Comedian John Heffron Joins John Spencer Ellis to Help People Harness Their “Inner Heckler” and Focus on Positive in …

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Comedian John Heffron Joins John Spencer Ellis to Help People
Harness Their �Inner Heckler� and Focus on Positive in New Online
Training Course

Stand-up comic John Heffron joins fitness and personal
development guru John Spencer Ellis in a new online training
course designed to quiet the �inner heckler� once and for all.
Available online at, the Inner
Heckler program helps people focus on the positive and boost

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, January 28, 2012 --( No
matter how famous you are and no matter how many times you’ve
done a routine successfully, everyone is susceptible to the
negative, doubting voices of the “inner heckler,” even the winner
of the “Last Comic Standing.” To help tame those voices and
reframe the focus to success, stand-up comic John Heffron has
joined fitness and personal development guru John Spencer Ellis
to offer new online training that helps people find personal
success at

The online training covers the reasons people fail to reach
their full potential in fitness, wellness, coaching and
lifestyle training and what they can do to turn that around,
including planning for success, being present and engaged, and
focusing on the things done well. The Inner Heckler program can
help people who have struggled with diets, panic attacks,
procrastination, exercise, excuses and more.

“Believe it or not, we have about 50,000 thoughts per day,
which can have a huge impact on our state of mind and our
overall success,” said Ellis. “We’ll help you harness those
inner conversations for the good, so you can make small, smart
and specific choices that help you achieve your goals and find
greater enjoyment in life.”

The Inner Heckler training teaches participants the five keys
to taking control of the inner heckler and turning it into a
fan instead of a foe as well as effective techniques for
improving the quality of thoughts, focus and goal achievement.

“As a stand-up comic on stage or on TV, I have no room to
second-guess myself. I have to be 100 percent in the ‘yes, I
can do this’ department,” said Heffron, who uses positive
self-talk, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching and more
for personal success. “Now aside from performing comedy all
over the country, my joy comes from helping you reach your full
potential by learning to silence that voice that – until now –
was likely stealing your dreams. It would be an honor to help
you make all of your dreams come true. That’s what Standing Up
to Your Inner Heckler is all about.”

The online training includes a personal road map to success
that comes from facing and standing up to the inner heckler,
education delivered via streaming video, audio lessons and
ebooks with immediate access, a free eBook called Change Your
Mind – Change Your Life, comedy breaks, an online forum and
much more.

About John Spencer Ellis Enterprises and the Inner Heckler
John Spencer Ellis Enterprises is a solutions provider for
fitness and coaching professionals around the world, providing
education, turn-key business programs, coaching and resources
for new and advanced fitness and coaching professionals. For
more information about John Spencer Ellis Enterprises or to
learn more about the Inner Heckler online training, please




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Comedian John Heffron Joins John Spencer Ellis to Help People Harness Their “Inner Heckler” and Focus on Positive in ...

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