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Enyimba will thread with caution away to San Pedro – Osho – Latest Sports News In Nigeria – Brila

Posted: February 3, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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Interim coach of Enyimba FC Fatai Osho has stated that the Peoples Elephant will thread with caution ahead of this Sundays make or break trip to Cote divoire where they face already eliminated Ivorian side San Pedro FC in the final group stage game of the CAF Confederation cup.

San Pedro as at now are out of the competition completely and they stand to lose absolutely nothing. And when youre playing with no pressure, some teams tend to play better in that situation and thats why we have to be a bit careful, we have to bring in our A game to get the needed result.

We should not be of the illusion that the San Pedro team are out and hence will be an easy pick. Its not going to be that way.

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Enyimba will thread with caution away to San Pedro - Osho - Latest Sports News In Nigeria - Brila

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February 3rd, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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Ma Anand Sheela Talks To Neha Dhupia On Working For Osho: There Is A Certain Spirituality In Criminality – Koimoi

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Ma Anand Sheela has become a celebrity and it is probably not for all the right reasons. She is known for her work that she did under Oshos guidance and we all know that it was not very righteous. But Ma Anand Sheela never regretted being a part of the cult. She disappeared after Oshos cult dissolved itself and only reappeared recently.

Sheela has been giving interviews about her time with Osho and has been very open about her experience. She appeared on Netflixs show Wild Wild Country and is now even looking forward to her biopic. She recently sat for a chat with Neha Dhupia at the closing session of the 11th TiEcon in Mumbai. She talked about her life, her new business and urged businessman to live life on their own and build their business.

Talking about working with Osho, Ma Anand Sheela said, I worked for a mad man and I loved every minute of it. Every hour of my existence now is a fragrance of Bhagwans teachings that I have carried in my heart and brains. The way I ran my homes, I have run my homes, there is same love and same intensity. It began from small things like cleaning up, administration and implementation of laws. Before I did Bhagwans work, now I am my own boss.

She also talked about her famous statement that there are similarities between spirituality and criminality. There is a certain spirituality in criminality. What bigger crime is there than to sell you a product that has no guarantee? People sell meditation and enlightenment. Spiritual leaders make false promises.

I do not want to discourage anybody here who is meditating or who is spiritual or is into enlightenment, but I cannot be duped by that. If you understand the concept and logic, you will use the time that you used in meditation into self-reflection, she said.

Talking about her biopic, Priyanka Chopra will soon start shooting for it. The biopic on Ma Anand Sheela will be directed by Barry Levinson.

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Ma Anand Sheela Talks To Neha Dhupia On Working For Osho: There Is A Certain Spirituality In Criminality - Koimoi

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February 3rd, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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Nederland resident imagineers a veterans’ ownership village – The Mountain -Ear

Posted: January 27, 2020 at 8:46 pm

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John Scarffe, Nederland. Nederland resident Marcelo Mainzer has designed a concept to give veterans ownership of their time and lives. The Egalitarian Eco-Village Makers Districts (EEV MD) would be run as a workers cooperative corporation, 3D built and run by 175 formerly homeless veterans.

The Eco-Village will be a community whose inhabitants seek to live according to ecological principles, causing as little impact on the environment as possible. The Makers Districts will be a 100-acre Planned Use Development of legacy homes, organic food and clean energy production, retail shops, community healing and educational centers, retirement homes and homeless shelters.

The worker cooperative corporation will be owned and self-managed by its worker stakeholders, under the one worker one vote rule. The proposed concept can clear a path for 175 veterans and their families to build their own economically, energetically and agriculturally self-sustaining Eco-village Makers District.

Mainzer proposes utilizing the EEV MD coop web site, social media and grassroots organizing to reach out to the 40,000 veterans who are homeless on any given night in the United States and invite them to apply for consideration as the first 175 mission specialists to build the first EEV MD. The application process will be a combination of private and military sector assessment testing geared to recruit individuals who are best suited to the work that needs to be done, as the project progresses.

