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Patrick Peterson: This is probably best team Ive been part of on paper – Yahoo Sports

Posted: May 20, 2020 at 4:49 am

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Cornerback Patrick Peterson has had some mixed feelings at times about being a part of the Cardinals in recent years, but theres no chatter about trades or anything else this offseason.

Peterson counts himself among those who think the team has made strong moves over the last couple of months. They signed defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and linebacker De'Vondre Campbell, traded for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and drafted versatile linebacker Isaiah Simmons in the first round to headline those maneuvers.

Thats left Peterson feeling like this years team sets up to be better than any of the others hes played on since coming to Arizona in 2011.

This is probably the best football team Ive been a part of on paper. . . . What weve been able to add to the team this year, what the front office has been able to accomplish this offseason (without) being able to see guys and not being able to be around, its been second to none, Peterson said. I mean, unbelievable. Peterson said on The Hyperice Lab podcast, via the Cardinals website.

Peterson has been on a couple of playoff teams in Arizona, including one that made it to the NFC Championship Game, and added that success wont happen by putting a bunch of pieces together. He said that he and other veterans have to manage the locker room, manage the egos and make sure everybody is on the same page if theyre going to go from looking good on paper to looking good in the standings.

Patrick Peterson: This is probably best team Ive been part of on paper originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

The rest is here:

Patrick Peterson: This is probably best team Ive been part of on paper - Yahoo Sports

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May 20th, 2020 at 4:49 am

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The Indy Book Club: Convenience Store Woman is a gothic love story with a sickly capitalist kink – The Independent

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Keiko Furukura describes the Hiiromachi Station Smile Mart shes worked at for 18 years as though it were her boyfriend. She tells of how the whirring of the freezers and the beeping of the coffee machine ceaselessly caress my eardrums. And when alone at night in her small, pokey flat, she dreams so much of the brightly lit and bustling store that she begins to shape herself to please it: I silently stroke my right hand, its nails neatly trimmed in order to better work the buttons on the cash register.

Keiko is the emotionally detached star of Sayaka Muratas Convenience Store Woman, which in 2016 became the first of her 10 Japanese novels to be translated into English. Prior to getting hired at the Smile Mart aged 18, Keiko was a societal outcast who lived life in such utilitarian terms that she often horrified those around her. When as a kid she found a pretty bird dead in the school playground, her first instinct was to grill it for dinner. As a teacher struggled to break up a fight between two students, Keiko whacked one of them over the head with a spade, so hard there was blood. She gets older and fantasises about silencing her sisters wailing baby with the small knife they just used for slicing birthday cake. If it was just a matter of making him quiet, it would be easy enough.

It is only in the transparent glass box of the convenience store that she finds acceptance and purpose. On her first day, Keiko receives a uniform and a manual that prescribes her behaviour right down to the scripted interactions she must have with customers. Certainly. Right away, sir! she chimes. Thank you for your custom! She finds fulfilment in the easy rhythmic chugging of daily tasks. Stacking fizzy drink cans high. Pushing the sale of mango-chocolate buns because they are on offer. Making more croquettes than usual because people prefer them when theyve gone cold. The whoosh and thump of the fridge doors slamming under her fingertips. The glint of the light on the floor shes shined. She believes she can hear the stores voice telling me what it wanted, how it wanted to be. I understood it perfectly.

Through her work, Keiko is able to ape the actions of a normal person and thus assimilate into a society she had hitherto been pushed out of. I felt reassured by the expression on Mrs Izumi and Sugawaras faces, she says after mirroring their anger at another employees failure to restock shelves properly. Good, I pulled off being a person. Id felt similarly reassured any number of times here in the convenience store.

She is so good at her job, devoting herself so wholly to its demands, that any self that exists outside of work begins to slip away into nothing. Keiko becomes like an electronic arm on a machine, picking up and putting down when its buttons are pressed. I automatically read the customers minutest movements and gaze, and my body acts reflexively in response, Keiko thinks, as she predicts from the motion of a shoppers hand that he will pay on card.

