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E-SoftSys and Veritec Solutions Integrate their Self-Storage Property and Revenue Management Systems – PR Web

Posted: June 30, 2020 at 1:45 am

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Self Storage Manager Logo

BLUE BELL, Pa. and BELMONT, Calif. (PRWEB) June 29, 2020

E-SoftSys and Veritec Solutions, leaders in self-storage enterprise management and revenue management systems, respectively, are pleased to announce that they have integrated, E-SoftSys enterprise management system, Self Storage ManagerTM (SSM) and Veritec Solutions revenue management system, VRMS.

The integration is rooted in their complementary strengths in enterprise management and revenue management. Self-storage operators will be able to realize the best of both worlds in one seamless user experience. Operators using SSM can now use VRMS to manage prices and customer rents efficiently and for maximum financial success. SSM data is seamlessly and automatically imported into VRMS on a daily basis with no action or maintenance needed by the self-storage operator. Pricing changes made in VRMS are uploaded into SSM for implementation. Storage operators will be able to implement pricing changes both at unit level and unit type level.

We are excited to have this tight integration with Veritec Solutions. We strive to have close collaboration with the leaders in the self-storage industry. SSM clients will now be able to leverage the advanced revenue management capabilities of VRMS, said Kat Shenoy, President & CEO of E-SoftSys.

We are delighted that operators using SSM can now realize the revenue benefits made possible by VRMS. VRMS has a proven track record of enabling self-storage operators to obtain revenue increases of 9 to 14 percent, and sometimes more than that. We are thrilled that this integration will enable many more mid-size and larger operators to obtain greater financial success as well as have easier access to critical data for a wide variety of analytics. We strive to make the user experience as our top priority, said Dr. Warren Lieberman, President of Veritec Solutions.

Self Storage Manager is a fully cloud based enterprise management software designed for both single- and multi-facility self-storage operators. The SSM suite of products helps storage operators to manage all aspects of their business including contactless rentals, lead tracking, lead management, billing, payment collections, business performance analysis and much more. SSM is fully compatible with multiple browsers and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime with any device. SSM also assists storage operators to automate their business processes with predefined workflows, follow up tasks, drip campaigns, texts and voice alerts.

VRMS is a state-of-the art revenue management system that provides competitive data-driven starting rate guidance. VRMS also provides rent increase guidance that enables operators to obtain higher revenues, even while reducing resultant move-outs. VRMS includes the industry-leading and patent pending Value (Convenience) Pricing implementation that automatically and dynamically differentiates pricing for similar units to further realize increased revenues while simultaneously expanding customer choice.

The combined benefits in property and revenue management systems now give self-storage operators unparalleled capabilities to increase their operational scale and scope with enterprise management, while at the same time crucially expand their bottom line with revenue management.

About E-SoftSys

E-SoftSys offers a complete suite of products and services that include Self Storage Manager TM - Comprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators; Online Reservations and Rentals with Electronic Signature & Digital Storage of leases; e-CRM - Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, designed specifically for the self-storage industry and multi-facility operators for creating inquiries, reservations, rentals, capture lead to rental conversion ratios, with interfaces to leading phone systems; Call Tracker module to monitor call recordings, capture valuable statistics including lead to rental conversion ratios, cost per lead, capture cost per lead, cost per rental & measure ROI on advertising campaigns; SSM Text Messenger - A cloud based automatic payment reminder and past due alerts system designed to reduce the manager's time on collection calls; Customer Portal - A self-help interactive portal for customers to view their account history and balance, make payments, enable or disable autopay, schedule move-outs, update their contact information and more; Android Tablet/Mobile Phone based Site Walk Through & Work Order Management Module for site managers to perform lock checks, enter unit maintenance notes, mark units for move outs, create work orders for maintenance activities and much more; Other Interfaces - QlikViewTM Business Intelligence and Analytics, API integration to leading website providers, call center service providers, revenue management service providers, tenant insurance companies, cloud based gate systems and Lead Aggregators; 24/7 Customer Support - with Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for large operator implementations, as well as periodic upgrades to the software programs.

Self Storage Manager has been implemented by many single and multi-facility companies in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please contact E-SoftSys at 800-469-1740 Ext. 1, or by visiting or Click here to email us.

About Veritec Solutions Inc

Veritec Solutions is a thought leader in revenue management with its cloud-based software system, VRMS, for multi-store self-storage operators. VRMS is both a technology solution and a facilitated discipline that helps self-storage operators achieve significantly greater revenues and profits. VRMS includes starting rate guidance for new move-ins, rent increase guidance for existing customers, and dynamic patent-pending Value/Convenience Pricing implementation for differentiated storage units within a unit group. VRMS tightly integrates with the self-storage operators property management system. Leveraging its thought leadership, Veritec Solutions also provides consulting and support. For more information, contact Veritec Solutions at +1-650-620-0000, via email at, or visit

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E-SoftSys and Veritec Solutions Integrate their Self-Storage Property and Revenue Management Systems - PR Web

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June 30th, 2020 at 1:45 am

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Self-assessment will help drive new safety standards in dry bulk shipping – Riviera Maritime Media

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Speaking on the dry bulk markets move towards self-assessment of safety standards, Oldendorff director of business development and strategy Scott Bergeron noted two programmes developed by RightShip and Intercargo and said they have the potential to make the sector more resilient.

