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Mind your mental health | Health and Fitness | – Lincoln Journal Star

Posted: July 1, 2020 at 6:49 am

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Forgetting how to perform everyday tasks;

Getting lost or disoriented in familiar places;

Following directions becomes hard;

Missing appointments repeatedly;

Lacking awareness, decreased or poor judgment;

Shifting behaviorally, mentally and emotionally;

Changing appearance (grooming/hygiene, weight loss);

Confusion about time, people, places;

Repeating phrases in same conversation;

Learning new things with repeated practice is challenging;

Depending on loved ones for assistance with daily living.

If you identify some of these signs in yourself, a friend or neighbor, consult medical advice from a trusted health care professional.

This health tip is brought to you by Tabitha, which provides senior care in 28 Nebraska counties. To learn more, visit or call 402-486-8520.

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Mind your mental health | Health and Fitness | - Lincoln Journal Star

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July 1st, 2020 at 6:49 am

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PEAR Sports is Selected by FYT to Develop a Tele-Coaching Mobile App that Offers Flexible, Affordable 1:1 Personal Training – Club Industry

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Club Industry was not involved in the creation of this content.

Fyt Duo allows clients to work out virtually with the guidance of a certified fitness coach when and where they choose


PEAR Sports, the health and fitness software platform that delivers smarter digital coaching solutions, announced today that it has partnered withFyt, Americas largest personal training service to release a new digital training app called Fyt Duo. Available now,Fyt Duoprovides clients with access to personalized, curated workouts and ongoing support by certified fitness coaches selected specifically to achieve each clients goals. This cost-effective tele-coaching solution makes personal training accessible to a much larger audience of consumers who need help achieving their fitness goals. The app, available for both iOS and Android, also gives clients unprecedented convenience about where and when they work out.

We are proud to partner with PEAR to bring Fyt Duo to our growing network of trainers and clients, said David Hung, Fyt CEO. PEAR Sports is a leader of innovation in the fitness and wellness tech space, and with their expertise in software design and development, weve created an app that is simple, thoughtful, and provides a seamless user experience. COVID-19 has turned the fitness industry upside down, and consumers are demanding more flexible, affordable, and safer fitness options.Fyt Duoallows them to get all the benefits of working with a personal trainer from the convenience of the app. And now our roster of world-class trainers can leverage the power of PEARs digital coaching platform to provide their services to a lot more clients.

Fyt Duo is a digital extension of Fyts namesake in-person 1:1 personal training service. It appeals to clients looking for the accountability and guidance personal trainers provide, with more scheduling flexibility and affordability. This is also a solution that allows personal trainers to expand their training schedules and take on more clients remotely. Conversely, it allows clients the opportunity to work with trainers who are not located near them but who may be the perfect match to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Following the initial virtual consultation, the Fyt trainer will deliver via the app weekly personalized workout plans customized to the clients individual goals, fitness level and available equipment. Feedback reporting on scheduled workouts is provided to the trainer, who will be available for clients questions and motivation along the way using the chat feature. Fyt Duo integrates with most fitness wearables so coaches can refine workouts based on individual biometric performance.

Fythas led the way in providing a convenient platform for anyone to be matched with a certified fitness coach and enjoy all the benefits of personal training. We are thrilled to provide Fyt with a smart, digital solution that extends the reach of their personal trainers and makes their 1:1 personal training services available and affordable to even more clients. From the start, PEAR has been in the business of democratizing access to professional coaches and real-time, personalized guidance via digital products. This partnership with Fyt really goes to the core of what we do best, said Simon Sollberger, PEAR Co-Founder.

PEAR is expert at delivering personalized, adaptive coaching programs with bespoke content using mobile and wearable technology with human coach guidance and symbiotic music. The Companys digital coaching solutions include PEAR Pro, a tool that allows enterprises like Fyt to build and deliver customized fitness workouts. With two-way communication and reporting tools, Fyt Duo encourages and motivates clients to achieve their best results.