While initially Keiko goes to the Smile Mart in order to fit in, as she reaches 36, her family worry about her lack of prospects. Staying there starts to seem like an act of defiance. Worried about the fate of her work, Keiko takes useless shop worker Shiraha home with her, hoping that having a fake boyfriend might get everyone to leave her alone. Hes a greasy, lazy slob who says things that wouldnt sound out of place on an incel Reddit thread. The youngest, prettiest girls in the village go to the strongest hunters, he says, reeling off another Jordan Peterson For Dummies-style theory. They leave strong genes, while the rest of us just have to console ourselves with whats left. Feeding off her finances like a tapeworm, Shiraha eventually convinces Keiko to quit her job for a better paid one and its a breakup which leaves her devastated.

Convenience Store Woman is a gothic love story for our times, not with a vampire, a ghost or a zombie, but with those temples of consumption that glow on the edges of street corners, promising short queues and reliable products. Its capitalism kink and it makes readers anxious. How easily we are charmed by the allure of efficiency. The smooth running of the machine. Productivity distilled to its most concrete essence. But its not a manifesto, so Furukura withholds judgement and gives us permission to enjoy the love story from the bottom of its Plasticine pink heart. At least thats something you cant buy.

Heres what some of our readers thought...

May, 34, Leeds

So much of the time, in life, we are taught to want more, but in seeking it often you only get less. I work in marketing, which is supposed to be a good job, but often I miss the calm regularity of my days working in the supermarket. The coronavirus has highlighted our reliance on key workers such as shop staff. When I worked there, I didnt have any anxiety that what I was doing was useless. I feel useless often in my office job. Keiko knows the importance of what she does.

Emily, 22, London

Keiko is meant to be the weird one but as the novel progresses, you realise it is more everyone around her who is odd. Why are they so obsessed that she get a better job when she is happy? Why does she need a boyfriend or a baby? The only thing I think is a bit disappointing is that this critique of society is channelled through a character whose inability to relate to others ordinarily would be read as autistic. You dont have to have a developmental disorder to think that our fixation on career, marriage, childbirth is strange. I do too!

Matt, 45, Newcastle

Often when we work, we become not human. People dont see you when youre in a uniform. You speak in a way thats more like a robot than a person. Sometimes its relaxing it takes you out of the anxieties of wanting more, that you should make a podcast, get a new outfit. But another kind of work is possible, one where Keiko could gain pleasure not because shes erased but because shes allowed to become more herself.

Our next Indy Book Club pick will be voted for by you. Send your thoughts to

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The Indy Book Club: Convenience Store Woman is a gothic love story with a sickly capitalist kink - The Independent

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Wisconsin Bars Flooded With Traffic, Or Are They? – TheStreet

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Depending on what source you read, Wisconsin bars may be flooded with traffic or closed.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the state shutdowns were illegal. Bar traffic results vary widely.

Nicks Bar

Brown County

Fox News - Bars Flooded

Fox News reports Wisconsin Bars Flooded with Patrons hours after state Supreme Court strikes down stay-at-home order.

Nicks Bar in Platteville, Wis., shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: 45 minutes after the bars open in Wisconsin showing the establishment packed with mostly young people, none of whom were wearing masks or observing social distancing.

A photo taken by the Green Bay Press-Gazette showed that the State Street Pub in Green Bay had briefly reopened with about a dozen customers inside after the state Supreme Court ruling. Decorations for St. Patricks Day, the March 17 holiday, remained on display the first day of the reopening. Neither the bartender nor the customers had masks.

But that bars reopening was also short-lived. By Wednesday night, Brown County Health Officer Anna Destree issued a local safer-at-home order to replace the now resolute state rules, requiring all county residents to remain home until at least May 20.

Star Tribune - Rolling the Dice

The Star Tribune reports Bars and other businesses quickly reopen in Wisconsin for now.

Ted Mosby couldnt help but feel conflicted Thursday as he finished his drink at Jonesys Local Bar and Grill a day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court quashed Gov. Tony Evers stay-at-home order.

The virus is real. We supposedly havent reached our peak yet. Thats the scary part, said Mosby, a carpenter and retired EMT worker. Well reach it sooner now that were open.

But its also good, he admitted, to once again sit at a bar and quench his thirst after work. Im rolling the dice. People are getting antsy. Theyre stir-crazy.

At Hop and Barrel Brewing, half the tables had been removed and as well as half the seating at those tables that remained. No one will be allowed to sit at the bar when it reopens Friday. Workers will wear masks and gloves.

At Abigail Page Antique Mall, owner Linda Weiser is allowing only five customers in at a time. Everyone must wear a mask. She offers them a pump of hand sanitizer for free, a mask for a $1 and gloves for 50 cents.

