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Posted: December 6, 2019 at 11:43 pm

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A special lecture was held on Tuesday at Sanchi Buddhist-Indian University of Knowledge Studies.

Prof. of Delhi University, monk Satyapal, gave a lecture before students, teachers and staff on the topic The essence of Buddhism in Dhammapada.

Monk Satpal, while addressing the students and teachers, said that sufferings in life can be reduced with the curtailment of needs. He had further said that all the sufferings of life can be eliminated through refuge too.

He said that Buddha used to say that one who leads the simplest form of life, gets maximum benefit because one who lives on ground, is not afraid of falling. If one flies in the sky due to pride, there is a strong chance that he will fall fast. Monk Satyapal said that there is no mention of Buddhism anywhere in the original literature of Pali language, but it is a Sanskrit word and the word Dhamma has come from it.

Monk Satyapala said that there are 84,000 skandas in the Buddhist scripture Tripitaka - that is, three boxes. Its shortest text contains 423 Dharma Skanda called Gatha.

The monk Satyapala said that it is mentioned in Buddhist philosophy that nothing (accidental) in the world is accidental but there is action and reason behind each one and this is the rule of work-cause. He said that the relief of sorrow, happiness, ultimate happiness (nirvana) and sorrow can be found through the ultimate truth.

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Lecture delivered on 'The essence of Buddhism in Dhammapada' - Daily Pioneer

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