When all 175 applicants have been selected, they are guided, by council, through the process of creating a prospectus to apply for, with their VA benefits, a construction loan of $75 million. Working capital can be found in Social Impact Bonds. This project is for-profit, mission driven and immensely scalable and is seeking $30,000 to $100,000 in seed capital to perform formal due diligence and begin the application process.

Mainzer said the response to the concept design has been overwhelmingly encouraging in applauding the idea. Almost every aspect has been proven in the real world for decades, he said. From the start, it would determine the most in-demand services and products to insure the greatest monetary income.

I firmly believe that catastrophic climate change may be as little as five years away,

Mainzer said. Communities that are able to produce the means to meet their needs will survive. EEV MD like communities can model an alternative to the current 19th century economic system we are addicted to, Mainzer said.

Mainzer, now 61 years old, is an immigrant, having arrived in the United States at the age of four from Argentina. His father escaped Nazi Germany when he was 14 years old and grew up in Buenos Aires in the 1950s, when it was the Paris of South America.

Mainzer said about his father, He was creative, intelligent, jovial and hardworking, and I think angry. I feel his anger was born of being exiled from the land of his ancestors going back ten generations in Germany.

His father thrived in Argentinas Jewish community, and at a relatively young age, he owned his own business, had a beautiful wife, young daughter and son. In 1963, an uncle told him to come to America, because the streets are littered with gold and all one had to do was stoop to pick it up.

His father believed the promise of America, so much so that he left his second home and brought the family to America. Quickly, he learned that getting that gold required great effort, so he worked himself up from a body and fender man, through traveling jewelry salesman in Los Angeles to owning a precision tool business and finally as an insurance broker.

His fathers big dream was to gather together a group of families and buy an island they could call their own. Mainzer inherited his fathers big dream, though not his dedication to meet his fiscal responsibilities.

Mainzer grew up in the late sixties and early seventies in The Valley, North Hollywood, and was a reading addict from the age of seven. I was an odd combination of brawn and brains that made me an outcast, Mainzer said. I was mostly bored academically and ended up doing construction for a living and accumulating data for fun.

Despite his hard-working fathers efforts, the familys economic situation fluctuated and they moved several times. Mainzer attended Waldorf school in his primary years and then a series of middle schools, two public junior highs and a high school.

At 11 years old, Mainzer had an epiphany that imagined military subscription being used as a coming of age ritual in public service for positive endeavors like disaster relief, an expansion of things like the Engineers Corp. or Americorps with nations globally supporting each other.

Mainzer has lived a Gypsy lifestyle, including the parts where he often found himself at odds with society and the courts. He lived in the San Fernando Valley, Saugus, the Hollywood Hills, San Francisco, Phoenix, Hawaii, Wisconsin and all over the Boulder and Denver Metro areas seeking a place to call home.

Mainzer has done significant experiential work including Path of Love with the Osho Leela folks and attended the Mankind Project, New Warrior Weekend. My career path has woven through construction, personal assistant and the sales industry. I am a poor employee.

Mainzer has been in Nederland for about seven months. He said: Id always heard that Ned was a place where a misfit might fit in. Mainzer has done work as a freelancer for Blacktie Colorado for almost a decade off and on and has tended towards one-man companies including Just Task Me, Concierge and Errand Service and A Handy Man to Have Around, construction services.

What I do best is innovate, Mainzer said. For at least a decade, I have billed myself an Imagineer; I see solutions in my mind then research whether they have already been tried or not.

That feeling of not belonging and his fathers big dream led Mainzer to many spiritual groups and practices, but he didnt find one that felt like home; a place where people worked together to support each others happiness, for love not money.

I was told, at a young age, that one must give away what they want most, to have it. I tend to give away too much, that combined with a lackadaisical attitude towards money have kept me near poverty my entire life.

In the past ten years, Mainzer has spent many hours working on a path to giving to others, and what he wants most. He says, To live in a place where we are all owners and take ownership, where the dominant paradigm is, By nurturing Self Realization in the individual, the community thrives.

