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Posted: December 20, 2019 at 6:49 pm

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While the Xbox One stumbled out of the gate, the Xbox Series X appears to be off to a good start.

After the Xbox Series X trailer dropped at last weeks The Game Awards, it seems like Microsoft has finally earned back their cred with gamers after an entire console generation of getting the side-eye.

In the weekend since The Game Awards last Thursday, December 12, the new trailer for Microsofts next console, the Xbox Series X, has far surpassed the Xbox One reveal in terms of popularity. The trailers for the respective consoles on YouTube have racked up 236,000 likes with 20,000 dislikes for the Series X and 32,000 likes and 30,000 dislikes for the One.

There are a lot of possible reasons why the Series X video might be more popular than the Ones. The One was revealed as part of an E3 press conference and the Series X was part of The Game Awards. The way gamers get news about games has changed a lot in the six years since the One was released, with YouTube becoming more of a viable platformthan it was in the past.

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The most likely cause though is that the Xbox One famously fumbled its messaging before launch. Microsoft was determined to sell the Xbox One as not just a game console but an entertainment device. The pitch was that the new box would be the one box youd hook into your TV. It had HDMI pass-through for your cable box and voice commands were supposed to change the way we all experienced in-home entertainment. The problem Microsoft ran into was that the people they were pitching to, namely gamers, only wanted to hear about things related to gaming.

On that front, at launch at least, the One had some issues, the biggest of which was that it would not play second-hand games. Eventually, to their credit, Microsoft reversed some of the policies that initially infuriated gamers but by then the downvotes had been cast, so to speak.

In contrast, all we have to go on with the Series X is some specs and a minute and a half of tech demos with Alan Watts talking over them. Oh, and that there will be a Halo game for it.

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