. Owing to the increase in awareness and high adoption of strategies to limit agricultural chemicals use, organic farming has gained more importance in recent years. The rising importance of organic farming and stringent regulations posed by countries to adopt organic farming are encouraging higher sales in the organic seeds market. This is expected to boost the organic seed markets growth potential, globally.

North America Dominates the Global Market

North America is the largest organic seeds market, due to growing organic sales over the years. There are several factors like the increasing trend of home gardening, rising demand for healthy food, and favorable government regulations, which are augmenting the organic seed sales in North America. Some of the major players in North America are High Mowing Organic Seeds, Johnnys Selected Seeds, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Most of the organic sales were recorded in Canada, came from the field crops seed segment, holding almost 50% of the market share. However, most of the organic farmers in the United States are still relying on conventionally produced seeds, at least to some extent, considering them an economic alternative to organic seeds. This posed a threat to the market in the country as it may hamper the market during the forecast period.

Reasons for Buying Organic Seeds Market Report:

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Detailed TOC of Organic Seeds Market Report 2019-2024:

1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Study Deliverables1.2 Study Assumptions1.3 Scope of the Study



4 MARKET DYNAMICS4.1 Market Drivers4.1.1 Growing Organic Food Demand4.1.2 Growing Health Conciousness and Environmental Awareness4.1.3 Favourable Regulatory Frameworks4.2 Market Restraints4.2.1 High Cost of Orgnaic Seeds4.2.2 High Demand Supply Imbalance4.3 Industry Attractiveness Porters Five Force Analysis4.3.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers4.3.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers4.3.3 Threat of New Entrants4.3.4 Threat of Substitute Products4.3.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

5 MARKET SEGMENTATION5.1 Type5.1.1 Field Crop Seeds5.1.2 Vegetable Seeds5.1.3 Fruit and Nut Seeds5.1.4 Other Crop Seeds5.2 Geography5.2.1 North America5.2.1.1 United States5.2.1.2 Canada5.2.1.3 Mexico5.2.1.4 Rest of North America5.2.2 Europe5.2.2.1 Italy5.2.2.2 United Kingdom5.2.2.3 France5.2.2.4 Germany5.2.2.5 Spain5.2.2.6 Rest of Europe5.2.3 Asia Pacific5.2.3.1 China5.2.3.2 Japan5.2.3.3 India5.2.3.4 Australia5.2.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific5.2.4 South America5.2.4.1 Brazil5.2.4.2 Argentina5.2.4.3 Rest of South America5.2.5 Middle East & Africa5.2.5.1 South Africa5.2.5.2 Rest of Middle East & Africa

6 COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE6.1 Most Adopted Strategies6.2 Market Share Analysis6.3 Company Profiles6.3.1 Vitalis Organic Seeds6.3.2 Seeds of Change Inc.6.3.3 Seed Savers Exchange6.3.4 Southern Exposure Seed Exchange6.3.5 Johnnys Selected Seeds6.3.6 Wild Garden Seeds6.3.7 Fedco Seeds6.3.8 Fleuren6.3.9 Maas Plant6.3.10 HILD Samen6.3.11 Navdanya6.3.12 Arnica Kwekerij6.3.13 High Mowing Organic Seeds6.3.14 De Bolster6.3.15 Territorial Seed Company


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Phone: US +14242530807/ UK +44 20 3239 8187

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Comprehensive Study on Organic Seeds Market 2019 | Trends, Drivers, Strategies, Applications and Competitive Landscape Forecast to 2024 - The Sentient...

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The Dirt: Natural Grocers to fill former Hastings location on South Hill – The Spokesman-Review

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Natural Grocers is coming to Spokanes South Hill, according to city permit data.

The health food chain that sells organic food and produce will take the space formerly occupied by the Hastings Entertainment store, 2512 E. 29th Ave., near the intersection of 29th Avenue and Southeast Boulevard.

Permits for $820,000 in work have been filed and are under review by the city, but if the store opens, it will join the other Natural Grocers in the area: 4603 N. Division St. in Spokane, and 222 W. Neider Ave. in Coeur dAlene.

The company was founded in Lakewood, Colorado, in 1955 as a door-to-door sales business by Margaret and Philip Isely. According to the Colorado alternative newspaper, Westword, the Iselys then began what was originally called Vitamin Cottage after Margaret Isely became chronically ill and became interested in the growing field of supplements and health food.

Ahead of its time, the store focused on organic, local food and the practice of butchering and using the whole animal. The Isley family meals were filled with tongue, heart, liver and other offal after the prime cuts were taken to sell at the store.

The store name changed to Natural Grocers in 2008 to highlight its grocery selling and move away from vitamins. N.D.

The former Knights Diner, now under new ownership, is undergoing renovations to upgrade its kitchen and add a food prep area.

Fettig Five LLC, whose principals include George Fettig an early owner of several Zips Drive-In locations filed plans in August to renovate the former diner at 2909 N. Market St., according to permits filed with the city.