Col. Dr. George Patrin once called Mainzer the real deal in his devotion to his work. He also connected him to Patch Adams who sent Mainzer his book, with a personal note encouraging him to continue.

For further information, contact Marcelo Mainzer- Founder, Imagineer, PO Box 472, Nederland, CO, 80466,

(Originally published in the January 23, 2020, print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

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Nederland resident imagineers a veterans' ownership village - The Mountain -Ear

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January 27th, 2020 at 8:46 pm

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Enyimbas Afelokhai, five others return to training – The Nation Newspaper

Posted: January 11, 2020 at 5:45 am

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By Tunde Liadi

Enyimba have got positive updates from the treatment table after some of their injured players returned to training and are making progress ahead of their must win CAF Confederation Cup Matchday Four tie with Paradou AC of Algeria in Aba.

The Peoples Elephant have been battling with injuries to first team players but Theophilus Afelokhai, Andrew Abalogu, Stanley Dimgba and Nelson Ogbonnaya have resumed training with their teammates and could play some part in Sundays game if the interim coach, Fatai Osho gets the greenlight from the medical team for them to be fielded.

The media aide of the team, Bariza Zazi told NationSport that the four players have resumed training and are making progress towards a comeback to the team.

He, however, disclosed that Thomas Zenke and Ifeanyi Anaemena trained separately as they were still recovering from the injuries. Enyimba who recently changed their coach, Usman AbdAllah with Osho are third in Group D with three points from three games ahead of their blockbuster fixture with the Algerian opposition at the Enyimba Stadium, Aba on Sunday.

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Enyimbas Afelokhai, five others return to training - The Nation Newspaper

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January 11th, 2020 at 5:45 am

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Anand Sheela interview: It is time people know the real me –

Posted: December 29, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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Before Sheela Ambalal Patel (or Sheela Silverman, or Ma Anand Sheela, or Sheela Birnstiel) announced that Alia Bhatt was her choice of actor to play her on the big screen, and long after she sent a legal notice to Priyanka Chopra when she heard that Chopra was developing a script based on her life, the former Rajneesh aide was meeting journalists in India. Sheela is the subject of a Netflix documentary directed by Amit Madhesiya and Shirley Abraham and produced by Shakun Batra for Karan Johars Dharma Productions. The documentary, titled Ma Anand Sheela, will include a conversation between Sheela and Johar, interviews, and candid moments of her trip through India.

Batra will direct a separate biopic on Sheela, which will reportedly be headlined by Alia Bhatt and will also be produced by Dharma Productions.

Sheela, who is now 70, was the personal secretary and spokesperson of the godman Rajneesh in the 1980s. She ran his commune, Rajneeshpuram, in the American state of Oregon, and was involved in a series of controversies and crimes. In 1984, Sheela was sentenced to 20 years for attempted murder and assault, but she got paroled after 39 months. Her story has been detailed in the immensely successful Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country. Sheela now lives in Switzerland, where she runs two care homes for seniors and people with degenerative illnesses.

How many women do you know who have built an entire city, and all I am known for is tough titties, she says in the trailer of the upcoming documentary series.

Spirituality is not for me, Sheela told I was Bhagwans lover and manager of the entire Rajneesh movement. I had a tough job in hand, and that is forgotten. To build an entire city [in Oregon] is not a joke.

Shakun Batra, who was also present at the interview, said the documentary takes off from where Wild Wild Country ended. Anand Sheela is so many things she is a pop icon, an Osho spokesperson, a criminal. but nobody really knows the real her, Batra said. With this documentary, we follow her return to India and unreel the layers to reveal who the real Anand Sheela is.

Sheela was born in Vadodara and moved to America when she was 18. I am here today and I could withstand all that I went through in my life is because my parents taught me to be tenacious and focussed, she said.

