Botaneco Launches New Hydresia® Delivery System Platform and Vegelatum® Omega-3 products to the Personal Care Market

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 6:11 am

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Products to be showcased at largestNorth American CosmeticsSupplier's Day on May 15th and 16th

QUEBEC CITY, May 9, 2012 /CNW/ - Botaneco Corp. ("Botaneco") (TSX-V:BOT),a health science company focused on natural proprietary ingredients in the cosmetic and food industries, todayannounces the commercial launch of two new revolutionary product offerings to the personal care industry. Both products are derived from its proprietary Hydresia and Vegelatum technologies, and can be used to replace some of the less desirable chemical ingredients used in cosmetics. These product offerings build on the company's track record of delivering innovative natural products that will make an impact in the growing $380 billion cosmetic industry.

Botaneco has developedHydrePure,a new delivery system for cosmetic ingredients based on the Hydresia Oleosome technology. Its first offering from this platform is HydrePure Retinol, a naturally encapsulated pure retinol in Oleosome product. Retinol, a natural form of vitamin A, has been used as a leading anti-aging active in the personal care industry for over a decade. However, well documented irritation and stability issues have prevented consumers from receiving the full benefits of retinol. Botaneco has discovered that retinol loaded inside Oleosomes has enhanced stability and a reduced irritation potential, when compared to retinol alone, which positions Botaneco to be a global leader in this well recognized anti-aging ingredient. Botaneco has worked closely with a key early adopter Dr. Zein Obagi and ZO Skin Health, Inc., who recently launched RETAMAX a new skin care product using Hydresia Oleosomes to stabilize retinol. Dr.Zein Obagi is a leading authority in cosmetic dermatology and created Skin Health Restoration, and Skin Conditioning, the standards by which skin conditions can be successfully treated regardless of skin color or age.

"Botaneco scientists have discovered how to effectively load and stabilize active ingredients, such as Retinol, within Oleosomes" stated Dr.Jack Guth , VP R&D at Botaneco. "We believe that the HydrePuredelivery platform can also be extended to include a variety of active ingredients beyond retinol and plan to offer these to the personal care industry in the future".

Botaneco is also excited to be launching a new product offering from its Vegelatum technology. Vegelatum Omega-3 is a natural proprietary vegetable gel loaded with flax seed oil, high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Botaneco has demonstrated in oxidative studies by an external laboratory that flax seed oil is significantly more stable when delivered in the form of Vegelatum gel than when it is delivered alone, allowing customers to make Omega-3 claims in their personal care products. This new commercial launch follows Botaneco's recent press release in April on the significant commercial expansion of the Vegelatum line through new formulation development and global distribution agreements.

"These two new exciting products will be showcased at the upcoming New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) suppliers day, giving cosmetic companies the opportunity to learn more about these revolutionary products" stated Tony Abboud , Director of Sales and Marketing at Botaneco. "Hydresia and Vegelatumare both proprietary plant based ingredients, the kind of natural ingredients that consumers want and that cosmetic companies are continually adopting into their new product lines. Botaneco aims to be a leading supplier of natural ingredients to the lucrative cosmetic industry and will continue to develop innovative products."

About Botaneco Corp. Botaneco Corp. specializes in personal care, food and nutraceutical ingredients. We are committed to developing groundbreaking ingredients based on our patented technologies, and offering multifunctional, tangible and documented benefits to formulators and consumers alike. Botaneco is a global developer and marketer of innovative technologies that help manufacturers meet the consumers growing demand for natural, environmentally friendly, personal healthcare products. A competitive advantage to Botaneco's patented technology over traditional products in the 'green sector' is the ability to significantly enhance the performance and versatility of these skin and hair care products.

The company has also been awarded theCanadian Agri-Food Award of Excellencefor its flaxseed technology marketed in the natural food industry. Botaneco holds patents for its HydresiaOleosome, Vegelatum, DermylexWhey Protein (for the treatment of Psoriasis) and Flaxseed De-hulling technology.

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Botaneco Launches New Hydresia® Delivery System Platform and Vegelatum® Omega-3 products to the Personal Care Market

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