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Posted: March 9, 2020 at 7:43 pm

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After having a computer study the speech patterns of an American President famed for his public speaking one naturally has it recite Palpatine?

Alan Watts would be more fun.

Disney is seeking an Admiral for their Galactic Starcruiser, Halcyon. That means theres an open position for general manager of the Star Wars theme hotel at Walt Disney World, Florida. From the Job Summary: Are you ready to command a Galactic Starcruiser, the Halcyon, where you will take passengers on an adventure to a galaxy []

Assembling LEGOs official Star Destroyer kit [Amazon] is no mean feat: it has nearly 4,800 pieces and retails for $700. But Matt Benner, aka TheBrickWiz, went 30,000 better, constructing a collossal Star Wars spaceship to put the fear of Vader into any rebel fool enough to fall into its gravity well. He even made the []

Marijuana legalization sweeps a galaxy far, far away? No! A new series set 200 years before the Jedi let shit fall apart.

For professional or personal purposes, your writing should make you look good. Easier said than done for manyyes, even those of us getting paid to write. Everyone needs an editor, as they say. Why not ensure you always have one, including in your pocket on your smartphone? Nail down your grammar, spelling, style, punctuation, and []

From outlines to lists to freeform scrawl that tumbles and twists its way across a page, everybodys got their own style for taking notes. That style often comes from years of scholastic and professional arenas, refining the process for retaining key information that works best for you. And, as you probably learned from borrowing your []

First off, we wanted to give you one last reminder that were holding on to an iPhone 11, a pair of AirPods and a Belkin wireless charging pad, all with your name on them. Theyre free and theyre just waiting for you to make a move. All youve gotta do is enter the iPhone []

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