CNN - New Rules

CNN Reports Wisconsin bars reopen after court throws out stay-at-home order -- some with new rules

Seven customers showed up at BK's Bar in Shullsburg, Abby Gilbertson-Cottington, who owns the bar with her husband, told CNN. Most patrons stayed at least 6 feet apart, except for one couple who she believed may have been married.

The owner of Limanski's Pub, Kathy Goedde, was watching the news when she saw the order was overturned. "I was pretty happy about that," she told WTMJ. She's limiting capacity to a third of what the bar could hold and reminding patrons to keep social distance, WTMJ reported.

This is It!, an LGBTQ+ bar in Milwaukee, posted a note on its Facebook page telling customers it wasn't ready to reopen just yet. "We, like you, want life to return to normal, but we will not force any actions or decisions that compromise health and safety," the post said.


Perhaps there was a flood of traffic, if a dozen or so people at several bars constitutes a flood.

My concern is the complete lack of any attempts at social distancing at two of the bars. Those people are begging for another wave of infections and another crackdown.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Yesterday I noted Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Democratic Gov. Tony Evers monthslong stay-at-home order in a ruling released Wednesday.

The 4-3 decision marked the first time a states highest court has overturned a stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic and sided with Republican leaders who argued the governors administration had overstepped its legal authority.

Bizarre Ruling

In a bizarre ruling the Supreme Court ruled that the State could not order closings because it constituted Tyranny, yet the court allowed local politicians to do the same.

As a result, Madison and Milwaukee immediately reimposed the lockdowns,

The result is 72 counties doing their own thing,

Partisan Judges

We can debate the case all day, without changings anyone's mind on what should be done.

But this seems like a half-assed decision that will please no one, or perhaps half the people, half the time, depending on the county.

One question lingers: Why are there elected partisan judges in the first place?


See the article here:

Wisconsin Bars Flooded With Traffic, Or Are They? - TheStreet

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What Happened to Jordan Peterson? | The New Republic

Posted: May 13, 2020 at 10:45 pm

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So far, there is no evidence that Peterson displayed any of the so-called aberrant behaviors that define addiction. But again, all we have to go on is reports from his daughter, whose family has a strong financial incentive to spin away any suggestion that the man who made his name engaging in a kind of intellectual Spartan cosplay is hopelessly addicted to a sedative. In fact, Mikhaila has jokingly alluded to how bad an addiction diagnosis would be for her fathers lucrative self-help brand, which purports to rid adherents of weakness through grit and self-sacrifice. We figured we should let people know [the facts] before some tabloid finds out and publishes [that] Jordan Peterson, self help guru, is on meth or something, Mikhaila said in a video update after Peterson checked himself into rehab in the U.S.

Still, as soon as Petersons initial stint in rehab became public in 2019, threads sprang up in Peterson-related forums about whether his fans should think less of him in light of his struggles with benzodiazepines. He was using a drug to escape the pain of reality, period. Call it whatever you like, but it doesnt change the facts, wrote the user KingLudwigII on Reddit. In fact, dependence and addiction are health issues, not character defects, and if you pressed Peterson on that point, hed probably agree. However, that message is a tough sell to many of Petersons fans, who are drawn to his macho image and his personal story of triumph over adversity.

By August or September 2019, Petersons health had deteriorated to the point that the family was more worried about him than his cancer-stricken wife, Mikhaila said in an appearance on RT, the Russian propaganda network aimed at audiences outside of Russia.

There are established ways of treating a dependence on benzodiazepines, a class of sedativesincluding Klonopin (clonazepam), Valium (diazepam), and Xanax (alprazolam)used for anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy. Introduced to the U.S. market in 1960 as an alternative to barbiturates, benzodiazepines can be useful in treating a variety of conditions from panic attacks to muscle spasms. They can be very helpful for short-term and intermittent use, but their benefits tend to wane when they are used every day. They can also cause physical dependence within four weeks. If a person whos physically dependent on benzodiazepines stops taking the drugs suddenly, they can suffer from withdrawal symptoms including severe anxiety, agitation, and even life-threatening seizures.

Read the original post:

What Happened to Jordan Peterson? | The New Republic

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May 13th, 2020 at 10:45 pm

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Jordan B. Peterson Health Update: Author Is Recovering …

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YouTube Jordan B. Peterson's daughter gives a health update.