She is sharp and staccato in her responses to questions about her life. This is the right time for me to be here, Sheela declared. There is no logical explanation to it, really. I wished this film to happen so people know the real me. I think it is time. She also wishes to work in India. I feel that my people, my relatives and people I knew are ready to accept me now, she said. This is a different India I have come to.

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Anand Sheela interview: It is time people know the real me -

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December 29th, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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A historic and cultural glimpse into Pune, from the lap of luxury – Indulgexpress

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Punes cultural landscape is often overshadowed by that of Mumbai. Slices of history peek through the modern vista in this city, but are also balanced by a youthful urban population. We took a short two-day trip to stay at the newly opened The Ritz-Carlton, Pune, the second one in the country, and we packed in a bit of what Pune has to offer.

The pleasures of the city start as soon as you enter, as the airport is a mere 15-minute drive from the hotel, a welcome change for us coming from Bengaluru. Flanked by the Poona Golf Course, the hotel makes for a striking sight.After being greeted by the staff,we made our way to our room, that oozed luxury. A glorious view of the golf course, a king-sized bed, a huge TV and a walk-in closet: what more could we ask for!

Steeped in Our Friday afternoon began with a high tea at their Tea Lounge. Fine China graced the table as weselected our brew. On offer were Chinese floral and fruity teas, but we stuck to the traditional English Breakfast. It paired excellently with the cucumber sandwiches and array of tea cakes. Sitting under the glittering grand chandelier, this meal truly made us feel royal.

Our next stop was the spa. We were ushered into the room for a signature treatment a full body massage with black pepper and eucalyptus oil. The warm oils and the expert masseuse eased awayall the tension from our body. The cherry on top was the steam and sauna room you can unwind in after the massage.

Dinner was at Three Kitchens and Bar, a buffet restaurantoffering the best of world cuisine. Fresh pastas, breads, Asiandelicacies and Indian classics were just some of the options that caught our eye. Holding fort Saturday promised an exciting itinerary for us a tour of some of the historic landmarks of the city. We started with the fort Shaniwar Wada, famouslyfeatured in the movie Bajirao Mastani. Although a lot of the structure burnt down in a fire in 1828, some of the gates andfountains still stand and impress with their grandeur. Another place to visit is the Aga Khan Palace, built by the Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III, that served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and his wife in the 1940s. A walk into the local market, Tulshi Baug, proved more fun than we expected. Although super crowded, the street side shops here offer everything from miniature kitchen sets for kids to counterfeit Kylie lip kits.

And, naturally, we also dug into some of the local snacks while on our day out. Sabudana vada is highly recommended, of course. We wrapped up the outing with a traditional thali at the famed Maratha Samrat restaurant. Back in the hotel, we donned our swimming costumes and headed to the pool, for a post-lunch dip. The infinity pool overlooking the busy street and lush greenery just does the trick when you want to relax.

Of sake andscallops The highlight of our trip, and we saved the best for last, was our dinner at Ukiyo, the fine-dine Japanese restaurant. Named after the Japanese word for a certain kind of pleasure seeking lifestyle, the modern restaurant was pure decadence stone walls lined with their sake selection, a robatayaki grill and the most exquisite dishes made of choicest produce. We dined on the fresh flavours of seafood and delicate sushi, accompanied by carafes of sake. A customary slice of Japanese Cheesecake and sesame ice cream brought our meal to an end, and unfortunately our holiday as well.

The next day, a quick taste of the regional and international breakfast at Three Kitchen and Bar later, we headed to the airport, bidding goodbye to the city, of which we saw a new side on this holiday. The Ritz-Carlton, Pune pampered us with its ornate decor, warm hospitality and unmatchable culinary offerings.


