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Alan Watts, probably more than anyone else was a good window on what has been called the intellectual revolution of the sixties when people became more open minded about a lot of issues and just as the some of the counter culture of the sixties began to faze out in the early seventies, he passed away at the top of his game, many of his best lectures were in the last few years of his life. Molyneux is kind of like an amateur version of Allan Watts on a very rudimentary level, however he just does not even remotely posses the knowledge that Alan had about comparative philosophy, science and psychology, to be considered in the same league. Anyway, Alan was a very deep thinking libertarian to put it mildly and it is kind of a joke that the Mises institute and associates are so lame that they have never covered Alan. Then when I heard that Woods is now giving libertarian history lessons, i found it rather nauseating because woods does not know anything about libertarian philosophy beyond the very narrow mises outlook, which does not include issues such as psychology and ecology for example...Alan was not perfect, he drank and took drugs too much and some other things. He also did not understand some things about eastern cultures and he would over generalize about subjects like western psychology to make his points, but he is a great resource. too bad he died so young, but i guess he kind of lived like a tiger and i'm sure there are several lectures that you could find of him talking about that as i recall, that it is better to live a few days as a tiger rather than decades as a sheep or something like that. less

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