About PEAR Sports PEAR Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver on-demand customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises. To learn more about how PEARs digital coaching and wellness solutions can increase user engagement for your business, please visit

About FYT Fyt, the nation's largest personal training service, is making fitness less intimidating and more accessible for consumers. Launched in 2014, Fyt's cutting-edge platform connects customers with a network of over 7,000 local certified fitness professionals to provide expert guidance, motivation and support to clients from the comfort and privacy of their homes, building gyms and outdoors. Fyt eliminates the need to train at traditional gyms and makes working with an experienced and fully-vetted trainer more convenient, affordable and personal. For more information about Fyt, please

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PEAR Sports is Selected by FYT to Develop a Tele-Coaching Mobile App that Offers Flexible, Affordable 1:1 Personal Training - Club Industry

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July 1st, 2020 at 6:49 am

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The Faces of Houston’s Workout Scene – Houstonia Magazine

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Its been more than a month since gyms and fitness studiosshut down for two months because of the pandemichave begun re-opening under Gov. Greg Abbott's orders. As many gyms have amped up their online classes and sanitation practices because of the coronavirus, we spoke to some of Houstons leading fitness instructors and coaches on challenging times, gym re-openings, and a fresh focus.

Meghan Smith, whose sold-out HIIT classes at Barrys are favorited by professional athletes and busy moms alike, faced health challenges of her own in the pandemics beginnings. In early March, I went through a minor health scare myself and ended up being hospitalized for five days, she says. Though not COVID-related, she says her experience was frightening, and she says her heart goes out to those who have contacted the virus.

Its like they say, You never know what you have until it's gone. It was scary not being able to run, lift weights, or even just go for a walk outside, says Smith. I realize now just how much I took my health for granted.

Having fully healed and with sights set on leading Barrys through this next chapter, Smith wants clients to be rest assured that they can enjoy the signature Barrys workout with peace of mind. Barry's has gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our clients andstaff, and my job is to make sure that they have the same amazing experience as they did before. Whether it's at 25-percent occupancy or a sold-out classwe're definitely going to bring the heat!

HIP Fitness trainer and pilates instructor Antwan Hayes, winner of "Best Male Instructor" in last year's Best of ClassPass Awards, asks the community to gain a new perspective in light of recent events. We are in the midst of a historic time in this country with the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the Black Lives Matter movement. Its about time we think about others for a change. He urges the fitness community to be hyperaware of how their behavior can affect the rest of the citycleanliness and attitude alike.

Personally, Im trying hard to be a change agent for more minorities to be healthier with the little reach that I have, he says. Black people are dying from COVID-19 at an alarmingly greater rate compared to other races, and experts attest that this is due to complications with previous underlying health conditions.

Hayes emphasizes the importance of exercising at least 30 minutes per day and making health-conscious food choices. There are so many disparities [in minority communities] in capacities where the inequity can be a matter of life and death. Health and wellness is one of them!

Former Major League Soccer player and sphere founder Mike Chabala says that while the health and wellness industry has been forever changed, his mindset towards life and its uncertainty remains the same. This crisis just requires more thought and creativity in delivering the same product, just now in a much safer way.

Well-known for his love for his clientswhom he calls "teammates"Chabala has been checking in on his sphere family more than ever before during the crisis. I builtsphere with the intention of creating communitywith a lockerroom feel so people could support each other on and off the field. Its incredible to see those relationships strengthen during this challenging time.

When hes not working on his group fitness concept or caring for those closest to him, he is setting new goals for both his mental and physical health: I just ran 100 miles in May. I'mreading four books in June and I really like the idea of changing my health and fitness goals up every month.

Truthfully, Ive always been one to sweat the small stuff, admits Taylor Grow, who celebrates her one-year anniversary as a Revolution Studio Cycle Instructor on June 30. And like many others, being restricted in my studio apartment during quarantine was really hard on my mind, body and soul, she says.

Grow says she went back to her hometown, Columbus, Ohio, for part of the quarantine, where she worked on developing a more holistic picture of health. She says her coping strategies in recent weeks have included getting plenty of fresh air and diving deeper into her yoga practice. These days I am committed to helping others (and myself!) focus on the bigger picture and on whats really important in life.