RightShips Dry Bulk Management Standards system will focus on 30 areas of company management practices divided into four sections -- performance, people, plant and processes -- ranking these on tiers of achievement from basic to excellent. RightShip is moving away from its SVIS risk rating system to a new scoring system which is set to be implemented in September.

Intercargos Dry Self-Assessment System considers 13 fields and 30 areas of management practices. Each field will comprise of specific questions and will be scored on a risk factor system. A companys overall score is the sum of these scores; a lower score will indicate lower risk.

Both systems are yet to be finalised and remain open to feedback from stakeholders.

Madan Dry Managements HSQE Manager Captain Panagiotis Nikiteas said he believes the self-assessment system has several benefits: namely, that the introduction of common systems would ensure fair play, improve benchmarking throughout the sector and reduce costs related to human errors.

Mr Panagiotis added that operators have some concerns over the costs they may incur and the transparency with which the system will operate.

"There is fear that self-assessment can be used as a commercial leverage, i.e. license to trade, he said.

The majority of webinar attendees believe bulk carriers operate at lower safety and environment standards compared to other vessels. Responses were split on whether RighShip or Intercargo are better placed to govern a self-assessment scheme to govern best practices. You can find full poll results at the bottom of this article.

The dry bulk market suffered in Q1 2020 and MSI dry bulk analyst Will Tooth told webinar attendees that in light of the ongoing events, the outlook for the remainder of 2020 remains poor with bulker levels falling to their lowest levels since 2016. With regards to iron ore and coal, MSI estimates the sector will be slightly more resilient to disruptions caused by the coronavirus.

However Mr Tooth noted that iron ore production in Brazil, one of the two largest production centres, has been affected by industrial disasters, disruptions caused by heavy rains and the pandemic. In light of this, MSI has revised its projected growth in iron ore exports from 3.7% to 0.5% in 2020.

Protectionist measures taken by India and China the planets two largest consumers of coal have also led to slowed demand. MSI now projects a 5.7% fall in coal production in 2020 and expects aggregate demand across commodities to fall by 1.6%.

Pacific Basin Shipping director for fleet and head of ship management and newbuildings Jay K Pillai addressed issues facing seafarers and sustainability in the dry bulk sector.

Travel restrictions caused by the pandemic have resulted in thousands of seafarers stranded on ships beyond their contractual dates. Mr Pillai said 30% of seafarers have exceeded their contractual agreement without relief. They are depressed, stressed, and they want to go home, he said.

In May, Intercargo said the maritime supply chain is at a risk of breaking down without crew changes. Noting that not all governments are forthcoming with easing restrictions despite the maritime sector and IMOs push to have seafarers designated as key workers to gain relief exemptions. Mr Pillai said governments are encouraged to act before seafarers are compelled to go on strike.

On the question of challenges to sustainability, he said rising costs caused by IMO 2020 and the collapse of the bulker market in Q1 2020 coupled with rising labour costs has led to increased operating expenses. Pacific Basin believes owners and operators should refrain from ordering newbuildings which they believe are not a long-term prospect to meet IMOs 2030 and 2050 targets. He said By doing so we can close the supply and demand gap and improve the return on investment.

Ultimately Mr Pillai said operators need to nudge suppliers to develop energy-efficient vessels and zero-carbon technologies that have the potential to help achieve the long-term emissions goals.

You can view the webinar, in full, in our webinar library.

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Self-assessment will help drive new safety standards in dry bulk shipping - Riviera Maritime Media

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June 30th, 2020 at 1:45 am

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They survived coronavirus. Now they’re getting help fighting anxiety, depression. – Newsday

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Mental health experts are exploring the use of virtual support groups and other resources to help recovering COVID-19 patients who are grappling with anxiety and depression as a result of their illness.

Many of those patients are feeling stressed and isolated as they deal with lingering physical effects of the disease, such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

Some people have been removed from the ability to meet their common human needs socialization, meaningful work, getting together with family, said Dr. William Sanderson, a psychologist and director of the Anxiety & Depression Clinic at Hofstra University, which offers a two-session consultation for people suffering from pandemic-related psychological distress. Every time you block people meeting their needs, it results in emotional distress.

Battling COVID-19 while keeping an eye on her 1-year-old son left 30-year-old Brookelyn Berardiof Northportexhausted and stressed.

It comes in waves, said Berardi, director of strategy and development for Crunch Fitness. Some days I will be great and then there are days I wake up and I am sad. Other times, I am really frustrated and angry.

Debbie Rifenbury of Oceanside, who recovered after 17 days in the hospital and six days on a ventilator, said she has trouble sleeping and experiences anxiety. People still are reluctant to come near her, even though doctors say she no longer has the virus.

Ive said this before, but I feel like a leper, said Rifenbury, 61, who has started phone sessions with a therapist and is looking for support groups.

The New York State Office of Mental Healths Emotional Support Helpline has received more than20,000 calls since it was implemented March 25, officials said.

Earlier this month, the state launched a free, six-week Coping Circles program that provides support and group therapy by video or phone, run by licensed mental health professionals. Officials said about 200 people have registered so far.

Lisa Penziner, a registered nurse and special projects manager at rehabilitation facilities operator Paragon Management, has startedPost COVID-19 Support Group on Zoom that is free and open to the general public.

The first session on June 16 drew 10 participants, with even more asking to join on July 8. Additional meetings are scheduled throughout the summer.