Fettig Five LLC purchased the site for $100,000 in July, according to the Spokane County Assessors Office.

The Spokane Historic Preservation Office approved plans to extend a portion of the 657-square-foot Pullman rail car to accommodate a new kitchen and add a 1907 Northern Pacific caboose to house a food prep area.

Fettig Five LLC also indicated plans to modify the interior seating configuration of the original rail car, to remove a section of the counter area and add booths, rehabilitate windows, repaint the exterior as well as add handicap ramps and a door.

Coeur dAlene-based Chris & Pat Inc. is the project contractor.

Knights Diner closed in July after more than 37 years of serving breakfast and lunch in north Spokane. Owner Vicki Green told The Spokesman-Review in July the restaurant would be purchased by a well-known local investor who will continue to serve breakfast at the diner, but with a different menu.

Permits filed with the city did not specify the restaurant concept. Fettig did not respond to a request for comment.

The rail car that housed Knights Diner is on Spokanes Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1906 and served the Northern Pacific Railroad as car number 988 on the Yellowstone Park Line before it was retired to the Northern Pacific Yards in Spokane Valley, according to a historic register nomination document.

The car was pressed into service as a classroom for soldiers during World War II.

Jack Knight, a former headwaiter at the Davenport Hotel, purchased it for $600 in 1949 and hired Beadmore Transfer to move the rail car to Division and Jackson streets. He renovated the interior into counters and stools and opened Knights Diner in 1949.

Knight operated the diner for five years. Ownership of the diner changed hands several times before the Greens purchased it in 1982 and moved the rail car to its current location in the early 1990s. A.E.

The Spokane Housing Authority is embarking on a $1.2 million renovation of a building it purchased last year on Nora Avenue, according to permits issued by the city.

The office renovation of the Nora building, 25 W. Nora Ave., will bring many changes to the 19,000-square-foot, two-story building and its basement, including new interior walls and an outdoor patio. The building is two blocks from SHAs headquarters at 55 W. Mission Ave.

Spokane Housing Authority was created in 1972 by the city of Spokane to provide housing assistance to the region. The group serves Spokane, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Ferry and Whitman counties, and provides assistance to more than 5,500 low-income families through tenant-based rental assistance and SHA-managed apartment communities.

SHA purchased the building, which was called the Atlantic Professional Building, in July 2018 for $1.86 million.

The work was designed by ZBA Architecture, of Spokane. N.D.

Contact Nicholas Deshais at (509) 459-5440 of

Amy Edelen may be reached at (509) 459-5581 or at


The Dirt: Natural Grocers to fill former Hastings location on South Hill - The Spokesman-Review

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Oregon blue cheese named the best cheese in the world – OregonLive

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An Oregon cheese stands alone.

A blue cheese called Rogue River Blue, made by Rogue Creamery in Central Point, Oregon, has been declared the best cheese in the world at the 2019 World Cheese Awards.

The event took place Friday in Bergamo, Italy, where cheeses from around the globe were judged over a single day by technical experts, retailers, buyers and food writers. They looked for color, consistency, texture and, ultimately, taste to determine the winner.

At the end of the day, the Oregon blue cheese came out on top, making Rogue Creamery the first American cheesemaker to win the competition, organizers announced on Facebook.

According to the creamerys website, Rogue River Blue is made from organic milk, cave-aged nine to 11 months and hand-wrapped in Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear liqueur. Its known to exhibit flavors of blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut and bacon all of which would probably pair nicely.

Winners in previous years have included a Fanaost and Kraftkar from Norway and a Cornish Kern from England.

The World Cheese Awards has not yet released the rest of the 2019 results.

--Jamie Hale | | @HaleJamesB

Excerpt from:

Oregon blue cheese named the best cheese in the world - OregonLive

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Our food, our health – World Food Day in retrospect –

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Last Wednesday was observed as World Food Day. It focused ones mind on one of thebig issues in nutrition today- obesity.

All the introspections of the day brought one to the conclusion that obesity is a problem for both the haves and the have-nots. It is causing serious health concerns for families and nations. One has come tothe realisation that what one eats coupled with ones lifestyle determines ones health status. In other words, the food we consume would determine how frequent our visit to the doctor is.

Fast foods

In afast-movingworld offast foods and out-of-home cooking,one of the agenda for active discussion, therefore, has beenwhat to eat and what not to drinkas experts keep shifting the goal post for us. Today, a glass of red wine is good for the heart, they would tell us. Then comes tomorrow and it would have changed to alcohol is not good for ones health. Yesterday it was eggs are unhealthy in our diets, today it is one can eat up to three eggs in a weekso long as one takes out the yolk.

Unfortunately,in the name of busyworkschedules, families are no longer eatingtogetherat a tablewithfood cookedand servedfrom theirownkitchen. Parents stop by, on their way home to picktake-away dinnersordered from the comfort of their mobile phones. Children have been introduced to so much junk food they prefer the oil-soakedmenuswith the fatty cuts of meatand detest the balanced menus preparedat home.