Grow can be found leading cycling classes as early as 6:30 a.m. at the studio. The most valuable thing I have learned over the course of this year is to continue to lead my riders to be their authentic selves, she says. It is the most vulnerable, difficult, and rewarding thing we can do for ourselves.

In addition to teaching at Barrys, John Michael Race works as a radiographer for local hospitals. Following Barrys Houstons closure on March 16, the athlete felt the pandemics effects from all angles. When the 'shelter in place' orders were given, my daily routine had become unhinged. I felt completely out of whack, he says. When things happen out of our control we deal with the stress in ways that can cause fluctuations in mood, strength, or body imageand thats okay!

Race says that this time has taught him to see health and wellness as a balance. Its important to recognize when the scales tip between work and rest, what caused it to happen, and then what we can do to come back into sync. In addition to practicing increased patience and self-awareness, Race is actively encouraging client feedback, so that individual concerns and weaknesses might turn into strengths over time. As they return, I want my clients to know that we may fall out of practice, but our strength comes from a lifetime of hustle. You can never undo a push-up or a sprint.

As a former dancer, Jasmine Davis brings her love of music to the Megaformer and Climb classes at HIP Fitness. Music is universal, just like math. I want to include songs in my playlist that make people feel good and help them push through, Davis explains. Helping people feel their best, particularly during distressing times, is something that comes naturally to Davis, who says her optimistic mentality is essential to her practice. Hey, times are different, but I want the clients to feel like HIP is the same safe haven. Ill do whatever I can to help make them comfortable and to help keep the studio clean.

Through the ups and downs of a tumultuous spring and what is now a distressing summer, the college professor wants her clients (and the general community) to focus on total wellness. Sometimes people think that wellness is just about being physically fit, but picking up a new hobby or a new taskgrowing as a person overallis what wellness means to me.

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The Faces of Houston's Workout Scene - Houstonia Magazine

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COVID-19 impact on Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market Key Manufacturers, Supply, Demand, Application Forecasts And Opportunities, Market…

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Trending Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market 2020: COVID-19 Outbreak Impact Analysis

Chicago, United States ,The report entitled Global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 released byReport Hive Researchcomprises an assessment of the market which provides the real-time market scenario and its projections during 2020 to 2025 time-period. The report offers an understanding of the demographic changes that took place in recent years. The report presents an analysis of market size, share, growth, trends, statistical and comprehensive facts of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market. This research study presents informative information and in-depth evaluation of the market and its segments based totally on technology, geography, region, and applications.

The report highlights several significant features of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market encompassing competitive landscape, segmentation analysis, and industry environment. It shows the scope of the market and a brief overview of the definition and description of the product or service. The potential factors that can bring the market to the upward direction have been mentioned in the report. With this report, companies, as well as individuals interested in this report, will get proven valuable guidelines and direction so that they consolidate their position in the market.

>>>>To know How COVID-19 Pandemic Will Impact This Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market| Download PDF Sample copy of the Report

>>>>The study encompasses profiles of major companies operating in the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market. Key players profiled in the report include: UC Rusal Alcoa Inc. Aluminum Corp. of China China Power Investment Corp. Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. Norsk Hydro ASA China Hongqiao Group Ltd. Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Power Co. Shandong Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity Group Ltd. Dubal Aluminum Co. BHP Billiton Eti Alminyum

Drivers And Risks: The report covers the basic dynamics of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market. It scrutinizes several data and figures, and numerous volume trends. A number of potential growth factors, risks, restraints, challenges, market developments, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses have been highlighted. Another factor affecting market growth has also been included in the report.

Analysis of Global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market By Type: Highpurity Aluminium Normal Aluminium

Analysis of Global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market By Application: Normal Aluminium Transportation Construction Packaging Consumer durables Industrials Others

Regional Analysis: The report comprises of regional development status, covering all the major regions of the world. This regional status shows the size (in terms of value and volume), and price data for the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market. The development of the industry is assessed with information on the current status of the industry in various regions. Data type assessed concerning various regions includes capacity, production, market share, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, growth rate, consumption, import, export, etc.

Regional coverage:North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc.), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Some Main Reasons For Purchasing This Report:

Readers of this report will receive in-depth knowledge about the market.

Updated statistics offered on the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market report.