Im hearing from a lot of people who are depressed and still having symptoms, Penziner said. I thought it would be a good idea to get them together. They probably feel very alone.

Penziner reached out to Dr. Joanne Shea, a psychologist, to facilitate the group.

When they talked as a group, I think it was very comforting for them to know they werent the only ones feeling this way, said Shea, who is regional director for Long Island for CHE Behavioral Health Services.

For example, shortness of breath one of the symptoms many recovering COVID-19 patients experiencecan trigger anxiety, she said, just as low energy is associated with depression.

They want the emotional support and the decreased isolation as well as information from their peers, she said.

Shea said many of the participants were frustrated by the reports of people not wearing masks or taking the virus threat seriously.

When you go through such a traumatic, life-threatening situation and others are dismissive, that can be very painful, she said.

These support groups are different from group therapy sessions, Shea noted. Participants seeking individual psychotherapy will be helped with referrals.

Berardi said she plans to join the nextParagon Zoom support group.

Its such a great idea, she said. Im looking forward to knowing I am not alone in my feelings.

Sanderson and his doctoral students at Hofstra University have created a free self-help guide Coping with Fear & Sadness During a Pandemic, which is available on the clinics website.

He urged people to share the guide and pay attention to symptoms. Even minor symptoms can be a red flag if they interfere with someones ability to function.

The concern that we have is that reactions to COVID that are mild could turn into disorders beyond the pandemic, Sanderson said. Depression is a slippery slope down we need to help these people now to avoid a bigger problem down the road.

There are several free resources for recovering COVID-19 patients and anyone feeling the stress of the pandemic:

SOURCE: Newsday research

Lisa joined Newsday as a staff writer in 2019. She previously worked at amNewYork, the New York Daily News and the Asbury Park Press covering politics, government and general assignment.

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They survived coronavirus. Now they're getting help fighting anxiety, depression. - Newsday

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June 30th, 2020 at 1:45 am

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How Can We Make Ourselves (And The World) Better? There’s A Podcast For That! – WSFM

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Finding the right podcast is harder than it looks.

Yes, you can scroll through the top podcasts for the week or search for a topic youre interested in, but lets face it its rare that you find one that really engrosses you.

Thankfully for you, weve done some digging and found a podcast that is not only entertaining, but makes you think.

Were all familiar with traditional TED Talks, right? Yes, they are always so interesting, but in some cases, they require active visual participation, which is not great when youre on the move. So, what if we told you weve found the solution to such a problem?

This is where TED Talks Daily comes in the podcast that brings you all the latest talks in a snackable, audio format.

Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between given by the worlds leading thinkers and creators.

TED Talks Daily will challenge and change your perspective, while igniting your curiosity. Whether youre interested in science or music, health or history, human rights or self-help, this podcast covers current societal issues from experts in the field in a digestible format.

Need more convincing? With episodes like How Dolly Parton led me to an epiphany from radio host Jad Abumrad, and 5 steps to remove yourself from drama at work from a corporate business initiatives consultant, allow yourself to enter the minds of some of the worlds most interesting and informative people, and learn how their experiences can help inform your own decisions.

So, if youre looking for the next podcast to truly immerse yourself in, then look no further than TED Talks Daily.

You can thank us later!

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How Can We Make Ourselves (And The World) Better? There's A Podcast For That! - WSFM

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June 30th, 2020 at 1:45 am

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How to Scale Customer Success Without Losing the Human Touch – Built In Austin

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Sometimes, helping a customer requires hanging up the phone and equipping them with your best automation and self-service technology.

When clients want quick answers fast, customer success managers from Austin tech companies FloSports and Khoros said they use automation tools like chatbots and self-educational resources like video tutorials and articles.

But these tools dont render the customer success team unnecessary. Instead, the CSMs said the extra time allows them to analyze data and determine the most important times to reach out to customers and employthe human touch. This technology also frees teams up to think about another business-critical task: scaling. Workflow tools like Salesforce and Gainsight come in handy with juggling a growing list of customers, giving CS teams access to reporting tools, usage activity and touchpoint reminders.

The most significant takeaway the following CS leaders had for Built In? Automation tools are supposed to assist the customer and keep them engaged with the product. If the client isnt seeing results from that technology, or has a situation too complex for the computer to solve, its time for the customer success team to step in.

Sandy Zepeda

Director of Customer Support

Sandy Zepeda, director of customer support, knows the main objective of her customers is simple: they want to watch live sports. Therefore, at sports streaming platform FloSports, sometimes an in-depth conversation about customer goals and pain points is unnecessary. Automated tools, like chatbots, sometimes do a better job at helping customers reach solutions quickly. If automation tools risk a positive experience, however, Zepeda said her team is always available for more complex questions.

When it comes to scaling your customer success team, what are the most important considerations and why?

One of my early areas of focus was to make sure we could scale the team successfully when live sports returned. Top of mind is always the customer service experience. In some cases, you can automate a process, but it may not be the best solution for a customer or the business in the long run. We want to balance experience, value and risk to revenue.

It makes sense to automate a process or provide a self-service option and limit human interaction when it does not risk customer experience and retention. It is also important to consistently measure the effectiveness of any scaling efforts and pivot as customer needs or business goals change.

We want to interact with our customers when it makes the most sense for them.

What tools or technologies do you use to make customer success more scalable?