Tuck in Here are some must-tryeateries in Pune: Vaidya Upahar Gruha:A 105-year-old institutionthat serves the best andmost authentic misal and pohe in town, were told. What sets them apart is their green misal due to the addition of green chilies. At Budhwar Peth

Maratha Samrat: Gostraight for the thali at this restaurant and top it up with a glass of solkadhi. The thali, available in vegetarian, mutton and fish options, comes with dishes such as bhakri, tambda rassa and stickyIndra rice. At Camp

German Bakery:You cant miss the famous Shrewsbury biscuits from this bakery if youre in Pune. Located near the Osho Ashram, this was also the site of the 2010 bomb blasts.At Koregaon Park

At Yerawada, Pune. The writer was at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune by invitation. @anaghzzz

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A historic and cultural glimpse into Pune, from the lap of luxury - Indulgexpress

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Chesterfield 1 v 2 Yeovil Town: Spireites lose again and defender Will Evans plays as makeshift goalkeeper for last half an hour – Derbyshire Times

Posted: December 11, 2019 at 8:52 pm

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Chesterfield defender Will Evans had to put the gloves on after an injury to goalkeeeper Luke Coddington when all three subs had been used.

Myles Hippolyte opened the scoring for the visitors after just two minutes when he side-footed the ball past Luke Coddington frominside the area.

Rhys Murphy grabbed his 15thof the season from the penalty spot on 24 minutes after the striker was fouledby Anthony Gerrard.

Curtis Weston thumped in a superbvolley from distance to give Chesterfield a lifeline on the hour mark.

But within minutescaptainEvans hadto put the goalkeepergloves on after Coddingtonwent off with what looked like a serious injury after slipping in the wet conditions when kicking the ball.

Town had already used all their three substitutes, with Matt Tootle stretchered off early in the first-half,and so played more than half an hour with 10-men and their centre-half between the sticks.

Yeovil could not take advantage of their extra men and claimed the three points while the Spireites have now gone seven games without a win and are second bottom of the division.

The match had beenin doubt before kick-off due to heavy rainfallwith two pitch inspections held at 6.30pm and 7pm but referee Thomas Parsons called the game on but with a delayed start of 8pm.

John Sheridan named an unchanged starting line-up and bench from Saturdays defeat to Bromley.

The hostsgot off to the worst possible start when Hippolyte placed a shot into the bottom corner after two minutes.

Town were dealt another blow when Tootle was stretchered off resulting in seven minutes being added on at the end of the first-half. David Buchanan replaced him and went into midfield while Will Evans moved toright-back.

The Blues first sight of goal came when Mike Fondop headed against the crossbar from a Jay Sheridan free-kick but the striker was ruled offside.

The promotion-chasing visitors doubled their lead on 24 minutes from the penalty spot after Gerrard brought downMurphy in the box.

Murphy sentCoddington the wrong wayas boos rang around the Proact from The Bluessupporters, who have now seen their team already lose eight times at home this season.

It could have been more for Yeovil before half-time had it not been for a smart double save from Coddington to deny Hippolyte and Courtney Duffus.

Boss Sheridan brought on Tom Denton and Jermaine McGlashan before the hour mark to try and find a way back into the game.

And the break through came when Weston volleyed in from 25 yards following a corner to give Chesterfield hope.

But before they had chance to mount another attackCoddington slipped when kicking the ball andwas stretchered off after being down for more than five minutes.

Evans went in goal but was not really tested apart from having to punch a cross clear.

Town had one late opportunity through an acrobtaic effort from Jermaine McGlashan in the last minute of nine added on but it would not have been deserved.

Chesterfield: Coddington; Tootle (Buchanan, 9), Evans (c), Gerrard, Hollis, Sheridan; Maguire, Weston, Nepomuceno (McGlashan, 59); Fondop, Boden (Denton, 50).

Subs: Jalal, McGlashan, Denton, Shaw, Buchanan.

Yeovil Town: Nelson, Dath, Murphy, Dagnall,Dickinson, Duffus, Hippolyte, Lee, Osho, Skendi, Williams.

Subs: Tilley, Worthington, Bradbury, Hutton, Whelan.