This report provides an insight into the market that will help you boost your companys business and sales activities.

It will help you to find prospective partners and suppliers.

It will assist and strengthen your companys decision-making processes.

NOTE: Our team is studying Covid-19 impact analysis on various industry verticals and Country Level impact for a better analysis of markets and industries. The 2020 latest edition of this report is entitled to provide additional commentary on latest scenario, economic slowdown and COVID-19 impact on overall industry. Further it will also provide qualitative information about when industry could come back on track and what possible measures industry players are taking to deal with current situation.

Strategic Points Covered in TOC:

Chapter 1: Introduction, market driving force product scope, market risk, market overview, and market opportunities of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market.

Chapter 2: Evaluating the leading manufacturers of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market which consists of its revenue, sales, and price of the products.

Chapter 3: the competitive nature among key manufacturers, with market share, revenue, and sales.

Chapter 4: Presenting global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor market by regions, market share and revenue and sales for the projected period.

Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9: To evaluate the market by segments, by countries and by manufacturers with revenue share and sales by key countries in these various regions.

>>>>Get Full Customize report @

In this report, Leading players of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market are analyzed taking into account their market share, recent developments, new product launches, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions, and markets served. We also provide an exhaustive analysis of their product portfolios to explore the products and applications they concentrate on when operating in the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market. Furthermore, the report offers two separate market forecasts one for the production side and another for the consumption side of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market. It also provides useful recommendations for new as well as established players of the global Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market.

Get Free Sample Copy of this report:

Why Go For Report Hive Research?

Report Hive Research delivers strategic market research reports, statistical surveys, industry analysis and forecast data on products and services, markets and companies. Our clientele ranges mix of global business leaders, government organizations, SMEs, individuals and Start-ups, top management consulting firms, universities, etc. Our library of 700,000 + reports targets high growth emerging markets in the USA, Europe Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific covering industries like IT, Telecom, Semiconductor, Chemical, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Power, Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation, Food and Beverages, etc. This large collection of insightful reports assists clients to stay ahead of time and competition. We help in business decision-making on aspects such as market entry strategies, market sizing, market share analysis, sales and revenue, technology trends, competitive analysis, product portfolio, and application analysis, etc.

Get in Touch with Us : Report Hive Research 500, North Michigan Avenue, Suite 6014, Chicago, IL 60611, United States Website: : Email: [emailprotected] Phone:+1 312-604-7084

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COVID-19 impact on Mobile Health and Fitness Sensor Market Key Manufacturers, Supply, Demand, Application Forecasts And Opportunities, Market...

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Significant increase in downloads of NHS-backed Public Health England fitness app during lockdown – National Health Executive

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A fitness app provided by Public Health England, and backed by the NHS, has been downloaded almost one million times as people sought to keep healthy and active during lockdown.

From March until the end of June, there were 858,000 downloads of the Public Health England Couch to 5k app a 92% increase compared to 2019, when 448,000 downloads were recording during the same period.

Couch to 5k is a fitness tool provided by Public Health England which serves as a running plan for beginners, helping those who are unfit or dont regularly partake in exercise to take positive steps for their health and fitness. The application features guided commentary functions from a coach and helps users track progress, as part of efforts to support people who have little or no experience with running.

Recent studies have shown an identifiable link between the currentcoronavirusoutbreak and obesity, with overweight and obese people in the UK being at a greater risk to the virus.

NHS leaders, who have backed the app, say its widespread adoption could alongside other similar fitness apps help aid even more people to lead healthier lifestyles. More than two thirds of people in England are overweight or obese with 876,000 hospital admissions last year related to obesity an increase of almost a quarter compared to the year before.

Dr Nikki Kanani, NHS National Director for Primary Care, said: Lockdown has been a difficult time for so many of us and with millions of people working in new ways and not doing the activities they usually would, we know that it can be much harder to get motivated to get up and go.

It is incredible to see that practical tools like Couch to 5k have become even more popular over the last three months keep going if youve started and download the app if you want to increase your activity levels. It wont be the right solution for everyone, but its a simple way to begin and small steps can make a massive difference to your health and your lifestyle.