One of the guiding principles we look at when implementing new tools and technology is how it will support the team and make their lives easier. At the beginning of this year, we moved our customer support team over to Salesforce, which refined our workflows, provided a better view of the customer, offered improved reporting and made it much easier for our team to get things done. This allowed us to integrate several of our other tools into one interface and streamline processes that were once cumbersome to one-click.

We are now looking to implement chatbots, more self-service account management features, one-click ticket reporting for technical issues and streaming issues, as well as a more robust support knowledge base, giving customers access to better tools and information. This allows our team to be more available for complex or sensitive issues where we want to spend more time working with the customer one-on-one.

How are you striking the right balance of automation and the human touch?

We want to interact with our customers when it makes the most sense for them. Most customers want a quick resolution to their questions so they can get back to watching sports. With that in mind, one of our recent endeavors was to measure how many contacts it takes to resolve each type of issue and then review which ones could be resolved with a knowledge-base article, a few easy troubleshooting steps or a new self-service feature.

We also love to run experiments. Most new ideas are run through A/B testing, so we can measure outcomes with different approaches before we roll something out completely. In some cases, this is testing an automated solution versus a human interaction to see which has the best outcome for both the customer and FloSports.

Martn La Rocca

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Senior CSM Martn La Rocca said scaling means focusing on business outcomes rather than customer growth at customer engagement platform Khoros. In order to accomplish this goal, CSMs provide customers with resources like articles and tutorials so they can best use the platform.

When it comes to scaling your customer success team, what are the most important considerations and why?

There are a few ways to think about scaling. We always want to have more people available and grow a team, but when considering the cost for our business, weve focused on scaling the most critical strengths of the team. Khoros is committed to a partnership without customers.

CSMs are particularly focused on business outcomes, so we scale this by making sure users have profound resources for more fundamental things in an easily accessible format, including hands-on product help.

What tools or technologies do you use to make customer success more scalable?

We utilize workflow tools like Gainsight. Additionally, a robust and easily accessible (e.g. in-app) knowledge base helps keep CS conversations focused on business outcomes, rather than on feature functions.

One unique way we scale strategicbusiness outcomes is by having a complimentary team of product experts who help individual users in hands-on sessions.

The highest-value live conversations tend to be around strategic business outcomes.

How are you striking the right balance of automation and the human touch?

Khoros operates with an information experience team that complements and empowers the work of customer success. This is the backbone of highly accessible self-service that is on-demand for users and accounts.

Our choice to automate versus have a live conversation hinges on creating an information experience where the conversation isnt a requirement, but rather an additional resource. The highest-value live conversations tend to be around strategic business outcomes.

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How to Scale Customer Success Without Losing the Human Touch - Built In Austin

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Domino’s expands delivery options, home buying moves online – The Pioneer

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Updated 7:51pm EDT, Monday, June 29, 2020

Photo: Michael Probst, AP

Domino's expands delivery options, home buying moves online

The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed. Following are developments Monday related to the national and global response, the work place and the spread of the virus.



Domino's Pizza is now offering carside delivery service, allowing customers to stay in their cars while one of the pizza company's workers delivers their order to them.

The chain said Monday that customers can choose the new contactless carryout option when placing a prepaid order online. It is available in U.S. stores.

When a customer places a carside delivery order online, they'll be prompted to add their vehicle color, make and model, which will be used to identify them when they arrive at the store. Customers can also choose where theyd like their order placed the passenger side, back seat, trunk or the option to decide when they arrive.

The parent company of Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons says sales are improving even though most North American restaurants are only offering takeout and delivery. Restaurant Brands International said Popeyes same-store sales or sales at locations open at least a year were in the high 20% range in mid-June thanks to its popular chicken sandwich. Burger Kings U.S. sales, which were down more than 30% in March, are now flat compared to last year. Tim Hortons sales are still down more than 15%; about 10% of the brands restaurants in Canada remain closed.

U.S. restaurants saw fewer customers in mid-June as coronavirus cases surged in multiple states. Customer transactions at chain restaurants fell 13% from the previous year in the week ending June 21, according to The NPD Group, a data and consulting firm. That was softer than the 12% decline the week before.

It was the first time in two months that transactions didnt improve week-over-week. Restaurant transactions fell in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Nevada, all of which reported spikes in coronavirus cases. The U.S. restaurant industrys road to recovery is going to have some bumps along the way, said NPD food industry analyst David Portalatin.

SUPPORTING MOMS AND POPS: American Express said it will set aside up to $200 million to help spur spending at small businesses.

The program will consist mostly of a cash-back program for cardmembers. For every $10 an AmEx cardholder spends at a small business, they will get $5 back, up to $50. Like other credit card companies, AmEx codes each of its merchants in its system by size and industry, so the cashback will only work at small businesses.

AmEx is also setting aside $10 million that will go directly to Black-owned small businesses in the form of grants to help address the challenges they face due to racial and social inequalities.


Amazon is paying out $500 million in bonuses to its front-line workers. The company stopped paying a $2 an hour bonus at the end of May.

Amazon said full-time warehouse and Whole Foods workers who were employed by the company in June will get $500, while part-time workers will get $250. Managers will get $1,000. Those who started a package delivery business with Amazon will get $3,000 and their drivers will get the same bonuses as the warehouse workers. Those who delivered packages for at least 10 hours using Amazons Flex service will get $150.