Referee: Thomas Parsons

Attendance: 3,161 (94 away)

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Chesterfield 1 v 2 Yeovil Town: Spireites lose again and defender Will Evans plays as makeshift goalkeeper for last half an hour - Derbyshire Times

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11/21/19 Blotter – SRU The Online Rocket

Posted: November 25, 2019 at 1:45 am

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November 14 Police received a call from Resident Life concerned that a student hadnt been in class. The persons roommates hadnt seen or heard from the person. Officer contacted person, and the person was at their home residence and stated that they would be returning to campus that evening.

November 14 Police received a fire alarm activation in ROCK apartments. Alarm was activated by burnt food.

November 14 Police received a call from a nurse stating that a vehicle was parked in Rhoads Hall Staff Lot running with its lights on for over an hour. Upon arrival, vehicle was not occupied and not running, but the lights were left on. Dispatch was unable to locate a contact number for owner of the vehicle.

November 14 Police received a fire alarm activation in Building D. Alarm was activated by burnt hair.

November 14 Police received a call from community assistant (CA) in Building E reporting an odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. Officer on scene contacted residents who stated that they had just returned to room and the odor was already present. Officer checked area and no drugs were located. No further police action was taken.

November 14 Police received a call from CA in Building F stating that an odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. Officers on scene spoke with residents of room and drug paraphernalia was located. Charges are pending.

November 15 Police received a call from CA in Building D stating water was backed up in a shower in a second floor dorm. Officer on scene noticed water was then leaking into the first floor ceiling. Maintenance was notified and responded.

November 16 Police received a call from CA in Building F for a possible alcohol violation in dorm room. Officer on scene spoke to people inside the room. Individual was highly intoxicated. Officer transported person to Health Center for treatment. Person was unruly and transported to the university police station. Individuals parent was notified and came to station to pick up their child. Jacob Osho, 18, was cited with an alcohol violation.

November 16 Police received a fire alarm activation from Mihalik-Thompson Stadium. There was a faint burning odor coming from visitors locker room area.

November 16 Police received a call from an individual stating that they are in the Weisenfluh Dining Hall building for an event and an alarm was activated. No alarms were present. Responding officer found that the alarm was from a person opening an Emergency Exit Only door. The door was propped open which caused the alarm to activate. The door was secured.

November 16 Police received fire alarm activation in Mihalik-Thompson Stadium. Alarm was set off by safety working on previous fire alarm activation. All was OK.

November 16 Police received a call from an individual in Building F that had not been heard from or spoken to his friend in over a week. Person does not live on campus. Caller called dispatch and advised that they had contacted person. Everything is OK.

November 16 Police received an intruder alarm activation in the Ski Lodge. Alarm was set off by event staff person that was having an event at the facility. Alarm system was reset.

November 16 Police were called in regards to an individual that was in Building F that had a no trespass and is not allowed to be in the building. Officer spoke to CA who stated that order was issued by Residents Life. Police were unable to find order through police dispatch. CA sent a copy of order to police department. Case is still under investigation.

November 16 Police were dispatched to Building E for an odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. Police on scene contacted occupants. Drug paraphernalia as well as alcohol were discovered. Kathryn Bonczewski, 18, was cited with disorderly conduct. Jada Snowden, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation.

November 17 Slippery Rock Borough Police Department (PD) requested assistance with a loud party on North Main Street. University police assisted in removing occupants of house. No further action was taken by university police.

November 17 Police received a call for a highly intoxicated person in the hallway on the third floor of Watson Hall. Officer on scene identified that individual was of legal age, person was not sick and cooperating with responding officer. Person was having trouble maintaining balance. Police transported person to the Health Center for treatment. No further police action was taken.

November 17 Pennsylvania state police (PSP) requested back up for a traffic stop on Kiester Road with multiple occupants inside of vehicle. University police stood by and secured occupants while field sobriety tests were performed. PSP took driver into custody for possible DUI, and Prys Towing responded and towed vehicle.

November 17 Police received a call to check on a person in Building D. Police contacted person and everything was fine.

November 17 Police responded to a smoke detector activation in Watson hall. Police checked the room, and there was burnt food in the microwave.

