This 90’s Japanese commercial for Street Fighter Alpha 2 doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it somehow still makes us want to play some Alpha -…

Posted: December 9, 2019 at 7:52 pm

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The world of gaming is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sony's PlayStation and so we've been seeing a ton of older content from decades past surface on social media.

When we came across this old Japanese Street Fighter Alpha (Zero in Japan) 2 ad, (thank you to Goegoezzz for posting) it brought a smile to our faces and we figured it'd likely do the same for you.

The television spot (which we assume is probably from around 1996, the year Alpha 2 came out) sees a hurried Sakura charging through the hustle and bustle of real life city streets.

She encounters a handful of her fellow Street Fighters along the way bumping into a levitating Dhalsim, passing an angry Chun-Li in the subway, and cutting off M. Bison in traffic, who is apparently an evil dictator by night, but the world's creepiest Lyft driver by day.

Sakura eventually stops, turns to the camera and states, "Ryu, I want to meet you once more." We then get about four and a half seconds of gameplay footage before cutting to the title screen. Perhaps the message is, "rush through your busy day so you can get home and play fighting games," or maybe it's, "we face off against metaphorical rivals at every turn in our daily lives."

Whatever the intended meaning may have been, the good news is that we know not to worry too much about Street Fighter storylines and just enjoy the battle. Check out the nostalgic TV spot right here and share any fond SFA2 memories you have in the comments.

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This 90's Japanese commercial for Street Fighter Alpha 2 doesn't make a ton of sense, but it somehow still makes us want to play some Alpha -...

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