Home improvement chain Lowes is handing out another round of bonuses to its workers. The Mooresville, North Carolina-based company said Monday that full-time hourly workers will receive $300, and part-time and seasonal workers will receive $150 in July matching the funds provided to all hourly workers in both March and May. The new bonuses amount to $100 million in investment to its workers.


Several U.S. airlines say they are already asking or will be asking passengers about their health during check-in before flights. American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest and United said they will ask passengers if they have symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, coughing or difficulty breathing. The airlines will also ask if passengers have been in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus in the previous 14 days.

Travelers at Frankfurt airport, Germanys biggest and a major intercontinental hub, will be able to get an on-site coronavirus test before jetting off.

Airport operators, German carrier Lufthansa and medical research company Centogene are opening a walk-in testing center near the main terminal Monday.


Germanys parliament has signed off on a government plan to lower sales tax and provide more money for families that it is hoped will stimulate spending and help the economy as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

The lower house of parliament on Monday approved the plan to lower the countrys value added tax from 19% to 16% for a half a year, starting July 1. A reduced tax for food and other necessities will be lowered from 7% to 5% under the plan.

MARKETS: Stocks rose on Wall Street Monday, clawing back some of the ground they lost last week.

HOUSE HUNT: Home buyers dealing with serious health concerns or other issues can now use a new secure platform to bypass the traditional home selling process during the pandemic. announced Monday a system that automates the entire home selling process, providing access to the selling, marketing and closing tools that industry professionals use. The program offers full self-service options for a flat $1,495 fee or expert support for a 2% commission on the final sales price.

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Domino's expands delivery options, home buying moves online - The Pioneer

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In PMs list of 6: migrants, self-help group members and entrepreneurs – The Indian Express

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Written by Asad Rehman | Lucknow | Updated: June 27, 2020 10:28:59 am The PM received feedback from Tilakram, a resident of Rakhauna village in UP, regarding the benefits of government schemes the latter and his family is receiving.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to several people across six districts of Uttar Pradesh via video-conferencing on Friday, as part of the Atmanirbhar Uttar Pradesh initiative. Snippets from some of the conversations:


A beneficiary of the PM Awas Yojana, Tilakram, a resident of Rakhauna village (around 49 km from the district headquarters), blessed Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead the country for the rest of his life. The PM received feedback from Tilakram regarding the benefits of government schemes the latter and his family is receiving. Work on laying roof at his house was under way when the PM spoke to him. He expressed gratitude for the Rs 1.20 lakh given by the government. He told the PM that he used to stay in a hut and it used to be a struggle during rain. The PM told him to ensure that his children get an education.


Nagendra Prasad, a resident of Tikariya Khor village who used to work at a steel factory in Ahmedabad, had returned to his village on April 29 after the lockdown was announced. After completing his quarantine period, he took a loan of Rs 1 lakh from a Purvanchal Gramin Bank under the Mudra Yojana. He bought two buffaloes with that money and started business of supplying milk. He told the PM that he was making Rs 375 daily.


The PM spoke to women working at a self-help group in Gonda districts Kamlapur village. The PM praised the efforts of the head of the group, Vinita Pal. He also praised the work being done by the women and said it was inspirational for others, too. The group had established a nursery in the village during the lockdown. The move has helped them earn a substantial amount of money. The women were encouraged to work harder after speaking to the PM. The groups women are becoming self-sufficient by also being involved in pisciculture, cultivation of flowers and vegetables.


PM Modi spoke to a migrant worker, Qurban Ali, who used to work as a mason in Mumbai, in Kodra Grant village. The PM asked him what kind of work has Ali received as part of the state governments initiative to provide employment to migrants who returned to the state. He told the PM that he is working as a mason in the construction of a public toilet in the village. Ali also thanked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the work he is doing to ensure employment for migrant workers.


The PM spoke to a migrant worker, Deepu, who used to work at an aluminum unit Hyderabad before he came back to the state owing to the lockdown. He told the PM that he has been provided employment in the construction of the Bundelkhand Expressway. He expressed satisfaction over the money he is earning through the construction work.

Sant Kabir Nagar

The PM spoke to two self-employed persons in the district and urged them to pay their loan installments on time. He expressed happiness that the two entrepreneurs have helped in providing migrant workers employment. He spoke to Amrendra Kumar Rai, who owns a food production unit in the district and had taken a loan of Rs 25 lakh and has employed 12 migrant workers. He also spoke to hosiery unit owner Ramchandra Verma, who took a loan of Rs 11 lakh.

The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines

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In PMs list of 6: migrants, self-help group members and entrepreneurs - The Indian Express

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Love Hemp Thriving in 2020 Leading the Way for World High Life in the CBD and Hemp Markets – GlobeNewswire

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June 29, 2020 08:30 ET | Source: World High Life Plc

NEW YORK, NY, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World High Lifes (OTCQB: WRHLF) wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp, is embracing the idea, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In early 2020, COVID-19 turned into a global pandemic, and in an instant, created a tough environment for both businesses and consumers alike. Tony Calamita, the CEO of Love Hemp, a London-based CBD company playing a leadership role in the development of the United Kingdoms (UK) leading range of trusted CBD products, accepted the challenge and has capitalized on these tough times with a dramatic surge in online sales.