Jordan B. Peterson is now expected to recover after a dangerous and very arduous journey back from benzodiazepine addiction, which occurred because of an averse reaction to the medication, his daughter told fans in a YouTube video updating the authors health.

Peterson is a well-known author and clinical psychologist who wrote the bestseller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

The YouTube video from February 2020 on Petersons YouTube channel is called Peterson Family Update. It was posted on February 7, 2020 and has more than 700,000 views already. Jordan Petersons daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, speaks in the video.

Heres what you need to know:

Hi Everyone. Its been months since weve given an update on Jordan or my familys health and its time for one, so here it is, Jordans daughter says in the video.

The last year has been extremely difficult for our family. Dad was put on a low dose of benzodiazepine a few years ago for anxiety following an extremely severe auto immune reaction to food.

When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he took a higher dosage, his daughter says, and thats when the problems began.

He took the medication as prescribed, she says in the video. Last April, when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the dose of the medication was increased. It became apparent that he was suffering from both a physical dependency and a paradoxical reaction to the medication. A paradoxical reaction means the drugs do the opposite of what theyre supposed to. These reactions are rare but not unheard of.

She added: For the last 8 months, hes been in unbearable discomfort from this drug, made worse when trying to remove it because of the additional withdrawal symptoms.

A physical dependence let to a terrible condition where the person feels an endless irresistible restlessness bordering on panic and inability to sit still. The reaction made him suicidal. After several failed treatment attempts in north American hospitals, including attempts at tapering and micro tapering, we had to seek an emergency medical benzodiazepine detox, which we were only able to find in Russia, his daughter says.

It was incredible grueling and it was further complicated by severe pneumonia, which weve been told he developed in one of the previous hospitals.

He spent four weeks in the ICU in terrible shape. With the help of some extremely confident and courageous doctors he survived. The decision to bring him to Russia was made in extreme desperation when we couldnt find any better option. The uncertainty around his recovery has been one of the most difficult and scary experiences weve ever had.

Hes now recovering, but theres a lot of physiological damage he needs to recover from, she said. Hes improving and hes off the horrible medication. His sense of humor is back, hes smiling again for the first time in months, but he still has a long way to go to recover fully. It appears were going to get through this by the skin of our teeth.

She concluded by saying she wanted to make a couple of things clear. Neither our family nor the doctors here believe this is a case of psychological addiction. Benzodiazepine physical dependence due to brain changes can occur in a matter of weeks. It can be made even worse by paradoxical reactions that are difficult to diagnose and can be extremely dangerous.

In conclusion, she said, Weve been told and hope that dad will recover fully, but it will take time, and he has a ways to go. Were extremely lucky and grateful that hes alive. The next update will come from him directly. Thanks again for all the support.

Excerpt from:

Jordan B. Peterson Health Update: Author Is Recovering ...

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Jordan Peterson recovering from tranquilizer addiction

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A controversial psychology professor and self-help author who has spent much of his career railing against political correctness is recovering from an addiction to tranquilizers, his daughter said.

Jordan Peterson, 57, emerged last week from an intensive care unit in a Russian hospital after being treated for a dependence on benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety medication.

Peterson sought alternative treatments in Russia after being repeatedly misdiagnosed in North American hospitals, including a clinic in New York, Mikhaila Peterson said in a video script she shared with Canadas National Post newspaper.

He nearly died several times, the daughter said, adding her father had been taking the drug for years to treat anxiety brought on by a severe autoimmune reaction to food. Doctors increased his dosage last year to help him cope with stress after his wife, Tammy, was diagnosed with cancer.

The daughter and her husband took Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto who has long battled depression, to Moscow last month; he was diagnosed with pneumonia and put into an induced coma for eight days, according to the National Post. She described her fathers withdrawal as horrific.

In the past, Peterson said he was able to beat back depression with the meat-heavy diet his daughter encouraged him to adopt. Cutting out greens altogether improved both his mental and physical health, he said in a 2018 interview.

The Twelve Rules of Life author has been released from the hospital and is taking anti-seizure medication, his daughter said. Although he has trouble walking and typing on his own, he is on the mend, she said.

Hes smiling again, she said.

