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The Untitled Goose Game has become incredibly popular. It seemed to come out of nowhere in September and quickly climbed the charts of the Nintendo Switch game sales. It has garnered memes, fan art, and essays about how its simplicity is so enjoyed by the gaming community. Fans have loved it for its main protagonist, the goose, and its chaotic ways. The best word for what the goose is "impish" as you do not hurt anyone, but you will annoy them to the ends of the earth. What fun!

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of games similar to the Untitled Goose Game. However, its popularity will likely get us similar titles in the future. Until then, try some of the games on this list that we have found.

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This first-person game has you playing as a pesky cat and your goal is to knock down as many things onto the floor as possible. There are various game modes, some with a timer and others that are free play mode. There are also a lot of unlockables such as different kinds of cats, cat photos, and power-ups.

Of all the titles on this list, Catlateral Damage has the most in common with the Untitled Goose Game. You are an animal just making a mess like a natural. It is simple, funny, and it's fun.

Katamari Damacy is very strange and pretty addicting. You play these alien creatures that make planets by just collecting everything they can into a sticky ball. You usually have a time limit and sometimes a set of rules of what kinds of items you must collect. The art style is similar to the Untitled Goose Game in terms of the people and towns.

Also you are really doing a chaotic deed without really hurting anyone. That's right, you can pick up animals and people but it does not hurt them. They mostly just wiggle and scream in confusion and terror.

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In this open-world indie game, you play a bird that is looking for twigs to build a nest. A weird factor is that you are living in a city facing total political turmoil.

As a bird, you do not really do anything about the totalitarian regime but you can explore the world and overhear the humans talk about what is going on in the world. It is pretty refreshing to have the world do its own thing with you playing just as a witness. Don't worry about the politics, just collect twigs and relax while being your little bird self.

In this cute game, you steal people's trash and throw it into a hole. In fact, you play as the hole! Well, you actually play a raccoon who is controlling the hole. The story is that raccoons have taken over the area by creating remote-controlled trash-stealing holes.

Collecting various items can create combos, which is a ton of fun. You get to explore character homes and devour everything. A lot of fans say it is like a reverse Katamari Damacy. A common complaint though is that the game is too short for its price.

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This is the only other game created by House House, the same company that gave us the Untitled Goose Game. And this title that came out in 2016 is very weird, but fun. You get to play as two noodle-like bodies with heads at both ends (sort of like Cat-Dog) and both ends fight over a ball. You can do two and four-player modes.

Besides playing, it is also fun to actually watch. It is to entities in one body fighting over a ball. There is also a secret unlockable mode that lets you play as wiener dogs.

If you want a long adventure game with similar elements to the Untitled Goose Game, then look no further than Okami. It certainly is far more than a simple be a jerk to humans and do little tasks, but you do play a wolf and can annoy people. For example, you can bite people, animals, drag them around, bark, dig, and really mess with people using your god powers. That's right, you are also a god.

Of course there is a huge story involved, which is the biggest difference Okami has. Also, you are kind of supposed to be a good person. Still, the game does allow you to be a jerk if you want to be.

In this game, you play a slice of bread that wants to become toast. Your goal is to get to the toaster. The physics and movement of the bread is the funniest and fun aspect of the game. Why? Because it is so hard. It is such a difficult game with a high learning curve.

If you are not sure about playing it, at least watch a video of someone playing this game, because it is a total trip. In terms of simplicity and humor, this game is a lot like the Untitled Goose Game.

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Everything may seem like a strange title, but is actually about everything. You can be anything from a simple dog to a bush to a planet to a micro-organism. Every object in the universe is a playable character.

It looks pretty uncanny and silly at first with how everything moves. However, the game really takes an existential turn with its soundtrack and its narrator. You get to collect inspiring philosophy speeches of Alan Watts while taking on the perspective of everything in the universe.

Tokyo Jungle lets you play as a lot of animals, except the humans are all gone. You start off as Pomeranian in Tokyo who has to hunt on its own. However, you can start a family and then play an entire pack of Pomeranian. However, you can also be hunted. There are lions, wolves, and even dinosaurs lurking about.

You get to unlock more and more animals and discover slowly about what happened to all the humans by finding hints and documents as you play. See how long you can survive!

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