While the world began to lock down and shelter-in-place, Calamitas team got creative by dedicating all of Love Hemps resources and team to building upon their advanced e-commerce platformsrealizing that the major retail path would be beyond their control during the pandemic. As a result, consumers began to engage with the company in an unprecedented fashion, and Love Hemp, with its multiple e-commerce platforms, has accelerated its online brand strategy months ahead of planned targets.

And Love Hemps strategy and execution has worked to perfection.

World High Life announced that Love Hemps online sales in May 2020 eclipsed online sales figures from January 2020 by an astounding 107%. These numbers come on the heels of month-over-month growth every single month since January. The year 2020, while dismal for many businesses across the globe, has been a breakout campaign for Love Hempa company that expects the jump in sales during the pandemic to lead to longer-term gainsall while putting World High Life and its efforts to grow an investment portfolio in the legal medicinal cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, on the map as a serious competitor in these industries.

Brands, like Love Hemp, that have enjoyed a surge in online sales have most likely also enjoyed a rush of first-time customers giving them a monumental opportunity to differentiate themselves from other brands with what is a captive audience experiencing new innovative products as theyre rolled out among the already-popular choices.

Love Hemp already has over 80 products, including oils, sprays, edibles, cosmetics, and vapes, and has around 1,200 retail listings. Combined, these products have positioned the company as one of the UKs leading CBD and hemp product suppliers, but the company isnt stopping there because as Love Hemps CEO points out, the company is always expanding its product line to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

Love Hemp has always been passionate about creating a leading range of trusted CBD products. Over the past few years, we have seen the demand for CBD products soar in the UK as more and more people become aware of its benefits to well-being. Tony Calamita continued, New product development is at the heart of our businesswe were the first functional spring water in Europe to be infused with CBD. Oils, sprays, vapes, chocolate, jelly domes, and beauty products, including the first CBD-infused face masks and body salves, have all followed.

One such product that illustrates Love Hemps desire to meet consumer demand is Love Hemp Immune. The company successfully pushed this product to market well ahead of schedule to meet the needs of consumers. It is an innovative product that truly confronts the current times were all living in, so Calamita and his team made it a priority to launch it sooner rather than later. Love Hemp Immune is made with the highest quality ingredients, including a combination of CBD, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Bilberry extract. It contains all of the essential supplements that support a healthy immune system, and the company says its available in both a 100 ml atomizer spray, as well as, in capsule form.

Calamita said of the early release, We were due to launch Love Hemp Immune in the Winter of 2020, but we have worked around the clock to get it to consumers soonerand moved forward the launch by six monthslaunching it in April 2020 instead. Boosting our immune systems has rarely felt more urgent than now, and Love Hemp Immune contains the perfect combination of beneficial ingredients that will help boost the bodys natural defenses.

Last month World High Life announced that Love Hemp is achieving its plans of growth and brand expansion with a host of notable highlights, including:

Brightfield Group, the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and cannabis industries said of weathering the pandemic, Smaller brands often rely on small or local retailers to distribute the bulk of their products. In the current environment, mass shuttering of retailers is likely to deal a death blow to many of the smaller brands in the market. This could actually work in favor of many of the larger brands, who are better positioned to weather the storm and be able to support a robust e-comm strategy. If they can keep the lights on over the next few months, they may be competing in a much less crowded field once we emerge from the crisis.

Love Hemp, however, is unlike many smaller brands and has proven that it is an exception to the rule as it is not only weathering these tough times but thriving in them. The companys success is likely due to the infrastructure it already had in place to prosper in times like these.

Love Hemp has its own wholesale production business with LH Botanicals, which is the UKs biggest seed-to-shelf premium CBD supplier. It provides a complete range of CBD products for wholesale, bulk, and white label and it works with brands to formulate and develop their own finished products. Additionally, Love Hemp has its own secondary online retailer, and it has already secured shelf space in pharmacies and with leading retailers, and the company has a team that is constantly thinking outside-the-box to develop new products and negotiate shelf space with some of the UKs largest retailers.

Brightfield Group released new consumer research in mid-March 2020 that indicated, anxiety rated as the highest ailment among CBD users with depression and insomnia following close behind. But, interestingly, Brightfield Group found that self-care products have become a popular topic on social media. With much of the world in quarantine or slowly emerging from it right now, Brightfield Group says, many are turning to self-care indulgences to keep themselves sane and even just pass the time, which is likely to help boost some CBD self-care products during quarantine time.

Love Hemp is in a position to offer products that can help with what is ailing each of these groups. First, all of the companys products have certified CBD concentration and are certified to be 100% THC free. Globally there is growing awareness about the possible health benefits of CBD oil, including for anxiety relief, as an anti-seizure solution, for pain relief, as a neuroprotective, etc., and Love Hemp even offers self-care products.

Brightfield Group has estimated significant growth over the next four years in the European market. The firms research expects 400% growth in Europes legal cannabis market by the end of 2023, and with Love Hemp situated in the UK and succeeding, it is in an ideal position to capture a large share of that growing European market. Read about World High Life/Love Hemps planned brand expansion in other global CBD markets:

To learn more about World High Life visit:

To learn more about Love Hemp visit:

Or to ask questions directly, call their toll-free number in North America: 1 (888) 616-WRHLF (9745)

About World High Life

World High Life PLC is an investment company with a strategic focus to invest in and/or acquire companies operating in the CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis industry. The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp Ltd., is one of the UK's leading CBD and Hemp product suppliers and has more than 40 product lines, comprising oils, sprays and vapes, and a variety of edible and water-based CBD products. Love Hemp has established relationships with over 1,200 stores in the UK, including leading brands such as Ocado, Holland & Barrett, and WH Smith.