Continued here:

Jordan Peterson recovering from tranquilizer addiction

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Imperium Group Features Top Disruptors and Entrepreneurs of 2020 – GlobeNewswire

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May 13, 2020 16:31 ET | Source: Imperium Group

New York, NY, May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instagrams user base continues to climb, reaching 1 billion users in 2018. Instagram sponsored posts are steadily rising, with 6.1 million total sponsored posts expected by 2020. And, the Instagram influencer market has swelled, approaching $2.3 billion by 2020.

No doubt, Instagram presents marketers one of the ripest channels for influencer marketing. Many top brands are running Instagram influencer marketing campaigns89% of marketers list Instagram as the most important influencer marketing channel. But who are they working with?

There may be hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of top Instagram influencers across practically any category imaginable. While factoring in the niche appropriate for your brands campaign is important, its worth knowing the top Instagram influencers across the board. These Instagram stars take the meaning of sensational to new heights, partnering with major brands to work on creative and impactful influencer marketing initiatives.

We had a chance to chat with entrepreneurs that are poised to disrupt their industry.

Jorge Pelayo - @iamjorgepelayo

Jorge Pelayo is a half Cuban and Puerto Rican American who went from serving breadsticks to building a successful business. After seeing challenges growing up he made a commitment to become a young millionaire. He has built a team of over 3,500 licensed Agents across the United States that does 8 figures in sales annually. He is a Chairman Council with PHP Agency Inc. His agency has helped over 50,000 clients protect themselves and plan for their futures. He focuses on teaching aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their own businesses. As a business coach, hes helped several people cross six figures and more.

Aside from helping clients and agents, he loves helping people. His first mission was to Haiti with an organization called, Hearts for Haiti. He saw first hand the need that exists in the world and decided he wanted to dedicate his life to serving people. His passions are family, salsa dancing, whiskey, wine, food, chess, movies, and traveling. He is in the process of writing his first book so stay tuned. His hobby is real estate development and has recently built his first few properties from the ground up. He speaks on leadership, sales, organizational management, and personal transformation and recently shared the stage with Kobe Bryant, George Bush, Billy Bean, Jordan Peterson, and Patrick Bet-David at the 2019 PHP Convention.

Douglas Lusted, CEO of AdStash

A successful Canadian tech entrepreneur, Douglas Lusted has been transforming offline advertising with new innovative products for the better part of the last decade. He is the CEO of AdStash, a free platform that is generating thousands of brick & mortar venues additional revenue by monetizing their digital screens/signs with advertising. Douglas also previously co-founded LINKETT, which landed him on Forbes 30 under 30 list at the age of 21 as well as on Entrepreneur.coms 27 under 27 list.

Dillon Breslin, CEO of ROUND2

Among the newest wave of tech entrepreneurs, Breslin found a way to enter the 90B dollar a year sporting goods industry by proprietarily ranking sports gear and equipment, individualizing each athlete's search. ROUND2, the marketplace he co-founded in 2018, has already received recognition from top tech accelerators like Capital Innovators and the Oklahoma City Thunder Launchpad.

One of the hottest sports tech startups is ROUND2. Founded by Dillon Breslin and former MLB draft pick Brian Fletcher, ROUND2s sporting goods marketplace uses AI and automation to rank gear and equipment, customizing every search for each athlete. ROUND2 is a portfolio company of Capital Innovators, a top tech accelerator and looking to rapidly expand in 2020 and beyond.

Shazir Mucklai, CEO of Imperium Group

Shazir Mucklai, a 23-year old, Goldman Sachs alum, who took investment banking and private equity and coupled it with an act for public relations. Shazir first debuted his book on Amazon when he was 16 and went on to become the youngest writer for Forbes at 17 and has generated over 8 million unique views on publications he has written for. Mucklai now represents over 200 celebrities, brands, and media production houses and is an award-winning influencer, an activist investor, a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and is currently in law school while growing his public relations digital arbitrage firm.


Shazir Mucklai CEO Imperium Group

See the article here:

Imperium Group Features Top Disruptors and Entrepreneurs of 2020 - GlobeNewswire

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RED DENNIS & The Politics of Disrespect – The Milpitas Beat

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I was in Mountain View, toward the end of 2019, in front of a plain gray building awaiting the presence of The Ciardellas and The San Vicentes. My nerves were clawing me to pieces. I felt like, to paraphrase Martin Sheens character in Apocalypse Now, Id split from the whole program. Gone rogue. Crossed some kind of line.