November 17 Police were called for a person having a possible reaction and needed assistance in administering an epi-pen in Building A. While officer was administering the epi-pen, officer was hit by the needle. Officer was taken to the hospital for possible reaction to pen exposure. Caller was fine and refused further treatment.

November 18 University police assisted Slippery Rock PD with traffic control for a motor vehicle accident on East Cooper Street.

November 18 Police received a call from a concerned parent who stated that they received a call from their child that while working out, they had an elevated heart rate, but then the heart rate went back to normal. Parent was concerned that they havent heard from their child and was unable to make contact. While officer was responding, father called back and stated that their child was OK and is now swimming. No further police action was taken.

November 19 University police conducted a traffic stop near Smith Commuter Lot, which resulted in drug paraphernalia being located inside the vehicle. Devyn Nicolia, 18, was cited with disorderly conduct.

November 19 Police received a call of a suspicious male wearing a black suit driving a SUV. Male was looking weirdly toward caller and pulled closer to persons vehicle. Person was a limousine driver on campus and was picking up an individual to transport them to Pittsburgh International Airport. Person was looking for a place to park their vehicle. No further police action was taken.

November 19 Police received a call from CA in Building F stating there was an odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. Officer on scene contacted residents. No drugs were found.

November 21 Police received a call from CA in Building E of an odor of marijuana was coming from a dorm room. Officer on scene contacted residents. No drugs were found.

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11/21/19 Blotter - SRU The Online Rocket

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Goalkeeper top priority for Reading FC in transfer window, say fans – Get Reading

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Reading fans have urged the club to sign a new goalkeeper in the January transfer window.

Brazilian shotstopper Rafael is the current no.1 having joined the club late in the summer window after ending his contract early with Sampdoria.

But there is little in the way of back-up for the 29-year-old with both Joao Virginia and Sam Walker failing to convince between the sticks.

With this in mind, supporters reckon the club should sign another goalkeeper in the New Year to provide cover for Rafael.

In a fan survey conducted by Berkshire Live, 31 per cent of fans said the goalkeeping department was the one most in need of strengthening at Reading.

Nearly 23 per cent said a midfielder was needed, while a new striker and a left winger were also high on the list.

Former Reading loanee midfielder Lewis Baker, who is currently on loan at Fortuna Dusseldorf in the Bundlesliga from parent club Chelsea, is the player most fans want the club to sign in January.

The 25-year-old had a highly productive loan spell with Royals in the second half of last season and played an instrumental part as former boss Jose Gomes steered the side to Championship survival.

Danny Loader and Chris Gunter were two popular picks for which players should be loaned out by Reading in January.

Both players are out of contract in the summer and their days in Berkshire appear to be numbered.

A good number of fans who took the survey said the club's younger players - such as Josh Barrett, Michael Olise, Ryan East, Tom McIntyre and Gabriel Osho - all need a temporary exit in January.

Senior outcast pair Vito Mannone and Sone Aluko, whose loans expire at the end of the year, were identified by fans as players who should be sold in the upcoming window.

Gunter, Loader, Tyler Blackett and Sam Walker were also 'popular' picks by those who answered the survey.

Meanwhile, more than 60 per cent of fans who took the survey rated the season as three out of five - with one being disastrous and five as excelent. Almost 31 per cent gave the campaign a two.

A total of 78 per cent of fans said Reading were right to sack Gomes last month after the poor start to the season.

More than half who responded to the survey said midfielder Ovie Ejaria was the player of the season so far.

The Liverpool loanee has been in inspired form for Reading and is one of the top rated players in the league.

Ejaria was followed in the list by fellow midfielder John Swift and defenders Andy Yiadom and Michael Morrison.

Everton loanee Virginia has been named as the most disappointing player for Reading this season.

The 20-year-old has made just three appearances for Royals and has lost his place in the matchday squad after some high-profile errors.

Striker George Puscas was second in the list, with 16 per cent voting him as the most disappointing player so far.