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This article was written based on publicly available information. Stock Market Media Group may, from time to time, include our own opinions about the companies, their business, markets, and opportunities in our articles. Any opinions we may offer about any of the companies we write about are solely our own and are made in reliance upon our rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and are provided solely for the general opinionated discussion of our readers. Our opinions should not be considered to be complete, precise, accurate, or current investment advice, or construed or interpreted as research. Any investment decisions you may make concerning any of the securities we write about are solely your responsibility based on your own due diligence. Our publications are provided only as an informational aid, and as a starting point for doing additional independent research. We encourage you to invest carefully and read the investor information available at the web site of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission at, where you can also find all of World High Lifes filings and disclosures. We also recommend, as a general rule, that before investing in any securities, you consult with a professional financial planner or advisor, and you should conduct a complete and independent investigation before investing in any security after prudent consideration of all pertinent risks. We are not a registered broker, dealer, analyst, or advisor. We hold no investment licenses and may not sell, offer to sell, or offer to buy any security. Our publications about World High Life are not a recommendation to buy or sell a security.

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If Stock Market Media Group ever accepts compensation in the form of free trading shares of the company being profiled and decides to sell these shares into the public market at any time before, during, or after the release of the companys profile, our disclaimer will be updated accordingly to reflect the current position of any free trading shares received as compensation for our services.

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Love Hemp Thriving in 2020 Leading the Way for World High Life in the CBD and Hemp Markets - GlobeNewswire

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Talking to the Most Powerful Woman in Skin Care – The Cut

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In the beauty industry, they call it the Caroline effect. Skin-care influencer Caroline Hirons is so powerful that she can bring a product back from near death. Legend has it that in 2013, Clinique was about to discontinue its Take the Day Off Balm. But after Hirons gave a wholehearted recommendation of it on her site, the boost acted like defibrillator paddles and saved the product from entering the product graveyard. (Clinique even provided an official statement about the incident.) Hirons has done the same for other beloved products, among them Biologique P-50 and Pixi Glow Tonic.

On the beauty boards and on YouTube, Hirons comes across as a wisecracking straight-talker who isnt afraid to cut through the jargon and deliver the truth, scattered with a few F-bombs. Her first book out this week is called SkinCARE: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide. It answers basic questions like how much product you should use, with helpful cheat sheets devoted to eye cream and other skin-care categories. Theres also a section called Get Into the Sea filled with products Hirons considers a complete waste of space and time. Among them: face wipes (Hironss public enemy No. 1), sheet masks (wipes with holes cut out for eyes), and foaming cleansers (No part of your body should squeak).

The Cut caught up with Hirons to talk about beauty routines during COVID-19, how she thinks Black Lives Matter will affect the beauty industry, and whether skin care is, ultimately, kind of a scam.

How has the pandemic affected the way youve thought about skin care and beauty? It hasnt changed anything for me. For other people, I think its made them sit up and take care of their skin a bit more. Ive heard that many peoples skin is changing. Most people have gone one of two ways. Theyre either dry, dehydrated, flaky, or theyre breaking out.

I am just doing what I always do. If people are avoiding wipes and doing something properly, then thats good. People who are active in the skin care community have been loving it. Its a great time to soup up the actives, retinoids, without having to worry about downtime.

A few years ago, an article went viral suggesting that skin care was a scam. What did you think of the piece and the premise? I saw that. I was not happy. I read that and thought, Shes either blessed with great genes, is the most cynical person on earth, or both. If anything, it got me a few more followers because I became a safe place for people who not only need skin care but enjoy using it.

Ive always said that people should feel like the healthiest version of themselves. I hate the term anti-aging. Surely thats a bonus to life, getting older. You need to talk to someone you trust about skin care. Everyone comes at it with a different angle at a different time of their life. Theres not one product that will make you a skin-care believer its much more nuanced than that. If youre jaded about skin care, what was your previous bad experience? And just like any industry, theres good and bad. Whats up with your skin genetically? Are you going through menopause or puberty? Everyone has a different story.

When I meet someone I say, Tell me what youre using and what you want from this. Its not about my agenda. My agenda is to help them get the skin they want. If they say, I want everything firmed up and dont want to look a day over 30, then I say, Well, you may need a needle. Considering we all have the same skin, its all different.

What motivates you to have a skin-care routine, personally? Is it because its your job? I dont do it because its my job. Its been ingrained in me since I was a teen. Ive been doing it almost 40 years. This job happened because I took care of my skin and went down that road. I dont need motivation to do it. Its an integral part of my everyday self-care.

Why do you see skin care as self-care? I think of vanity and self-care as different things. Its not vain if you take care of yourself. Its fundamental. Youre not vain when you eat dinner. Washing your hair and face and rear end is not vanity. Its self-care. Vanity comes into it if you are obsessive about things about yourself that you want to change. It ties into self-acceptance when people grow up hatingcertain parts of their body or themselves.

Why not take care of your skin? If you need encouragement to proceed with self-care, theres a bigger issue besides that you dont feel like cleansing. Your skin and hygiene are some of the first things you neglect when youre not well. For example, I have quite a few readers in the North Corridor who have Lyme disease. They tell me that they dont have the energy, and they cant do anything. They ask me, Whats the bare minimum I can do?