Cause I was about to sit among these couples and take in Candace Owens

You likely know The Ciardellas and The San Vicentes: Larry and Christina, Victor and Pearla. Victor ran for State Senate in 2018. Larrys the assistant Chief at Spring Valley Fire, and was a long-time Milpitas Planning Commissioner.

The five of us walked into a room full of Trumpers. Candace Owens, for the uninitiated, is the black leader of what shes termed the Blexit movement, consisting of black people whove grown tired of the Democratic Party. Far be it from me to summarize Blexits positions, but they largely boil down to a version of What have you done for me lately? In other words, the Democratic Party, despite being vocally aligned to people of color, hasnt been the provably more effective party at raising black peoples wages over the past several decades, or ensuring for them a more secure or fruitful way of life.

Owens is smart as a whip, fast as a lightning bolt, and charismatic as holy fire. If youre on the left, as I am, and you can bear your political bubble being pierced for a moment, you can watch this brief video of Owens in action, schooling a pair of white women on the ground-level realities of white supremacy.

The video shows where weve arrived at, on the left: white people lecturing black people on how much they should fear white supremacy. And if a black persons a Republican, forget it: shes an apostate, a denial case, a pathetic Aunt Tom. Every word she fires back at the lecturer, no matter how compelling, can be denied on the basis of her unacceptable party affiliation.

The left is eating itself, its been said lately. This is because the left is insular and thus blind. I know no form of enjoyment more delicious than watching two lefties who largely agree with one another arguing over the tiny ways in which they disagree. Ive not only witnessed this; Ive been forced to partake in it. My Republican friends either nod respectfully upon hearing my views or avoid debating altogether. My Democrat friends swerve into paranoia and judgment if I diverge from them by 1% on any given issue. It makes sense, though: I mean, who else would they argue with? After all, they refuse to speak with, much less listen to, the opposition.

Speaking of which: Better still is what happens when insular Democrats are outright exposed to Republicans. They grow panic-stricken. Their blood turns to ice. Republicans are supposed to be out therenot right here!

This has become like a freaking cartoon.

I dont want to be insular, much less blind. I want to know Ciardella. I want to know San Vicente. I dont wish to be TRIGGERED. Nor do I wish to be surprised again, the way I was back in late 2016, when the Orange Man took it and I didnt sleep for half a week.

Id prefer to know where my friends on the right are coming from. And I befriend them not as an anthropological experiment, but because (heres the crux of it) in many ways I feel safer among them than I do among their left-wing counterparts

Did I feel safe at the Candace Owens event? With no shortage of irony, Owens was pretty much the only black person in the room. And I meanwhile thought my thick, dark eyebrows were serving as a flashing sign that read Hebrew.

These were white people, all around me, the ones the left-wing media had long been warning me about. The privileged ones. The evil ones. And of coursethe racist ones. And the ones whom it was OK to be racist toward, as their status as the oppressors of people of color made reverse racism definitively impossible.

The left started mainstreaming these sentiments in 2014, in the late Obama years. That was the point when the precepts of intersectional feminism, also known as intersectionality, started being spouted from many left-wingers lips. Bear in mind: I respect and value intersectionality. Per its framing, by way of systematic injustice, white people oppress people of color, straight people oppress LGBT+ people, and males oppress females, as well as those of other genders. Even a brief observation of how our government and economy tend toin generalcultivate an easier and smoother path through life for white people, straight people, and male people (and most of all, naturally, those that check all three boxes) grants validity to the intersectional view of reality. My problem with intersectionality is not its grip on basic horrifying truths.

It is its readiness to wield the language of war rather than the language of peace.

Case in point: the word oppressor. As a straight white male, Im told repeatedly that this is what I am. Painful to take in, since I hold no person under lock and key (except for my 5-year-old, but sometimes he runs out the front door!). Moreover, my wifes half-black, half-Asian. Our children are black-Asian-Jewish (Im mashing race, ethnicity, culture, and religion here in service of my broader points). Am I my wifes oppressor or her partner? Can I possibly be both? Should she sneer at me when she passes by me in the hallway? What of my children? Are they half oppressed (their black-brown side) and half oppressor (their white-Jewish side)?

And what of Jews, in general? Some of my Jewish friends, citing the alarming violence against our people, refer to themselves as oppressed. Myself, citing how white privilege has largely afforded Jews a strong and stable position in the U.S. economyI find the idea of oppressed American Jews to be melodramatic.