We have all coped differently during lockdown, and for me, running and taking some time out to exercise with my children has been really important for me weve seen huge benefits physically, mentally and for our general wellbeing.

Rosanna OConnor, Acting Director, Health Improvement at Public Health England said: Lockdown has been challenging for us all but its hugely positive to see so many people using this opportunity to get more active and using Public Health Englands app, part of its Couch to 5k campaign.

Keeping active is not only good for our physical health but also crucially at this time helping us look after our mental health. And staying fit and healthy means were also playing our part in supporting the NHS.

Significant increase in downloads of NHS-backed Public Health England fitness app during lockdown - National Health Executive

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Opportunities in the Global Physical Fitness Equipment Market to 2027 – Surging Interest in Home Gym Exercising Among Women – PRNewswire

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DUBLIN, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Physical Fitness Equipment - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics" report has been added to's offering.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis and the looming economic recession, the Physical Fitness Equipment market worldwide will grow by a projected US$3.2 Billion, during the analysis period, driven by a revised compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7%. Cardiovascular Training, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, is forecast to grow at over 4.1% and reach a market size of US$8.2 Billion by the end of the analysis period. An unusual period in history, the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a series of unprecedented events affecting every industry. The Cardiovascular Training market will be reset to a new normal which going forwards in a post COVID-19 era will be continuously redefined and redesigned. Staying on top of trends and accurate analysis is paramount now more than ever to manage uncertainty, change and continuously adapt to new and evolving market conditions.

As part of the new emerging geographic scenario, the United States is forecast to readjust to a 2.3% CAGR. Within Europe, Germany will add over US$79 Million to the region's size over the next 7 to 8 years. In addition, over US$81 Million worth of projected demand in the region will come from Rest of European markets. In Japan, the Cardiovascular Training segment will reach a market size of US$397.5 Million by the close of the analysis period. Blamed for the pandemic, significant political and economic challenges confront China. Amid the growing push for decoupling and economic distancing, the changing relationship between China and the rest of the world will influence competition and opportunities in the Physical Fitness Equipment market. Against this backdrop and the changing geopolitical, business and consumer sentiments, the world's second largest economy will grow at 7.1% over the next couple of years and add approximately US$1 Billion in terms of addressable market opportunity.

The global analysis and forecast periods covered within the report are 2020-2027 (Current & Future Analysis) and 2012-2019 (Historic Review). Research estimates are provided for 2020, while research projections cover the period 2021-2027.

Competitors identified in this market include, among others,

Key Topics Covered:








For more information about this report visit

About is the world's leading source for international market research reports and market data. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends.

Research and Markets also offers Custom Research services providing focused, comprehensive and tailored research.

Media Contact:

Research and Markets Laura Wood, Senior Manager [emailprotected]

For E.S.T Office Hours Call +1-917-300-0470 For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call +1-800-526-8630 For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

U.S. Fax: 646-607-1907 Fax (outside U.S.): +353-1-481-1716

SOURCE Research and Markets

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Opportunities in the Global Physical Fitness Equipment Market to 2027 - Surging Interest in Home Gym Exercising Among Women - PRNewswire

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Coronavirus and gyms: 200 people exposed at Planet Fitness in West Virginia – TODAY

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More than 200 people who visited a Planet Fitness gym in Morgantown, West Virginia may have been exposed to the coronavirus after a client who visited the gym was diagnosed with the illness.

According to a press release from the Monongalia County Health Department (MCHD), the client, who was not identified, tested positive after visiting the gym. Anyone who visited the gym between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24 is being urged to quarantine for at least 14 days and watch for symptoms of the virus. Those who develop symptoms should get tested by their primary care provider.

According to the press release, 205 people were at the Planet Fitness during that window of time. Currently, MCHD public health nurses are engaging in a contact tracing process to determine how far the virus may have spread.

Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

McCall Gosselin, Planet Fitness spokeswoman and senior vice president of communications, told TODAY that there had been no other cases reported.

"We have been working closely with, and following the recommendations of, the Monongalia County Health Department after being notified that a member in our Morgantown, West Virginia location had tested positive for COVID-19," she said. "Out of an abundance of caution, the club (was) temporarily closed for deep cleaning and we are not aware of any additional members or team members reporting symptoms at this time," she wrote in an email.