The Romanian has scored just four goals in 16 appearances since his summer switch from Inter Milan. Pele and Loader were third and fourth respectively in the voting.

Fans appear to be fairly optimistic about what the season holds for Reading.

More than 60 per cent of loyal Royals said the club will finish between seventh and 12th in the Championship table come the end of the season.

Just over a quarter said Mark Bowen's side will finish between 13th and 21st in the standings.

Some fans (12 per cent) even predicted Reading to finish in one of the four play-off spots.

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November 25th, 2019 at 1:45 am

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‘Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator’: Netflix documentary charts the rise of an empire through systematic abuse by a – MEAWW

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A young charismatic Indian man, Bikram Choudhury, changed the face of yoga in America in the 1970s. Choudhury, with his distinct and grueling style of the ancient practice, earned a name amongst celebrities, counting stars like Elvis Presley, Shirley Maclaine, George Harrison, and even President Richard Nixon among his clients.

With extensive media exposure, Choudhury created a bad boy image for himself and spun tales of winning nonexistent yoga championships and purported health benefits of "hot yoga" which remained unquestioned at the time.

Choudhury, with enough recognition to go by, opened his own yoga studio and began offering $10,000 teacher training to the masses. His classes, however, were not what you would expect a typical yoga class to be. The massive auditorium with dozens of reverent disciples clinging to his every single instruction was vaguely reminiscent of the Rajneesh cult of the spiritual teacher Osho.

Through his classes, Choudhury had elevated himself to a godlike figure whose actions went unquestioned and unchallenged. His followers saw a father figure in him, and many believed he had changed their lives and bodies for the better with his trademark "Bikram Yoga."

His following and centers began expanding exponentially, making him the richest yoga guru in the world. However, that period is also when the red flags began showing. Netflix documentary 'Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator,' through a series of interviews of his students, details the months of unchecked abuse by the yoga guru who had become a predator.

Clad in just a black Speedo and a Rolex, Choudhury verbally attacked his students in class and then broke into melodious songs. His disciples, who had a cult-ish devotion to him, accepted their yoga guru's blatant abuse and even acquiesced to his demands of late-night massages. Sarah Baughn, Choudhury's student who completed her teacher training with him, was the first victim to publicly come forward, accusing him of sexual assault.

Baugh was midway through her training when the yoga guru first made his advances. She was called into his office where he asked her what were they going to do about their relationship.

The 20-something Baughn had no idea what he was talking about. Later that day in class, he placed her in standing bow pose in an entire room full of students and pulled on her leg, pushing her heart towards the floor. Choudhury then pushed his hips into Baughn as she stood vulnerable, and continued whispering in her ear, asking what should they do about their relationship. The unwarranted advances turned to abuse.

Baughn filed a lawsuit against Choudhury in 2014, alleging that he trapped her in his hotel room and forcibly attempted to initiate sex. Her public declaration resulted in floodgates being opened from other victims. They all had feared ostracism in the hot yoga community. Another student, Larissa Anderson, in the documentary, detailed how she was raped by Choudhury in his home while his wife and children were sleeping under the same roof.

Choudhury's first major lawsuit came from his former employee Micki Jafa-Bodden who sued him for unlawful termination after she began probing his predatory behavior towards his students.

Bikram Choudhury created a hyper-sexualized, offensive and degrading environment for women by, among other things, demanding that female staffers brush his hair and give him massages," Bodden said in her 2013 lawsuit.

He lost a $7.5 million civil lawsuit to Jafa-Bodden in 2016 and fled the United States, becoming a fugitive from the law. He has yet to pay Jafa-Bodden and has not faced any criminal charges.

Choudhury's story, however, is not yet over. He has continued to open centers in India and advertise for his teacher training classes, with the most recent being in Mexico, just a few hundred miles away from some of his victims.

'Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator' is streaming on Netflix now.

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'Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator': Netflix documentary charts the rise of an empire through systematic abuse by a - MEAWW

Written by admin

November 25th, 2019 at 1:44 am

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