More to the point: I could have received intersectionality differently. Instead of quibbling with it, I could have conformed in full to the mindset of my left-wing comrades. Could have played up my multiracial household. Could have played up my Jewish upbringing and culture. Could have played up bisexual instances from my formative years. Could have even played up the joy I get from cross-dressing! My straightness, my whiteness, my malenessall dealt with, all contextualized for and tailored to the lefts approval, all effectively apologized for.

To hell with that.

I reject the lefts simplistic, war-like, and undiplomatic insistence on framing every political discussion through an intersectional lens. I find it demeaning, dehumanizing, and disrespectful to hear my straightness, my whiteness, and my maleness blamed for all of societys major ills, as though theres a direct line from longstanding systemic evils to me sitting on my couch eating potato chips (i.e., just sitting around Being What I Was Born As).

The left deems Trump a symptom of our oppressive system: for them the man is Exhibit A. The right, meanwhile, deems Trump an effective pushback against and a perfect answer to the lefts emergent politics of disrespect.

Whats more difficult to understand and often too subtle to detect is that both things happen to be true at the exact same time.

I wrote a novel about this. Its called RED DENNIS. Its about a straight white male who gets radicalized as a result of being demonized. Its not a left-wing book, much less a right-wing one. Cause in my mind both the wings are melting, and sometimes there can just be a story about a guy (or can there?).

Watching Owens, I had a panic attack. I felt like an undercover cop. When I panic, my stomach juts up into my chest, tightening everything and making me feel like my hearts stopped beating. I panicked when she dished harsh truths (i.e., Trumps tweets are a part of what keeps him in power). I panicked when she evaded harsh truths (i.e., landing punchlines regarding transgender people despite their sky-high suicide rate).

Most of all, I panicked cause Im a man without a functional political language, exhausted from speaking the language of the left (wherein constant reassurances that you despise Trump and Republicans are mandatory) and turned off by the priorities ascendant on the right (touting small government in a time of environmental and respiratory disrepair, preservingIm gonna say it!white hegemony and majority status).

This doesnt make me a moderate. Im not in between. I lose sleep over climate change. I vote for women by default when I dont know much about the candidates. I havent eaten meat in 18 years.

Yet there I go againreciting my resume. Volunteering my qualifications so my lefty friends can trust me.

This game grows tired. Pandemic or no pandemic, Trump could win yet again. And if he does, the left, unseeing and unknowing, with their war-like language and their politics of disrespect, will have very much helped to keep him there.

After all, if not for the ills of the left, Candace Owens would not have a career right now. Like with Joe Rogan, or Jordan Peterson, or Dave Rubin, or Ben Shapiro, or Tim Pool, or so many others, so long as the lefts disrespect goes unchecked, the content pushing back against it wont run out.

Speaking of which, here is more.

Steer clear if you get easily triggered. Or on second thought, jump right in.

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May 13th, 2020 at 10:45 pm

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‘Cuck Zone’ Artist Is Happy That Twitter Thinks Her Work Is ‘Rad’ – Newsweek

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On Monday, the hashtags that usually start trending on Twitter are, say, a musician getting cancelled or our politicians acting meme-worthy. But an unusual phrase started to pop up on the trending page, pulling in thousands of uses and even more confused onlookers: "cuck zone."

This phrase stemmed from a drawing created by artist Chelsea Saunders and the editors of Current Affairs, a leftist print magazine that often posts satire. "The Campus: As It Exists in the Mind of a Conservative" is a lambastic take on how conservative talking heads envision a modern, liberal college. Complete with "Oppression Olympics" and a "Department of Intersectionality," the campus also features a bar designated as "Cuck Zone."

The image was published in 2018 for the "The Current Affairs Big Book of Amusements," alongside other Saunders drawings like the "Intellectual Dark Web Carnival" that spoofed conservative figures like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.

"The staff at Current Affairs wanted to poke fun at right-wing conservatives, who view college campuses as wild liberal playgrounds," Saunders told Newsweek. "It's funny because colleges are not really like this, and even if they were, they would be amazing places."

The piece originally gained some viral momentum on conservative reddits like "The_Donald," editing out the original title and taking it at face value. One user, "r/LouderwithCrowder," shared the image with the tagline taken out on Monday. "It's depressing how fairly accurate this is," wrote one commenter looking at an image containing an "Oppression Olympics."