According to NBC local affiliate 12WBOY, there were still clients at the gym as of Sunday, June 28.

"Its always been good. It always has been good," Planet Fitness member James Cottrell told 12WBOY, saying that he was aware of the incident but was confident in the gym. "Theyve always done a good job supplying the cleaners and everything else everyone needs, plus if you its not really, let me say, up to the gym ownership. I would say its more of the patrons duty to keep the place clean and I think if everyone would contribute it would go a lot smoother."

The gym officially reopened on Tuesday, June 6.

"We will continue to take every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our community, and have taken a number of steps across all of our locations, which include enhanced cleanliness and sanitization policies and procedures, extensive training for staff, physical distancing measures, reducing physical touch points in the club with touchless check-in, and more," Gosselin said.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in West Virginia, Dr. Lee B. Smith, the MCHD executive director and county health officer, said that people who do go out in public spaces should continue to wear masks and socially distance.

These measures have proven to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Smith said in a press release. If we want to continue to open up businesses and avoid the need to reverse some of the steps we have taken, people must take these precautions seriously.

Read more here:
Coronavirus and gyms: 200 people exposed at Planet Fitness in West Virginia - TODAY

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Virtual Health Partners Teams Up With Gold’s Gym To Instantly Give Millions Better Health On Demand –

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By: Gold's Gym | 0Shares 40Reads

June 30, 2020 // // New York, NY - Virtual Health Partners (VHP), an innovator in cost-effective virtual health and wellness solutions, and Gold's Gym, the worlds trusted fitness authority, today announce the launch of their highly comprehensive live virtual fitness and nutrition programming and on-demand services to members of GO365, a Humana brand, powered by Concierge Health's Connected Ecosystem.

VHP empowers and incentivizes GO365 members to become more active and take control of their health and fitness goals by tracking participation and progress to achieve rewards.

In partnership with Gold's Gym, VHP streamlines the home workout process by granting members exclusive on-demand classes, live workouts, nutrition, training tips, progress tracking, accountability groups, and 24/7 access to Gold's Gym fitness experts. This virtual system fills in the gaps that are left by the new regulations imposed on the fitness industry by COVID-19, providing a sense of community many people need to stay inspired and motivated.

"This pandemic has accelerated the need to provide consumers a fully omnichannel fitness and wellness offering, both in our clubs and at home," shares Adam Zeitsiff, President & CEO of Gold's Gym. "Virtual Health Partners enables us to deliver world-class fitness, training, and class variety that Gold's Gym is known for the last 50+ years, straight into GO365's member's home. Leveraging Concierge Health's ecosystem, we can provide an end to end solution making data collection from the home seamless for the members to receive their reward benefits."

"Our model provides a scalable and customizable solution to fit any of our partners' needs all thru a turnkey HIPAA and Privacy compliant platform," states Jillian Bridgette Cohen, VHP Co-Founder, and CEO. "Our extensive understanding across multiple sectors has enabled us to build broad integration capabilities within the marketplace, which, in partnership with Gold's Gym, has allowed us to help merge the fitness, medical, and insurance industry cohesively."

Virtual Health Partners (VHP) is an innovator in cost-effective health and wellness, focusing on live, virtual nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modification within a contained ecosphere of support. Offered exclusively through networks of participating partners including insurers, hospital systems, physicians, corporations, pharmaceutical, medical device, fitness and nutrition companies, VHPs Business-to Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) model provides a SaaS and PaaS solution that is scalable and can be white labeled to fit partners needs. Through the private, HIPAA compliant platform, VHP provides its partners with a turnkey solution for clients in the areas of weight loss and weight loss procedures, metabolic syndrome, oncology, womens health, digestive diseases, cardiac rehab, preventative medicine, plastic surgery and general wellness.