Do you see skin care as health? Theres a certain element of health. But its no different from my two cats licking themselves. Its self-care; its related to their health. Theyre all kind of intertwined. Is brushing your teeth vain? Its just grooming, and humans have been doing it for centuries. Before there were toothbrushes and toothpaste, there were sticks. Men get away with calling it grooming, but when its women, theres negativity.

Ive been doing Instagram Lives all during lockdown. Ive done it with gray roots in a bun. My lashes fell off in week two. My nails fell off who knows when. Beauty is prone to a lot of judgment because people like to judge women. Some reports seem to suggest that its the sole responsibility of the beauty industry to reduce plastic, as if plastic bottles and straws dont exist. Again, because its women.

Face wipes, however, are a whole other argument. Theyre created for laziness. Theyre destroying the planet. What you wont get from me is making women feel guilty for taking care of themselves.

What effect do you think Black Lives Matter will have on the beauty industry? Im 50, so Ive seen uprisings. Things then quickly went back to normal. The fact that LOral apologized publicly to Munroe Bergdorf is great and long overdue. Over here in the U.K., Boots was called out by a Black woman who noticed that all the Caucasian hair care was on a shelf, and all the Black hair care was security-tagged. Little things like that chip away it suggests that youre a thief or you cant be trusted because of your skin color. Im hoping were turning a corner we dont have to visit again. I hope it doesnt once again just become the way we operate because the beauty industry is run by middle-aged white men.

My daughters generation will see hopefully more change. They wont have to go through what I went through coming up the ranks. Like when you tell people youre pregnant and they ask you, Are you keeping it? emphasis on it. Well, no Brian, if I wasnt keeping it, would I be telling you? Now I look back and think, Oh God, we put up with so much crap.

In the long term, the vision has to be that we support more independent businesses, and Black-owned businesses. These businesses also need financial aid so that we can lift them out of the trials that white people have put them in. We need to think about how we can fix this. Once COVID-19 has ended and we have some sense of normality, it will be key to see who is still left standing and has honored what theyve said theyre going to do.

When you recommend a product, is it based on the merits of the product only? Or do you take other things into account, like the companys values and their political stances? It had always been product first. So if the product is great, then I think about the brand. There are a couple of brands I dont talk about because I have personal history with them and I wont give them the oxygen. The main thing my readers ask about is animal testing and then whether a product is vegan.

In my autumn and winter skin-care kits, we will be doing a shout-out to smaller Black-owned businesses. We may have to help them financially, as a lot of these brands may not be used to making the quantity needed for these kits. Were looking at ways we can support business while still doing ours, and extending it into, yes, they have to be ethical. If LOral hadnt apologized to Munroe, it would have been a different situation.

It depends on the politics, and its nuanced. One of the Lauders has donated millions to Trump. If you were to say, Right, we are boycotting Lauder, youre also boycotting the biggest employer of Black people in our industry. No one employs more nonwhite people than M.A.C. If you boycott Lauder, the knockdown effect is not supporting Black makeup artists.

Lauder does a lot of things very well. Lets face it, they are a massively privileged family. The way they counter it is with charity donations and breast-cancer awareness, and the people I know in management and head-office roles there are very happy. They do employ a lot of people who arent white. It all depends on whats important to you. Every person will have to vote with their own dollar.

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Talking to the Most Powerful Woman in Skin Care - The Cut

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Charles Webb, Elusive Author of The Graduate, Dies at 81 – The New York Times

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Charles Richard Webb was born on June 9, 1939, in San Francisco, and grew up in Pasadena, Calif. His father, Dr. Richard Webb, was a heart specialist, part of a wealthy social circle like the one Charles would skewer in The Graduate. (Charles described his relationship with his father as reasonably bad.) His mother, Janet Farrington Webb, was, he said, a socialite and an avid reader from whom he was always looking for crumbs of approval. He said The Graduate was an attempt to win her favor; it went decidedly wrong.

A younger brother, Sidney Farrington Webb, became a doctor in Las Cruces, N.M.

Charles went to boarding school and then to Williams College in Massachusetts, where he earned a degree in American history and literature in 1961. He said his schools had been chosen for him on the basis of how it looked. A mediocre student, he nonetheless managed to win a two-year writing fellowship, which he used to write The Graduate.

While at Williams, he met Ms. Rudd, a Bennington College student. She was a former debutante from a family of teachers with a bohemian streak her brother was the avant-garde jazz trombonist Roswell Rudd and they both rejected the bourgeois worlds of their families. Their first date, they told interviewers, was in a cemetery.

Their romance, and her mothers disapproval of him, became the basis for The Graduate. The inspiration for the character Mrs. Robinson, who seduces young Benjamin, may have come from one of his parents friends, whom he accidentally saw naked.

Reviewing the book in The Times, Orville Prescott called it a fictional failure but favorably compared its protagonist to Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye.

With its mumbling ennui and conversations that do not connect, the novel captured the moment just before the repressed Eisenhower era blossomed into the Technicolor 1960s. The characters are not idealistic; theyre groping for ideals, their flight from their parents values and lifestyles more solitary than collective. In the last pages, Benjamin and Elaine are alone on a bus, shaken, heading into a future that is opaque to them. Hello darkness, my old friend.

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Charles Webb, Elusive Author of The Graduate, Dies at 81 - The New York Times

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