"The piece surfaces every couple months, but this is by far the biggest wave," Managing Editor Lyta Gold said. "Every time the illustration pops up, I think the reaction is hilarious. And I'm glad Chelsea's work is getting attention and recognition, even in this odd circumstance...I think it's so funny that whenever 'The Campus' pops up, people aren't quite sure what it's satirizing or who made it, but everyone's absolutely sure they're the ones who get the joke."

The "Cuck Zone" is one of the main points of interest on the map and became a viral point of interest for the image. Gold and her team of editors, who came up with most of the jokes in the image, were the inspirations for the over-the-top bar.

Saunders is proud of her work on the image and says that the "internet has been surprisingly tame to me" and that she hasn't "been attacked for [her views]."

"Political satire is such a great expression of the times," Saunders said. "Glad Twitter thinks it's rad, too."

You can purchase prints of the piece on the Current Affairs online store.

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'Cuck Zone' Artist Is Happy That Twitter Thinks Her Work Is 'Rad' - Newsweek

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Mohamed and the Mountain | Annette Poizner | The Blogs – The Times of Israel

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Mohamed, (not his real name), was a Muslim in his 30s, an migr from Iran who had built a life for himself in Canada. Sadly, a blanket of personal problems marred his efforts to thrive. He sought out psychotherapy. For the sake of rapport, I made a mental note to avoid mention of Jewish insights into human nature, normally a staple in my work.

As the therapy progressed, my apprehension dissolved. So relevant were the ideas of Rabbi Akiva Tatz and other Jewish thinkers that I began to introduce Mohamed to concepts that spoke directly to the challenges with which he grappled. He was intrigued and one day reflected, Ive read a lot about Buddhism and new age psychology but I know nothing about the Jewish approach. Can you recommend a book? I suggested Rabbi Tatzs Living Inspired and when our session ended he went to a local Judaica shop and picked up that book and three others.

Mohamed made nice progress in the work. He implemented important changes and I commended him; these changes were quite dramatic. To demonstrate just how so, he described an incident that had occurred 10 years earlier when he stood in army fatigues with 250 other Iranian soldiers, all heavily equipped with weapons. The men participated in a familiar ritual: the burning of the American and Israeli flags as the men shouted, Death to Israel! Death to America! He looked me dead in the eye and said, Ten years later, Im buying books at the Judaica store!

I was shocked, but shouldnt have been. As we approach Shavous, the commemoration of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, we can remember that Jewish thought is part of the arsenal we are given to change the world. This body of knowledge contains timeless wisdom that can help individuals change, both Jew and non-Jew.

Case in point: I would argue that, right now, the most widely recognized mouthpiece for any number of important Jewish concepts is a Gentile, Dr. Jordan Peterson. When I stumbled upon his work, I was amazed at the resonance between his ideas and those of Rabbi Akiva Tatz, author of both Living Inspired and Worldmask. Indeed, my excitement about this resonance and the way the Rabbis ideas inform those of Peterson compelled my writing of two books: This Way up: A Faith-Based Introduction to Jordan Petersons Maps of Meaning and In Good Standing: Using Jordan Petersons Insights on the Structure of Self to Sort Yourself Out.

Its ironic that so many Jewish psychotherapists seeking to anchor their work in a wisdom tradition pursue Buddhist studies. These practitioners dont realize the wealth of resources that are rightly theirs, if only they would look in their own backyards!

But dont take my word for it. Take Mohameds. His ancestors werent included in the Sinai experience. But maybe his experience shows theres a basis for the old proverb: if Mohamed cant come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohamed. And every year at Shavous, the mountain comes to you.


Annette Poizner is a Columbia-trained clinical social worker who graduated with a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. As an Israeli-trained graphologist, she specializes in projective personality assessment, as well as strategic psychotherapy. Her work has been featured extensively in the media and in academic venues. She founded Lobster University Press, an imprint which explores the work of Jordan Peterson. Her books, the most recent being, "From Chaos to Order: A Guide to Jordan Peterson's Worldview," summarize Peterson's ideas and explore the intersection between his insights and Jewish wisdom. She also produces animations which relay some of Peterson's insights in short soundbites.

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Mohamed and the Mountain | Annette Poizner | The Blogs - The Times of Israel

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