Gold's Gym has been the world's trusted fitness authority since 1965. From its beginning as a small gym in Venice, California, Gold's Gym has grown into a global icon with nearly 700 locations in 29 countries. Featuring personalized transformation plans, state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers, a diverse group exercise program and a supportive, motivating environment, Gold's Gym delivers the most dynamic fitness experience in the industry. The Gold's Gym experience includes GOLD'S STUDIO which gives members access to boutique-style classes like GOLD'S FIT, GOLD'S BURN and GOLD'S CYCLE, all under one roof along with GOLD'S AMP, the first digital personal training app from a brick-and-mortar gym. More than a gym, Gold's Gym combines coaching, community and more than 50 years of fitness expertise to help people around the world achieve their potential through fitness.

Concierge Health, a Las Vegas wellness company, provides engagement solutions that drive member activation to reduce healthcare costs, improve outcomes, and enhance member experiences. Concierge Health takes a holistic approach to an individual's healthy lifestyle bringing in data anywhere and from everywhere. The technology provides a comprehensive view of an individual's wellness data, enabling better insights, better decisions reward/reimbursement opportunities.

SOURCE Gold's Gym


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Virtual Health Partners Teams Up With Gold's Gym To Instantly Give Millions Better Health On Demand -

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Bored at Home? Virtual Health and Fitness Classes May Be the Cure –

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own.

The pandemic may have turned our world upside down, but many people staying home have found solace in online classes, workshops and lectures. At Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), which has an Outpatient Center at the Omni Building in Uniondale, participation in virtual health and wellness offerings has increased almost 500 percent since March, according to Robyn Wiesel, associate director of Public & Patient Education.

The webinars, which are open to the public, have garnered interest nationwide. Many are offered free of charge or for a small fee. They run from an hour-long discussion on managing chronic pain to seven-week sessions in yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi. Student athletes can take exercise classes. Older adults can get advice on dealing with arthritis. People can learn why good posture is important and it can be improved. The list goes on. The classes are offered on Zoom or occasionally via conference call.

"HSS is a recognized leader in musculoskeletal health, and the online offerings help us continue to honor our commitment to promote health, fitness and quality of life. All instructors are credentialed HSS staff members," said Ms. Wiesel. "Our lectures and workshops aim to educate and give participants a sense of community, and our exercise classes help them maintain or enhance their fitness level."

In the midst of a pandemic, the ability to take some control over our health can empower us and reduce stress, according to Julia Kim, PhD, a clinical psychologist at HSS. "Physical movement is not only great for your body, but also for your mind and emotions. It helps to release stressful or unwanted energy in a healthy way, allowing for muscle tension to release."


In a recent nationwide survey on mental health by the US Census Bureau and other federal agencies, one-third of respondents reported symptoms of depression or anxiety. Dr. Kim points to the value of online engagement to help us feel better, even when we're isolated from family and friends.

"Being stuck at home for any reason does not mean you cannot engage in life. Learning to adapt and do things in different ways gives us more freedom and the opportunity to live life to the fullest at any given time," she says. "Technology provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, reinforcing that you are not alone and providing the ability to engage in classes together. It's also an opportunity to meet people with similar interests, even if via video or phone."


Katherine Shapiro, E-RYT 500, a senior yoga teacher and master Pilates instructor, says the response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. "I have received several letters and multiple comments that the program has been their sole reason to get out of bed in the morning and kept them sane during the stay-at-home order," she says. "I have been told that after class they feel joyful and uplifted. The feeling is mutual, as I, too, look forward to the classes and feel joy in seeing everyone onscreen."

Surveys by the HSS Public & Patient Education Department indicate that the sessions not only have enhanced participants' physical health but have lifted their spirits as well. These are some of their comments:

"Just want you to know that, during this crazy time, your class is invaluably sane-making. Thank you for the virtual anti-depressant! It means a lot!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to be in a caring/sharing support community with professional leadership and knowledge. My feelings of stress and isolation are reduced, and feelings of gratitude and self-regulation increased."

"The planets were aligned today and I had you with music and instruction. It was an exceptionally wonderful class, full of calm and peace. There is truly something magical about doing Tai Chi with you. I'm thankful that technology is able to allow us to meet up, to see and hear each other despite separation."

Anyone can sign up for an online class. Lectures have no limit on the number of participants, although exercise programs have a maximum enrollment of 25 to ensure that everyone can get the feedback and attention they need. The instructor can see participants onscreen and advise them on their form.