School feeding programme

Thank God, however,fortheschool feedingprogramme.If done wellwith organic locally produced food items,wewouldgradually be introducing our children to home-cooked nutritious foods.We have some of the best organic foodcropsgrownhere on our soil and they arerelativelycheap compared to organic foods sold elsewhere.We spendscarce foreign exchange importing refined rice andsugar which the producers themselves are running away from.

Coincidentally, as we celebrated World Food Day, a two-day nutrition training programme wason-going in the Central regionorganised by the Ghana School FeedingSecretariat.It was supported by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection with the aim to engage caterers of the school feeding programme.

According to news reports, the training programme was used to sensitise the caterers and introduce them to the preparation and serving of gari fotor, fortified with vegetables and soybeanson the school feeding menu. Though high in carbohydrate, some of us would eat gari anytime due to its high fibre content. That is why Iwould support theintroduction of gari fotor with as many vegetables and beans to make it even more nutritious for our children.


The School Feeding Programme in many ways is a blessingtothe country.If the children enjoy the varieties served at school, no doubt they would influence their parents to prepare the same with even better variations at home.

It was at boarding school at the age of nine that some of us first tasted Tom Brown and corn grits porridge. It was atthesame boarding school that one got introduced to gari and beans, gari fotor and gari soakings with groundnuts and milk. All those nutritious servings in thedininghalland in our pantrieshave lived with us to our old ageand we have in turn passed them on toourfamilies with even more variations.

With World Food Day on our minds, let the school meals programme introduce our children to healthy organic homegrown foods that would build their bodies and nurture their brains. The programme managers should insist onmenuinnovationby the caterers andget themassessedon thequality ofinnovations introduced in their menu plans.We could fall on the children to do their end of term assessmentsfor us.

World Food Dayindeedcomes toremind usofthe importance of good nutrition and food safety, especially for our growing children. We should all be made aware of the dangers of out-of-home cooking and begin tosay no to fast and instant foods. Theyprovidevery littleor no nutrients toour bodies.We should help to build a nation of healthy young people and say no to foods that would contribute to obesity and malnourishment.

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Our food, our health - World Food Day in retrospect -

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This couple make cannabis oil that you can add to your food and drink (and it’s all perfectly legal!) – Dorset Echo

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THE cannabis industry is on a roll.

Over the last year, a budding array of hemp products have started appearing on the high street.

Leading this green revolution is Dorset-based, Daiba Organic.

The company sell the compound Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which has been credited with helping relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

The oil wont get you high and is legal in the UK and Europe.

Its currently classified as a food supplement, but you do have to be over-18 to buy it.

Daisy Smith, who runs Daiba Organic with her partner Bart Majkut, have been selling CBD products since 2017.

Daiba Organics range of CBD infused products include crafted organic oils, tea and chocolate.

Daisy and Bart recommend taking a few drops daily orally or adding to your favourite drinks or recipes.

The oil is grown organically and in accordance with the European Union law.

To extract the oil from the plant they use a cold press extraction process, which ensures the best quality oil with no heat damage.

Daisy, 33, says: More people are becoming aware of the benefits of hemp and CBD products. Its moving away from the previous associations of recreational drug use to the more beneficial properties of CBD. Our oil is 100 per cent organic and our products packaging are eco and vegan-friendly.

The pair describe cannabis as a versatile and powerful plant, packed full of flavour and fragrance, with a whole range of natural benefits.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) report suggests CBD oil could be used to treat anxiety and depression but in spite of the reported health benefits, NHS Englands website said the quality and content of many cannabis-based products is not known. It reads: Some products that might claim to be medicinal cannabis, such as CBD oil or hemp oil, are available to buy legally as food supplements from health stores. But theres no guarantee these are of good quality or provide any health benefits.

Daisy added: Most of our followers are quite astute and already aware of the growing popularity and benefits of CBD products. Our oil is perfectly safe to use, and we make sure we choose the right plants at our farms. CBD oil is currently classified as a food supplement and not a medicine. The government legislation is very strict with claiming any medical benefits, but I can only say that we have many happy customers that are using our oil and they are finding life a lot more pleasant!

Heres one of Daiba Organics recipes, created in collaboration with Epi-Foods, to try at home.

CBD Power Balls SkinFood Ingredients (basic dough): 100g dates, soaked for at least 4 hours or overnight 100g roasted almonds 1 or 2 full droppers of Daiba CBD Oil 5.5% Toppings (optionally): Coconut flakes Matcha ranberry Powder Linseed Grated Almonds Cocoa nibs Grated Daiba CBD Chocolate Preparation: Blend your soaked dates to a fine puree. Chop the roasted almonds with a large knife and mix with the date puree and Daiba CBD Oil into a dough. Form small balls from this dough. Roll these balls through any ingredient from the "Toppings" list above and garnish on a plate or wrap in sandwich paper.

* Daiba products are also stocked at Sunrise Organics and Earth Foods

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This couple make cannabis oil that you can add to your food and drink (and it's all perfectly legal!) - Dorset Echo

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