HSS adds new online events and classes weekly, according to Ms. Wiesel. "The goal is to reach a diverse group of people of all ages and to meet the needs of our community. We are currently scheduled through mid-August, with some events still being added. All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone to access our online programs. A call-in option is usually available too."

Webinars are also offered in foreign languages. A workshop in managing arthritis presented in Cantonese was very well-received, and the Public & Patient Education staff are planning offerings in Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin for the fall.

For information and to sign up, visit: Additional lectures are offered on the HSS YouTube Playlist:

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Bored at Home? Virtual Health and Fitness Classes May Be the Cure -

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July 1st, 2020 at 6:49 am

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Samsung Health and Leading Fitness Brands Team up to Help People Stay Fit at Home – Samsung Global Newsroom

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As people around the world continue to spend more time than usual at home, reports suggest that they have not stopped prioritizing their fitness. In a recent study from Global Web Index 85% of global consumers reported undertaking some form of exercise in recent months, with 51% relating that home workouts are their preferred form of exercise.

A March 2020 survey found that 16% of adults in the U.S. were watching an increased number of online exercise videos, in another study60% of young people in the U.K. said they had been finding exercise helpful in managing their mental health these days.

All across the globe it can be seen that spending more time at home has not robbed people of their passion for staying fit and healthy. Below, we discuss three leading fitness brands whose services Samsung Health has made available through the 2020 Samsung Smart TV platform1to ensure that consumers are empowered to stay healthy from home now, and into the future.2

Thanks to the fully immersive picture quality of Samsungs 2020 QLED 8K TV range, Samsung Health users can now enjoy a whole new standard of at-home wellness content on vibrant, ultra-large screens.

Calm is a leading global health and wellness brand whose app ranks number one in the mental fitness category. The Calm app contains an extensive library of mindfulness, meditation and sleep content that Samsung Smart TV consumers receive access to free of charge.

Calm provides a range of meditation programs, music tracks and sleep stories that offer a wide array of durations and difficulty levels. The apps mindfulness programs, for instance, offer a 7-day option for beginners and a 21-day option for advanced users. Whats more, Calms services are delivered to you through the pleasingly familiar voices of Hollywood celebrities including Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry and singer Leona Lewis, who have all recorded their voices for the app. Calm Kids content available on Samsung Smart TVs also allows families to get immersed in mindfulness, featuring everything from meditations with Thomas & Friends to piano lullabies from Disney classics like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan.

Fitplan is a dynamic mobile app that partners with world-class trainers to allow them to share their proven workout methods and empower users. With Fitplan users can identify their ideal physique, and ensure that they are working towards attaining it while also embracing a healthier and fitter future.

Using their Samsung Smart TVs, consumers can get free access to six workout plans and 50 different classes featuring five professional trainers Melissa Alcantara, Natalie Jill, Brittne Babe, Jana Webb and Cam Speck. Through the Fitplan app users can set weekly goals, keep track of their stats, upload progress photos and add friends to share progress and plan joint workouts. Whats more, the apps form check feature helps users ensure that theyre performing each exercise properly.

Jillian Michaels is a well-known American personal health and fitness expert, author and television personality. The Jillian Michaels Fitness App provides users with access to interactive daily workouts, and additionally offers a premium paid service that provides customized exercise programs in multiple modalities that cater to individuals of all fitness levels.

Currently, Samsung Smart TV users can access a 28-day, curated workout plan, with adjustable beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. For users who are short on time, the app provides brief 7-minute workouts so that consumers can inject a little movement into their days when and where they can.

If anything, staying fit and active has only become more important as people spend increased amounts of time at home. Now, with Samsung Smart TV partnering with leading fitness brands, users can rest assured in the knowledge that a wide array of workout and wellness materials are available at their fingertips.

12020 Samsung Smart TV Premium UHD TU8000 above and Lifestyle TVs 2Service availability and content partners may vary by country.

Samsung Health and Leading Fitness Brands Team up to Help People Stay Fit at Home - Samsung Global Newsroom

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July 1st, 2020 at 6:49 am

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